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Posted 3/18/11
Here is the basic minimum info u will need-


U can add pics or looks or whatever but those are the basic things u need to put, i would prefer u also put show looks through a pic, describing, or a link, u can also put info on ur profile!


My character is on my profile, below my SC Academy RP character, her name is Hikari Mitsuki, for info u can go on my profile page.....
Posted 3/18/11 , edited 3/18/11
Name: Kurumi Erika
Age: 12
Gender: F
Chara(s): Kurai, Yukishiro
Personality: Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud.
Kuari Chara Change: Quiet and short-tempered.
Yukishiro Chara Change: Bright and easy going.
Posted 3/18/11

U r accepted! Have Fun on RP
Posted 3/21/11 , edited 3/22/11
Name: Kaede Ayami
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Chara(s): Yahagi, Nano
Personality: Quiet, really shy, gets bullied.
Yahagi Chara Change: Sings and dances and starts showing people what she can do more often.
Nano: Acts more friendly and standing up for herself.

Kaede Ayami
Posted 3/22/11
(She kinda reminds me of Victorique!!! ^O^)
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