What to do if someone literally pushes you off and doesnt want help, even if they are important to you?
Posted 3/18/11 , edited 3/18/11
idk if i made this clear/understandable. o.O
Posted 3/18/11
Rephrased it as: If someone rejects your help even if they are important about you.

I dunno but thats what I'm assuming. I use reverse psychology "Fine you don't want my help...don't come crying to me in future though."

Posted 3/18/11
Help 'em anyway. Like a boss.
Posted 3/18/11
hmm. . . that is a good suggestion. thanks. =) if it doesnt work then idk. but its hard when someone just pushes you off. o.O
Posted 3/18/11
You would have to resort to more drastic measures. Intervention by a group might be necessary.
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Posted 3/18/11
Depends on the person and why they're pushing you away. Thread completely lacks information. Use the thread below:

personal advice

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