Genie of the Sacred Mountain : Chapter 3: Guess who’s coming to dinner.
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Posted 3/19/11
You chan, Genie of the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 3: Guess who’s coming to dinner.

The crisp fresh air and the warmth of the morning sun brought forth another beautiful day.

“It’s been a week, since that faithful day… You chan is becoming more and more like what I used to be, before my life becomes a basket case… He is the innocent version of me, and if I could help it… I would like him to stay this way…” Shin thought, while watching You chan goes fishing in his favorite bear outfit.

Shin looked at his wrist watch, “It’s almost 8:00 am.” After collecting all the fish that You chan tossed towards him on the river bank. He waved his hands to catch his attention, “I think we had enough, let’s go back”, Shin shouted.

You chan shake off the excess water on his fur, as soon as he reached the river bank and then, transformed back into Shin’s image… “Here, please wear your clothes before you catch cold.” Shin casually said, as he laid the yukata on the closest dry patch of grass, near You chan and then, walked ahead towards the Little Old Shack they call home.

The fish were all cleaned up and already stuck on the stick grilling, when You chan arrived home with some fresh blueberries and mulberries, he picked up along the way. “Haireru de te imas…” You chan, called out before he entered the door. “Okaeri nasai…” Shin replied. “Gees, we are beginning to sound more and more like husband and wife”, Shin thought and then, shakes his head vigorously afterwards.

The sweetish taste of the freshly grilled trout complements, the lively taste of the blueberry and mulberries. It was then, when You chan curiously asked Shin, “What’s your favorite seafood…?”

Shin casually replied…, “Grilled Octopus.” while still picking on every little morsel of the trout from the stick. Meanwhile….

You chan stood up and hide behind Shin, he took his clothes off and quietly transformed himself into a Pacific giant octopus… and then, creep up very slowly towards the unsuspecting Shin… He lifted one of his tentacles and tapped Shin on his right shoulder… However, when Shin turned around….

“What the…. Aaaaah!! Shins frightened scream echoed…, but before he could do anything…. The giant octopus wrapped all his slimy tentacles around him… in a tight embrace.

Out of extreme shock, Shin fainted…

The octopus (You chan) managed to revive him, but as soon as Shin saw the face of the giant octopus and its tentacles… He fainted again!

You chan reached out into one of Shin’s mini digital camera and took few shots of the still unconscious Shin, wrapped in the tentacles of the giant octopus for a memento. Afterwards, he changed back into Shin’s image....

He gently tucked Shin in the thick blanket and then left an apologetic message, “I didn’t mean to scare you… Anyway, for what it’s worth, I think you looked really good together with your favorite octopus.”

Warm and snug under the blanket, Shin woke-up, after an hour or so… And found the mini digital camera on top of a piece of paper, next to him.

“Good grief! You chan knows how to write!? This nightmare just gets better and better!”Ha ha ha… Shin laugh sarcastically while pulling his hair.

After reading the apologetic message, he picked up the digital camera and reviewed the previous shots. “Oh, I see… You chan changed into an octopus because…, he wanted to please me…” After a deep breath, Shin briskly ruffled his own hair and said, “I’ll better go and find him… he must be sulking somewhere…” Then, he realized… “How on Earth am I going to find a giant chameleon…?” Dejected with what’s going on… Shin shouted, “DAMN YOU!!!”

The tattered roof of the dilapidated little shack collapsed… and You chan fell along with it.

“Now, that’s what I call…, eves dropping… literally!” Shin remarked sarcastically.

Blushing with embarrassment, You chan waved a little and then said, “Hi” with a bashful expression on his face.

Instinctively, Shin took a picture… when he realized that he was still holding the mini cam.

“Wow! This is fantastic!!” Shin gleefully exclaimed!

In an instant; he reached out to You chan and gave him a passionate kiss… “Eh..?”

It was then, when Shin just realized…, that You chan’s habit of sharing his happiness through a kiss… originated from him… Stunned, and still trying to digest; what he just did… he sat down next to You chan.

You chan took the liberty of returning the favor… He jumped on Shin and granted him… an even more… passionate and deeper kiss this time….

“This is it”… he said, “The second stage…” You chan, softly whispered… while, sliding his hands under Shin’s shirt, like a tiptoeing spider legs, he caressed the area surrounding the little blueberry bit that adorned Shin’s chest… delicately with his finger tips… while their lips were passionately entwined once again; their body temperature rises together in a steep and steady pace… while the blossoming expression of readiness extends, with their face blushed in deep pink….

Lost in the moment of pure ecstasy, they didn’t notice the presence of a middle aged monk, just outside the door, which is a about three meters away from where they are… with both hands and knees on the floor, as a gesture of respect, and in front of him a stack large bento boxes wrapped up in white and blue striped linen.

“Sumimasen, Uji – Gami sama….” The Kannushi monk, finally broke his silence.

“After hearing some loud screams and unusual noises, the High Priestess had an ominous feeling that you might have been summoned from your deep slumber… I was sent to deliver good tidings and an invitation for you and your guest, to stay with us for as long as you wished.”

The Kannushi monk pushed the stack of bento boxes with his both hands a little further towards Shin and You chan. Afterwards, he left quietly… with a flushed expression on his face.

Meanwhile, the two looked at each other, with a rather embarrassed expression on their face.

To be continued…
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26 / Australia.
Posted 3/19/11
Author's note:

Please keep an open mind. Pure love relationship has got nothing to do with being a man or a woman... it's all about being in-love!
Posted 3/19/11

IzumiKoji wrote:

Author's note:

Please keep an open mind. Pure love relationship has got nothing to do with being a man or a woman... it's all about being in-love!

Agree, definitely agree with you on that!
I cannot believe you killed the moment! AGHH! They were so into it, *blush* you literally executed my spur of the moment. LOL
I like it though! And the monk...wth? How awkward in his part! LMAO That is just too funny! Where do you find all of those cool pictures? I am interested...did you draw them?
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26 / Australia.
Posted 3/20/11 , edited 3/20/11
Dearest Jenny,

I was thinking you might say something like that... *He he he

"All good things comes to those who waits." I'm glad you enjoyed the moment. Anyhow....*Smiles*

The graphics, I dug them-out using a search engine. It's a painful and time consuming effort, to say the least not to mention the editing bit, that goes along with it. However, it pays well in the end.

Whenever, a friend of mine (i.e., you) happened to smile... because of it. (I was hoping ,if I could make you smile again; while you're reading this...) Is it working yet? Just kidding!
Posted 3/20/11
Oh, so that's how you get them to look like that. I really suck at technology and all of those stuff, so yeah, that's how I am so clueless. In any way though, they do turn out fantastic! Nice job!
You would know that I would say that, huh? LOL I am very impatient, Mr. I can barely WAIT for them to be closer. Ahahahahahaha! (I sound like a total perverted creeper, but wth, I am. )
It's totally working! Your stories really make me smile; epically. You have not failed yet. Keep it up!
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