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Name: Sir Conrad/Conrart Weller (コンラッド/ウェラー卿コンラート)
The Lion of Lütenberg (ルッテンベルクの獅子)
The Patriot of Lütenberg
Captain - (隊長 Taichou) by Josak
Lord Weller - (ウェラー卿)by people in general, including Wolfram
Conrad - by Yuri and, later on in the series, Wolfram and Gwendal
Man who named me - (名付け親 Nazukeoya) by Yuri
Little Big Brother (Chiisai aniue) - young Wolfram
Sir Weller - by Suzanna Julia von Wincott
Race: Half human, half Mazoku
Gender: Male
Birthday: summer Age: 96 (Appears 20+) Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown with silver specks
Status: Second son of the previous Maoh, Commander- oversees Yuri's Safety
Clothing: 1914 German Infantry Uniform

His given name is Conrart; Yuri nicknames him "Conrad," which is "closer to English" and easier to pronounce with a Japanese tongue. Conrad is the second child of the previous Maoh, Cecilie von Spitzweig. His father was human (also considered the greatest swordsman in the Demon Kingdom; Dan Hiri Weller). His ancestor, Lawrence Weller, fought alongside the Original King during the war against Soushu. On his 16th birthday, he decided to live as a Mazoku instead of a human. He fought on the front lines for the Mazoku during a war against the humans. He and Yozak are the only two survivors of the Battle of Lütenburg. He was also put in charge of the soul at the request of Suzanna Julia von Wincott, that was to be the new Maoh, and brought it safely to Earth so that it could be born.

Furthermore, he was the one who was the inspiration for Yuri's name. He stated that "Where I come from, the month of July is called Yuri", which made Yuri's mother name him Yuri because he was born in July. For this reason, Yuri dubs him 'Nazukeoya', which is a person who names someone (Conrad is also known as Yuri's Godfather by his mother). Cecilie named the blue flowers she grew "Conrad Stands Upon Earth".

When Yuri first came to Shin Makoku, Conrad was the one to find him (after some humans and Adelbert) and bring him safely to the castle. He acts as Yuri's bodyguard and vows to protect Yuri with his life. He was described by Yuri as almost perfect with fine looks and a mild demeanor but he makes the worst jokes.

Conrad is a swordsman ("the best swordsman in Shin Makoku" - according to Wolfram) who looks after Yuri. Conrad possesses no maryoku (demonic magic) due to his mixed heritage of human and mazoku. Eventually it is discovered that Conrad's left arm is one of the keys to the 4 magical boxes ('The End of the Wind') that have the power to destroy the world. His ancestor, Lawrence Weller, fought along the Original King. As Conrad's father was not a Mazoku noble, he doesn't have "von" in his name.

After he loses this arm in a battle, he disappears after swearing to Yuri that he'll never die and leave him alone. Later, he reappears with a new arm, and seems to have betrayed Shin Makoku by joining their human enemies, Big Cimaron, who were after the four boxes. However, it is learned that Conrad only betrayed them to learn about the whereabouts of the boxes. His plan was, when the four boxes were gathered, to steal them and return to Shin Makoku. He went as far as pushing Jozak off the edge of the cliff to show his alliance to Big Cimaron. When King Belar orders Conrad to execute Yuri, Conrad instead frees them, and protects Yuri from arrows.

He was also very close to Suzanna Julia von Wincott, whose soul is inside Yuri.

Seiyu: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Voice actor: Doug Erholtz

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*drools* he is sooo HOT lol
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