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Posted 8/31/11 , edited 9/1/11

IkutoIsMine1324 wrote:

Username: Ikutoismine1324
Name: Ari
Bio: his sister talked about joining the Organization and he didnt want that life for her or him so he tried to stop her unfortnatly while trying to get in agenst his will she died but still got in dew to being what she is now... he will never fogive her...
Personality: kind but if you do something wrong he wont forgive you eaisly....
Special Abilities: Lighting fast (can run at a amazing speed), can do illusion magic
Class (1-A, 1,B, 1-C, 2,A, 2-B, 2-C, 3-A, 3-B, 3-C): 1-B
Other info needed: the Illusion magic is a type of magic that is passed down through the family and if you want to know about his family you have to ask him he might tell you he might not he also really hates his sister

APPROVED (srry for late reply >_>)
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