Sakura Ch.5: Coincendences
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Author's note: Typo on title; it should be "COINCIDENCES". :)
Sakura's Dressing Style:

--> Her Work Place

His face was superbly red. It was really cute! I feel lame...Sakura feels comfortable around me! I am so glad that I am able to make him reconsider living, but how did I do that?

"Mei, could you serve for private table 3?"

"Ah, yes, I can!"

I brought the side dishes out to the corner of the restaurant. The moment I went, I saw a familiar face. This face, the face that I had resembled and will always resemble appeared in front of me. Next to him, a mistress of his that I have no idea of sat next to him with his arm around her. His left finger had no existence of any golden ring left on him. That ring that meant for eternal love vanished on him.

"Mei, come over. Are you serving for us?" He smiled at me and acted like we had no history with each other. Even he looked at that lady better than me.

"Why are you people here?"

"Ah huh." Snorted the mistress. "You really didn't teach your daughter how to live and respect elders, did you, pumpkin?" She said looking at my father.

What the heck?! I am so offended right now! I want to kick her fake jugs! Break all of her plastic teeth.

"Who are you anyway? Talking about my mother, look at you. At least she could spot for a single man instead of digging left overs. Didn't your dead mother teach you to seal your wrinkled lips? If you think I have no respect, then you should shut it, man stea-"

"Shut your trap, Mei. Did your mother not teach you the appropriate terms for respect?" My father exclaimed at me with fire roaring through his lens and shame pulling him from gravity.

"Father! You are going to let her talk dirt about mom?!"

"Your mom isn't involved in this."

His roots clustered with denial. Of course, he would deny that mom never met him.

"Honey, take it easy on her; she is just a child."

"You are right, Ako, She is just a child. Sit, Mei." My father demanded me to.

"No, I have better things to do than see a garbage bag and garbage can in front of me for the rest of my scarred life."

"Yo-" My father shouted at me.

"Here are your food. When you guys are done, tell me to come disinfect this area."

I slammed the door behind me and tears began to drip from my eyes. See? This is what I mean when I said that he was heartless and careless. Stupid father! I can hear them from inside. What is she to him anyway? She looks like a money stripper.

"Your daughter is just like your lonely ex-wife, Tasuku."

That stripper did not just call my mom lonely! I really want to shoot her! If I had known that it was her, I would have crapped in her food and stuck dead caterpillars onto her plate!

"My wife means nothing now, Ako. Just ignore the two. Let's eat up."

"I don't want to eat anymore! Your daughter made me lose my appetite!"

Oh, is that so? Damn fart, I'll teach you a little something today!
I decided to march my way back into service three and I entered.

"Mei!" My father shouted with shock.

I picked up her food and held it to her face and I leaned over to her big forehead.

"Listen here, Old Fart, I cooked these food with my two own hands. You lost your appetite? Good, I would rather feed the outside dogs than you."

I took her tray of food back and I stared back at her.

"Women only need a polygamist if they are lonely, do you comprehend?!" I lectured her and I ran out.

Agh! I am so brave for doing that! *sighs* Now, I'll have to quit my job because of that.

--> Main Office

"You are fired, Mei. The customer from service three had made complaints about your terrible customer service."

"Okay. By the way Boss, what would you have done if your father was a polygamist who owes you no respect?"

"Let's see...what would I have done?"

My boss, who is around his late 50's and also a great person, kept thinking to himself. Sometimes, he acts like he has Alzheimer.

"I would have probably done something like you because knowing you and I, we are both wild and sometimes immature. Especially because we never really had a family to look up to."

"Is that so, Boss?"

"Yes, that is so."

He isn't wise at all, like everyone said.

--> Outside

Well, that went well...I lost my part time job at the sea shack. Well...well...I guess I'll start applying for other jobs. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen my mother in a week now. How is she? I am going to call her right now.

"The phone number you dialed is currently busy right now or else out of service. Please leave a message after the beep."


"Hello?" I sorted out with. "Mom?" I began to burst into tears. I didn't know that it was going to pain so much just to not hear someone important's voice. "I met him seems he really left us behind. Haha, my studies are pretty swell right now, so you don't have to worry about me, okay?" I know that she wouldn't really bother asking me about this. "Anyway...anyway, his mistress was really ugly, won't we be a family again anytime soon?" I began to sob silently and slowly hanged the phone up. *sighs* I wiped away all of my tears.

"Crying all alone at night, isn't it miserable?"

Why is he always around?

"Sakura? Why are you here?"

"Meh, I was just jogging for a fresh air.."

"Oh, I see."

I wiped my tears even faster.

"Isn't a pain?"

"What is?"

"Someone important to you not responding to your loneliness or ignoring your calls."

"What are you indicating?"

"Your lonely."

"I am not lonely."

Why would I be lonely?

"There are times when you don't notice anything."

"Speak for yourself, depressed guy."

"I am."

He looked at me with one lifted eye brow.

"Then why do you suicide without thinking of the consequences?"

"I do it because I am stupid and selfish like you said."

He would say that.

"Anyhow, that's not the point." I looked at him and he smiled brightly at the moon.

"What's the point then, huh?"

"Well, this isn't about me, so that's not the point. That was just what I wanted to say." He said while looking away.

Something is really strange...he's not looking at me straight in the eye like he usually does with fury written all over his forehead..and his tone is quite soft right must be because we're outside of the area and he doesn't want to disturb anyone..maybe-perhaps.

"So, how was work today?"

".........." I don't wan to talk about it..

"So?" He asked me.

"I don't want to talk about it." I walked over to a scraped up bench and sat. He followed after me and sat straight
looking at his right side away from me.

"Is that so? So it must have been bad, huh?"

"I was fired.."

"Hehehe, I wonder why. Such a sadist you are."

"How can I be a sadist? I saved you that time!"

"Right; good point."

"Actually," I stopped smiling and looked at the ground. "it was because I was being rude and selfish to particular customers."

"Were you being prejudiced?"

"Not at my belief of extent that is. I saw my dad today with his mistress. I thought...I thought that without acknowledging him, I would have lived peacefully. Somehow though, when I saw him..I was a bit happy even though my anger dictated me more."


He is still turning away from me.

"I am not wise, so don't count on me to comfort you, little girl." He turned to his corner even more.

"I didn't ask you to, old man."

"Hey..." He said.

"Hey what?"

"Am I someone important?"

"Of course! I am positive that you are someone very important to your ex-family, ex-friends, and to other people in this world!"

"What about to you?"

He finally looked straight into my eyes again. No blinks or anything from him, just a firm look.


"Can I be that someone important to you, too?"

"Well, that really depends if you are nice to me." I gave him sarcastic sharp eyes.

", you always kill the moment." With his smile and his shrugging, he returned back to his original gestures like swiping his hair at the back to form shape.

"What do you mean?"

"Never mind...just go back to where you were."

"Well, I yelled at them and then I took away the mistress's food and then they complained to my boss and so now, I
am fired!"

"You are one rude server and worker."

"Hmm. I don't care. She was one rude and old fart, I'll tell you that..."

Silence again approached us. Then he asked me the weirdest question.

"What do girls talk about when there are no guys around them?"


"I-I want to know, you know. I might want to become a transexual..someday. kekekekhehehe.."

"Okay..? Well, I guess they talk about guys-how much of a jerk the guy can be. Sometimes they talk about their periods too.
Then, there are times when my friends would talk about their sex lives in front of me. Isn't that nasty? And then, they rub kissing conversations in front of me too! The most depressing part though is that they expect me to know something that I have never done before and they always expect me to join their weird conversations. Sometimes, all girls talk about is the same thing; take shopping for example. And if the girls are normally those conceited one, they usually tend to look at themselves in a lower position and that really bothers me at times. Oh and then there are times when girls would talk about how they were able to dig that man for his wealth..and all goes on."

"You said that you have never experienced any of those things before, correct?"

"Oh yeah! Correct!"

"Then can I teach you?"

I am paralyzed.


"You know, like a kiss."

"Ahh, why..?" I stumbled.

He leaned forward to gently caress my face while I pulled back. His eyes fed me a puppy look and solemnity. So much passion in his movements! His lips came super near me and he began to look at me directly. What should I do?! I am turning so red. I can't let him do this! This guy!

"What are you doing?" I yelled at him.

" really turned red! How funny!"

Sakura turned back to his side of the bench. I wonder how he looks like right now.

"Asshole." I responded.


We walked home and then he stopped and looked at me.

"It's Kindle."

"What about Kindle?"

"My original ban-"

"Sakura! Is that you, Sakura?!"

We both turned to look at who it was. What?! NO WAY! It's my love, Shouta from Kindle!

"Shouta?!" Sakura humbled his voice up at Shouta, while I am standing with a pounding heart!


To Be Continued when I am not lazy. Thanks for viewing.
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This format is much better than the manga format. It's a lot less stressful to read. *Smiles*

Just a suggestion from one newbie writer to another; real time conversation and writing a conversation, has a small difference. Meaning: If I am talking to you face to face, I would easily understand your point by considering your facial expression, hand signal, and even the tone of your voice would give me enough clues about what you are trying to imply. However, writing a conversation doesn't have those other clues.

I'll tell you one thing, writing an engineering related case study report is a lot easier than writing a story.

Keep up the good work, Sakura... *Smiles*

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Are you majoring in writing?! If you are, I am proud of you and keep it up!!!
Thanks for the suggestion; I will try to TRY TO imply it in next time, although I sort of quit.......Bwuahahha! I just can't finish anything I write.
If you were over here in the U.S.A and you were in my AP English class, I would totally make you do my homework (essays) for me! LOL Just joking.
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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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