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What non-anime movie reminds you of anime or you think should be an anime?
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Posted 3/28/11
Such as I think (from previews I saw) Tangled reminds me of one with the expressions and cheeriness and Suckerpunch reminds me of anime because it seems like it would be an ecchi action type thing goin on.

What about you?
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Posted 3/28/11
Modern Girls would be a cool anime I think. ^_^
Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/4/11
Im gonna love this topic because I have convos like this with my friends alot XD its fun

Lord Of The Rings =D it would look pretty good as an anime

Star Wars
epic win!!!!!

Labyrinth, why not? XD its magical, and adventurous, plus David Bowie kinda looked like an anime character anyway in that movie
Alice in Wonderland sure, theres already an anime of it from the 80s but imagination if they remade it like the disney movie XD

better yet any anime version of any Disney Princess movie would be neat XD! especially the really happy cheery ones >w< I'd really like to see Sleeping Beauty as one, since theres already an anime of Little Mermaid

Hunchback of Notre Dame
, if this was a mature and dark natured anime that would be pretty neat XD it would look awsome

Fox and the Hound cute talking animals, and anime animals are usually very cute XD so why not?

Pinocchio yes, theres an anime incarnation of this Italian story already, but if there was one like the movie but more "Kawaii natured" that would be neat lol

Swan Princess
yep, once again, theres an anime of this Ballet story already but it would be cool too see another

Final Destination as gruesome as it is, it would make an okay anime since lots of anime is filled with Gore anyway eh?

Pirates of the Caribbean how cool would that be XD and the characters already do remind me of anime characters already lol

Dragon Heart I have loved this movie series since I was a child because of my fascination with dragons, any anime with dragons is a win in my book!

Princess Bride need I say more? XD epic story about a Princess,

Rocky Horror Picture Show catchy songs, sweet transvestites, cross dressing, ecchi moments XD yaoi moments!

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26 / M / FL
Posted 4/4/11
I thought Sucker Punch reminded me of an anime.
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23 / F / Leaf village
Posted 4/7/11 , edited 4/27/11
Rock n Rolla
Girl, Interrupted

^ many people might respond with a question mark.

Also, Disturbia.
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28 / M / down the hall on...
Posted 4/7/11
Kill Bill
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Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/18/11
^ I would certainly watch an anime version of that!

@Topic - Twilight

It reminds me of those shitty shoujo animes that have shallow plots and dumbass characters but do I think it should be an anime? Oh, no! I've had enough BS.
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30 / M / Elk Grove, CA
Posted 4/21/11
Ninja Assassin-seems appropriate enough since it has the same variety one would find in an anime, especially if its packed with action scenes.
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28 / M / USA
Posted 4/24/11
of course sucker punch! It's screaming to be an anime.

Also donnie darko, I feel like it would make a great anime movie adaption!
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24 / M
Posted 4/25/11
I think that most of movies could be evaluated into anime shows. In the end, the animation of 2011 is much closer to "reality" than of 1990s. I mean the characters don't look funny, but have more or less shapes of a real human and plots become more and more serious (of course, not everywhere).

Still, all Sci-Fi movies or zombie-related remind me of anime for some reason...
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23 / F / Pandora
Posted 4/26/11
Inception haha
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25 / M / Jersey
Posted 4/30/11
lol ill be the odd one and say karate kid remake
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26 / F / Chesapeake, Va
Posted 4/30/11
Whenever I saw Inception I kept thinking of the anime movie Paprika. They're not that similar but I just couldn't help it.
Posted 4/30/11
definitely Twilight. i bet most of the fans also watch anime.
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M / The System of Sol
Posted 5/4/11

Which is basically a live action anime.
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