What series on CR are complete?
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Posted 3/28/11
I'm exhausted so instead of searching around I'll ask and go to bed.

What current series hosted on CR are complete? I like to watch my anime in bulk I recently finished Myself:Yourself and Glass Mask (curse that series for how good it was, but the crappy ending) I'm rewatching Gundam Wing now...
Posted 3/29/11 , edited 3/29/11
School Days is complete
Tegami Bachi letter Bee is complete
Gundam 00 is complete
Gundam Wing is complete
Blassreiter is complete
Kurokami the Animation is complete
Eyeshield 21 is complete
Air Master is complete
Tower of druaga is complete.

Hope that helps.
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Posted 3/29/11
this could have gone on the Anime/manga help thread u know...

its irritating at the number of people that dont bother looking at the stickies
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Posted 3/29/11
I hear you buddy!

You can also just use the function on the left side of the menu to get a list of complete series. =___=;
Pointless, no personal threads allowed. Next time use the anime/manga help thread.

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