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~ 10th- 13th Division Applications ~
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Posted 4/22/11

UnknownPerson00 wrote:

Ichi Accept! Welcome back!

YATA!! I has a happy
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In the Depths Of...
Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/24/11
Taro Yamashino here to re-apply for my 3rd Seat again xD

Your Name: Taro Yamashino

Which division do you want to be in? 10th

What position of power do you want? 3rd Seat

What sort of job would you like to partake in with your squad? Anything and everything my Captain gives me!

URL link to your zanpaktou page? If you haven't made one yet, what is the name you're thinking of? Kyokutsuki

What will you do as a member of this organization to contribute to this division and to the New Gotei 13? Do my best and do what im ordered by my Captain..
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25 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 4/24/11

lol welcome bck Ichi
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