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Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
Photoshop is a great way to do your Anime drawings, especially if you are a beginner. Drawing Anime in Photoshop 2.0 can be done almost the same as drawing Anime on paper, however, the tools in Photoshop allow you to get that crisp cell painting look of Anime. Your illustrations in Photoshop will look like actual animation cells from your favorite Anime program if you follow a few simple steps. In the example for this article, you will be drawing a female Anime character running and holding a gun. This is a classic character and pose.

Select the airbrush tool and set it to 5 pixels at 100% opacity. Draw an oval for the head, a larger oval for the chest and an upside down triangle for the hips. Draw the arms and legs with simple lines. Add shoulder, elbow and knee guidelines with small ovals. Add the feet with triangular shapes. Draw a cross on the face for facial guidelines.

Flesh out the shape of the figure by drawing cylinders for the upper and lower arms as well as the upper and lower legs. Make the cylinders on the upper arms and legs wider than the bottom. Add ovals on the chest for

Draw two small ovals on the horizontal cross guideline for the eyes. Add the nose with a small triangle to the left side of the vertical cross guideline. Add a mouth with a small horizontal dash below the nose. Connect the upper and lower legs and arms with parallel lines. Draw the hair with a shaggy umbrella-like shape on the top and sides of the head.

Erase the guidelines. Add the costume with diagonal parallel lines across the chest. Add boots with a triangular shape at the mid thigh area. Add the gun with a rectangle with two parallel lines inside the shape. Add the arm decorations with rectangular shapes on the upper and lower arms.

Click the "Layers" option from the menu and duplicate the layer. Use the "Magic Wand" tool and on the top layer click inside the shapes and hit the "Delete Key" to make your line work separate from the color layer. Set the brush size to 20 pixels and paint the skin on the bottom layer. Paint gray for the uniform and brown for the hair.

Select a slightly lighter shade of flesh color and paint highlights on the mid thigh, shoulders, outside edges of the arms, cheeks, and nose. Select a lighter brown and add hair highlights in the same manner. Select a light gray and add highlights to the uniform as well. On the uniform, add highlights on the knees, middle of the legs, top of the feet and the top of the breasts.

Tips & Warnings

The keyboard shortcut for "undo" is Ctrl+Z. This will prevent you from having to painstakingly erase any mistakes you make.
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