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Beta Feature: Simulcast Lounge
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Posted 4/10/11
I can't wait for the final product.
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Posted 4/11/11 , edited 4/11/11

llamaben wrote:

Not very useful for me, considering I only watch series in fullscreen.

This lol i watch layed back in bed watching on my tiny 32" lcd i use as a monitor or the 60" in the living room.. Although i suppose i could have my laptop in my lap and use that for chatting. But it seems like a cool feature
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Posted 4/11/11
Yeah. I'm sure everyone has said this already but it's not very useful to me. I normally watch my video by popping it out into a new window, and I usually watch it in the highest quality possible. Neither of these features, window pop out and HQ, seem to be available so it's not useful to me.
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Posted 4/16/11
Is there a way to get to the simulcast lounge without clicking this site update thing every time?
Posted 4/21/11
The video loads faster but surely there's no one in the chatroom.
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