Musical Input needed
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Posted 4/8/11
So a little background information of why i am asking this. First, I am attending the Anime Convention OMGCon in Paducha Kentucky at the begging of June, and I am spearheading what has been dubbed the OMGBall. A Formal Ball/Gala of sort's and as i look through my own personal music collection i find it lacking, in the right kind of music for this event.

What I'm looking for is J/K-rock/pop/Game/Anime music that has a slower formal sound to it,

Some examples of what I'm looking for are things like:

Waltz for the Moon – FFVIII OST
A Diabolical Waltz – Kuroshitsuji OST

If you could help me out with this I would be forever grateful of you guys.

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Posted 4/8/11
personal threads arent allowed this would have been better in the music help thread
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