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Posted 4/9/11
Hello my dear workers,
I am to plan a bunny cosplay days.
that mean we will dress up as bunnies that day.
we have that for 3 days.As a special event.

there will be more cosplay days coming take notice.
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Posted 4/9/11
id like to see that
Posted 4/28/11
Hi to all neko maid,

I'm organizing a witch cosplay day.It will be a one whole week.
Have fun!!
Posted 5/8/11
Hi to all neko,

I have a notice for all.I will be planning a Warrior day.
it will last for 3 days only.thnks!!!!

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Posted 5/9/11
um... do you mean like this??

Posted 5/9/11
Not sure Nina. The picture scrolls off to much for me to see.
Posted 5/10/11
To nina:

That mean I put up a forum name "Only for special event day"where this 3 days we will be serving there.But dress up as other character not neko.^^
Posted 5/10/11

ShinNina wrote:

um... do you mean like this??

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