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Lau●ren (loh-reh-n) [also known as Bunny] , verb., : 1. The root word of every positive term known to man . 2. The best friend , sister , and soul sister of Jillian [also known as Kitty] 3. example: " That is so Bunny ! " (x
see also ; Epic , Amazing , Wonderful , Extraordinary , One of a Kind , Fantabulous , Gorgeous , Smart , Funny , Honest , Kind , Amusing , Loveable , Cute , Reliable , Awesome , Beautiful , Strong , Sweet , Fresh , Perfect .

Dearest Bunny chan ,
I don`t even know how i went through my years without knowing you . Ever since i`ve met you , my life has gotten a bit better . Even through all of the hardships and the pains of my life , i know that the one good and true thing in my life is always going to be there for me when i need her . In all honesty , i still don`t fancy my life , but with you in it , i know that i can bear everything that i dislike . Why ? Because you make everything better . Life with you is great . Don`t forget .
I know that at times , i seem like i don`t appreciate you , but i do . Trust me , i do . You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me , and i would never trade you for anything . I love everything that you do for me , and everything that you have made me . I can be strong whenever i`m with you , and i can laugh through my tears when i`m with you . Please Bunny , never leave my side . Because i will always be beside yours . And no matter what , i will defend you against everything and everyone who dares to harm you .
Darling , you have to remember to keep your head up and hold it up high . Why ? Because you have to be proud of who you are . I am proud of who you are , because you are not a quitter . I get my strength from you , because you never let life push you down . I get most of my kindness from you as well . Do you know why ? Its because you always forgive people for the wrongs that they do to you . When i think about how mean they are to you , i want to punch walls and pretend it is their faces . But you just forgive . And so i try to be more like you . I try to give my best to the people around me because of you . You are the reason why my life is better , and that is something that i will never forget (:
Bunny , you will always have a spot in my heart . And forever you will stay there . I think i plastered you there for a reason o.o Ahehe , i love you hunn . I won`t deny it . Because everyone should know just how wonderful Lauren ( my bunny chan ) is to me Thank you for everything dearest . I will always have you in my heart and in my mind (:
Sincerely yours ,
Jillian / Kitty
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