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The Bermuda Triangle
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27 / M / Unknown Planet
Posted 4/19/11
id love to go there and just float. bring it on mysterious-whatever-you-are im ready to not dissapear whenever you are
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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F / Nova Scotia
Posted 4/20/11

The_Faint_Smile wrote:

Kippu wrote:

I can't find the article. Tried looking through google. Anyway,

Some guy went fishing there.
Apparently he was gone for 10 days. But when he came back, he claimed he was only gone for 3 hours. o__o

uhmm... where'd you get that?

Article on the internet. I tried searching for it, but couldn't seem to find the one I read. You can try googling it, maybe you'll have more luck.

Report goddammit!! @_@

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