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The Drawing Game
Posted 5/12/12

Draw me a cyborg monkey.
Posted 12/12/12
lololol this topic died so I revived it!!!

Draw me a panda
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Posted 12/12/12 , edited 12/12/12

Draw me a bitch
Posted 12/14/12

Draw me Jack Frost (from Rise of the Guardians)
Posted 12/17/12

Draw me mameshiba
Posted 12/17/12

xD LAME! Plz dont let this traumatise u of the cute lil things!

(DInt know wat a mameshiba was, so did this green one i saw on google images.
LMao looks like a high old grump green pana, gosh cnt draw to save my life!)

Draw me jackie chan!
Posted 12/17/12

Draw me Jackie chan!
Posted 12/18/12
Umm... well I drew the Jackie Chan Adventures Jackie Chan, not the..uh..real one.

Draw me Lag Seeing from Tegami Bachi
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