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What made you laugh recently?
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21 / F / Greece
Posted 4/20/11
A Greek show I watched on the Internet with my brother a few hours ago.
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25 / M
Posted 4/20/11

THIS. The chapter is brilliant
Posted 4/20/11
Posted 4/20/11

Whoa. This made me laugh.

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Posted 4/20/11
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34 / M / Oslo, Norway
Posted 4/20/11
A colleague from somalia made a black man joke at work today...
We laughed our asses off!
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25 / F / SA
Posted 4/20/11
When i did "students got talent" with my classmates today, we laughed so much
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21 / F / turn around, bud.
Posted 4/20/11
~the wonders of catholic schooling...~
talkin with the lit teacher...
student 1: so i kicked him out of the party---
teacher: its not nice to kick others out of parties...
student 1: no, its just xbox...
teacher: xbox?
students: u dont know what xbox is?
teacher: i know, but--
student 1: well, u see....
(so we spent most of the class teachin the teacher bout xbox...)
religion class.....
talkin bout marriage for some reason....
so some kid points to the picture of the wedding rings
"are those condoms?"
haha it was funny....
~different day...talkin about somethin....i think....anger?i dont know....~
kid: so i had this friend...patrick...
he had a pet race with his neighbor....
rest of class: *thinking* pet race?who does that?
*not so dramatic pause*
kid talkin to my cousin...
kid: hey let me see your paper
cousin:no, mine! *takes kids paper and slaps him*
teacher: kid, stop it!
kid: wat?!
(no his names not kid...but kid is shorter so...ya...)
teacher: *talking bout WWII and all that....*
student 1: what kinds of weapons did they use back then?
teacher: they used...(and i went on and on and on until....)
student 2: whatd they do when another submarine met a enemy submarine?
teacher: (well he answers tht.....i dont really remember what he said now...)
student 3: *asks random question about submarines...*
~end of the period....~
teacher: did u guys plan this? hey guys, lets disract him by talking about submarines...!
*bell rings*
and we didnt even plan tht...xD
teacher: (she was tellin us an extra credit question....) What was the name of the order that....(i have no clue wat the rest is...i have bad memory....)
and then at some point someone collects the tests....
student: o my gosh...only me and zoey got it right....
you... nope, you....
(then he gets to the last person..)
Order of the Phoenix?!
(well, it was the day before break so we played a game....)
teacher: well heres your prize...
student: a back scratcher
student 2: hey, it looks like a spork...i could use it on....whats for lunch today...?
student: pizza
student 2: well i guess---
teacher: wait, whats a spork?
class: you don't know what a spork is?!

Yeah.....well not all this was in one day....but its sorta recent xP

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28 / F / Canada
Posted 4/20/11

Sayua wrote:

Matsumoto Hitoshi, best comedian ever.

He's making me laugh right now too. Him and those other entertainers.
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22 / F
Posted 4/20/11
My school has a leaky ceiling and when my arrived in my biology class last period yesterday a puddle had accumulated on one of the chairs because no one had been in the room for the entire day. (We were having an earth day fair and all of her students, myself included, were in the "commons" with booths and what not") Anyways, I was sitting by my friends Brad and Michelle (Mike) and Brad turned around for a second, so I grabbed his sides. He squealed and ran to a different seat... which just so happened to have a puddle of water in it. He had swamp ass until the end of the day... good thing there wasn't that much time left in it. ^_^
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45 / M / smurf village
Posted 4/20/11
i read this about 10 mins ago on yahell.....

WASHINGTON – More than 7 million candles are being recalled for fire risk.

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22 / F / CT
Posted 4/20/11
fightingdreamerspro on youtube made me laugh today twin was talking about a pinguen at a bar and how he tried to give the pinguine the kunai, but the pinguine was russian haha he's sooooo random
Posted 4/20/11
I was watching Glee. And some of the responses in here cracked me up!
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25 / F
Posted 4/20/11
My Chinese class made me laugh again today.

We were watching Bizarre Foods about foods from Taiwan, and while they were talking about chicken testicles another teacher walked in. Her reaction was priceless.
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25 / M / Baxter Building
Posted 4/20/11
A Daniel Tosh skit.
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