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27 / M / In my Sanctuary
Posted 4/29/11 , edited 6/15/11
Image Details :

Creator : Naruto_Genius

Name: Caleb Shinzo

Race: Human (With traces of Vampire Blood)

Psychological Point of View: Mischievous, but Good

Sex: Male

Height: 5’ 7”

Age: 16

Weight: 150

Eye: Gold

Hair: Red

Skin: Slightly Tan

Clothing : Look at Picture

Special Abilities: Extremely Fast, Well above average Strength, Expert Thief, Knows what any animal is feeling just by looking at them, Skilled at hand to hand combat

Weaknesses: Treasure, Anything Free, Can’t wield a sword at all

Weapons: His body, The Shinzo Clan’s most prized treasure, Toritsume (Though he struggles to wield it)

Likes: Treasure, Spicy Food, Animals, Girls

Dislikes: Being Broke, Training, Abusive People, Toritsume’s Constant Pestering

Good Qualities: Follows his Morals no matter what, Very Giving, Care deeply about Animals

Bad Qualities: Mischievous, Often Breaks Rules, Somewhat of a Kleptomaniac

Job: Master Thief (Self Proclaimed)

Family: Shinichi Shinzo (Father), Sachiko Shinzo (Mother), as well as the rest of the Shinzo Clan

Goals: NA

Bio: Caleb grew up in Haizo, the safe haven of the reborn Shinzo Clan. Caleb is the set to be the next head of the Shinzo Clan, so he grew up training very hard. Unlike many members of the Shinzo Clan, Caleb has no talent with a sword and relies on hand to hand combat, though he is one of the fastest living members of the Shinzo Clan. He is very mischievous and has a case of Kleptomania, so he became a thief to satisfy is need for mischief and use his talents for fun. This angered his father a lot and Caleb was always being punished and scolded for his thieving, one day a profit came to his home and told him that he has a great destiny ahead of him and that the Blade of the Shinzo Clan will reawaken because of him.

Partner Template:
Image Details :

Name: Toritsume

Race: Spirit of the Blade, Toritsume

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 176

Eyes: Red

Hair: White

Weapons/Abilities: Wield the Sword, Toritsume and has the power to completely create and control fire with extremely precision and grace, Master Swordsman

Good Qualities: Very Honor Bond, Voice of Reason, Wise

Bad Qualities: Becomes impatient with Caleb, Merciless in Battle

Likes: When Caleb does what he tells him to do, a Strong Opponent, The Shinzo Clan

Dislikes: Caleb not listening to him, an Opponent that isn’t as strong as they say they are, Being delayed

Goals: To regain his full power and take on his original form once again
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/1/11
Image details:

Creator: FrenchVanilla

Name: Eurydice

Race: Human

Psychological Point of View : Good

Sex: Female

Height: 5'4''

Age: 16

Weight: 51 kg

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Jet Black

Skin: Fair

Clothing: Amulet (key to her past), Dress

Special Abilities: None

Weaknesses: Physically weak

Weapons: Harimau (Ice Tiger)

Likes: Nature, Animals, Dancing, Music

Dislikes: Fire, War

Good Qualities: Optimistic, Passionate, Loving

Bad Qualities: Timid, Submissive

Job: Dancer

Family: Unknown

Goals: To find the person who stole her memory and find her family

BIO : Eurydice woke up within the forests of Furen with no idea where and why she got there...and who she is. While finding her way out of the jungle, she met Harimau, an ice tiger. The ice tiger approached her and bowed down low, a sign of loyalty. The tiger assured her that he would protect her at all cost, even if his life is at stake. So Harimau named her Eurydice. Together, they embark on a journey to find Eurydice's identity.

Pet Template

Image Details:

Name: Harimau

Race: Ice Tiger

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: 3'1''

Weight: 195 kg

Weapons/Abilities: Healing, Close Combat, Magic, Communication (Talking)

Qualities: Overprotective, Loyal, Wise

Likes: Blueberries, Eurydice

Dislikes: Warm Weather
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23 / Hogwarts
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 6/3/11

Creator: ShadowInTheNight

Name: Shyama Ciar Merle (Secret Keepers of the clan will call him Ciar, but everyone else, just pick a name from these)

Race: Telekinetic

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): wait and see...

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11''

Age: Can't age, but looks around 19

Weight: Light

Eyes: Black

Hair: White-silver

Skin: Pale

Clothing: Black coat, black trousers, white open shirt, knee high black boots.

Special Abilities: Telekinesis, fights really well with all weapons, has the ability to make reflections come to life and he can move around in the mirror world. The mirrors also can lead him to the world of the dead.

Weaknesses: Volatile magic, has no regard for his own safety, is just as likely to hurt himself. Sometimes his magic hurts him.
Pet : none

Pet abilities: none

Weapons: doesn't need them, but can use them if he likes.

Likes: killing, sadism

Dislikes: his clan and the 'cage'.

Good Qualities: clever, powerful

Bad Qualities: likes killing, is sadistic, pretty insane

Job: none

Financial Status: rich

Family: He killed them

Goals: None yet

BIO : He killed his family, and nearly destroyed an entire kingdom and nearly destroyed Umoba before he was captured (by a lot of the clan members) and dragged away to be locked in the 'cage' for centuries. The cage was actually a fairly nice suite of rooms with a magical shield over the centre of the only room with a way out, which he could only put one limb through at a time. He is insane with frightening moments of lucidity. He rarely does anything that isn't borderline-illegal, but he has never been caught and wouldn't be able to be prosecuted even if he were caught, because there would be no evidence and a loophole. He is friends with Tyrone and one of the two people who know the secret of how to get into the Plagued City without dying. Tyrone is the other. He and Tyrone are the creators of the city as it is today, and were the two who destroyed it as it was to take it over as theirs.
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23 / Hogwarts
Posted 5/1/11 , edited 6/3/11
(The girl is Taryn, his twin. The boy is Tyrone.)


Name: Tyrone Shakti

Race: 1/2 Elite Sea and 1/2 Elite Fire madge. (Explanation: so can use both very very strongly - is born with the powers, not trained. Doesn't have to train at all, completely natural.)

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Neutral

Sex: Boy

Height: 5'10''

Age: Can't age any more, but looks 16 and does not age physically past 16.

Weight: Unknown, but exactly the same as his sister.%
Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11

Creator: xxSirenexx

Name: Soo Yun

Race: Half-human, half-demon

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): depends on reward offered. useless against good people

Sex: Female

Height: 158cm

Age: 15

Weight: average to heavy (if transformed)

Eyes: like pic

Hair: like pic

Skin: fair

Clothing: strange mesh of fashion and culture. anything to keep her warm

Special Abilities: she has sharp instincts. she owns a soul claymore which can cause psychological pain in humans but not kill. its main use is to dispel allegories or spirits to their rightful place. she is adept in swordsmanship (fencing and kenjutsu) but prefers thick, long swords for their heavier impact. only her right hand can perform spiritual magic such as opening portals or feeling for soul presence. her left hand is stronger in lifting heavy objects.

Weaknesses: instincts are systems which can backfire. short weapons. her right hand cannot lift the sword, so she is not a two-handed swordsman. her left hand is non-magical. she can only disperse evil spirits but useless against good spirits.

Weapons: soul claymore

Likes: Cherry-flavored products, sweet pastries and bread, mysteries

Dislikes: travelling, small weapons, long stories

Good Qualities: honest, compassionate, independent

Bad Qualities: rather blunt, money-minded, rude

Job: freelance myth debunker

Family: some boring family to be forgotten soon.

Goals: solving all mysteries and removing her curse

BIO : She is from no special background but her guts always gets her to worse places when investigating mysteries. This resulted in her successfully dispersing a dangerous cult group but her carelessness got her left foot stepping in their demon circle, resulting in her abnormal body.
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/3/11
Image details:

Creator: FrenchVanilla

Name: Maria Catalina Eberhardt

Race: Resurrected human (Immortal until spell is lifted)

Psychological Point of View: Evil

Sex: Female

Height: 4'11''

Age: 12 (Physiological Age); 201 (Actual Age)

Weight: 42 kg

Eyes: Red

Hair: Dark Brown

Skin: Ivory

Clothing: See picture

Special Abilities: Close combat

Weaknesses: Nature, Her Family

Weapons: The three crosses (see picture) transform into weapons: BERINGAR (bear spear), GULBRAND (God's Sword), and SGIAN (two daggers)

Likes: Evening sky, Fireflies, War

Dislikes: Weaklings, Cowards

Good Qualities: Wise, Kind towards nature, Mature

Bad Qualities: Arrogant, Sharp-tongued, Brutally honest

Job: None

Family: None

Goals: To annihilate the clan of Baptista

BIO : She was killed during a civil war along with her family by a group of rebels who thought they sided with the rulers. She was brought back to life by Baptista, a black mage, to use her for his own benefit. Baptista gave her three weapons to be used to kill Baptista's enemies. Tired of living a life as a puppet, she killed her own master and is set on killing the rest of his clan to be lifted from Baptista's curse and finally pass away.
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F / in my own kingdom
Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/2/11
Image details:

Creator: kousagi

Name: Shui (water)

Race: water spirit

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): neutral

Sex: female


Age: 15


Eyes: green

Hair: green

Skin: white

Clothing: pic

Special Abilities: can use water

Weaknesses: fire

Weapons: water

Likes: water,rain,flowers, anything blue

Dislikes: fire

Good Qualities: nice and helpful

Bad Qualities: short temper

Job: none

Family: none

Goals: to find a place to call home

BIO : Shui is a water spirit,though she looks like any other human,she can control water. She is nice person unless you make her mad. She can cause rain storms when her emotions get the best of her.

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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/3/11 , edited 5/3/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Kevin Darkspirit

Race: unknown but its a dark species

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): very neutral

Sex: male

Height: 5'9

Age: 25

Weight: thin

Eyes: see pic , they begin to lighten when he is using his power, turning pale blue.

Hair: bright pink at the moment

Skin: light, uses goth makeup

Clothing: rich clothing

Special Abilities: his body can dissolve into a mist to attack his enemies, but his real power comes when the mist turns pale blue and he sucks out an opponent's life force/source leaving nothing but a shell of the person behind.

Weaknesses: pure light

Weapons: he was taught how to use swords but doesnt like using weapons

Likes: mind games, having fun, getting others into dangerous situations, young women, challenges

Dislikes: getting hurt, goody two shoes people, people who think they are better than him

Good Qualities: very clever, if he decides to go after something he gets it, resourceful

Bad Qualities: can be cruel, has strange moralistic values

Job: is a collector

Family: He comes from a rich family in furen

Goals: changes everyday

BIO : He and his family are collectors; whether they range from priceless artifacts to unique people, one the Darkspirits' decides to acquire it for themselves they set all their strengths to getting it.

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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/3/11 , edited 5/3/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Sandra Zaria

Race: human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil):mostly good

Sex: female

Height: 5'5

Age: 18

Weight: slim

Eyes: gray

Hair: dark brown

Skin: fair

Clothing: usually skirts and matching tops and boots

Special Abilities: can walk through objects even with security locks and spells

Weaknesses: all human weaknesses

Weapons: uses none

Likes: fun adventures, mysteries

Dislikes: life threatening situations

Good Qualities: Intelligent, cheerful and nice to those she likes

Bad Qualities: gets scared easily, can mouth off to those she doesnt like

Job: self called adventurer

Family: she lives with an aunt

Goals: none specified

BIO : Sandra met Vanessa about 10 years ago in a park and the girls have been friends since. Vanessa has gotten Sandra hooked onto adventuring and they travel around the world, looking for adventures.

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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/3/11 , edited 5/3/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Vanessa Arman

Race: dark angel

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): good

Sex: female

Height: 5'9


Weight: slim

Eyes: see pic

Hair: see pic

Skin: see pic

Clothing: see pic

Special Abilities: she leeches an opponent's power and coughs it up as bood. Too much leeching can kill her. sometimes she can see into the future.

Weaknesses: cannot fight physically

Weapons: none

Likes: happy times, her friends, having fun, puzzles

Dislikes: hurting people, fighting, being evil

Good Qualities: kind, nice, cheerful

Bad Qualities: goes into trances, tunes people out at discussions, ends up missing important parts of the discussion

Job: adventurer and fortune teller

Family: none

Goals: have fun

BIO : Vanessa is a fortune teller (not a very good one) but she is into tarot card reading and predicting things. She met Kevin and Sandra when she was a kid and they have been her best friends since.

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27 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 5/5/11 , edited 5/6/11

Image details:

Creator: BlitzScythe

Name: Uriella Vespell

Race: Dark Elf

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Chaotic Neutral

Sex: Female

Height: 5'3"

Age: 352

Weight: 97 lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: White

Skin: Dusky

Clothing: Leather armor

Special Abilities: Ability to use bat familiars and ability to completely hide her presence.

Weaknesses: Bright light

Weapons: Ghost Crossbow, Daggers, Short Sword

Likes: Causing trouble

Dislikes: Poor sports

Good Qualities: She never tries to kill someone during her jokes

Bad Qualities: Often takes a joke too far

Job: Hunter

Family: Numerous brothers and sisters

Goals: To make it big as a treasure hunter and retire in luxury

BIO: Uriella Vespell was born by her father's third wife. She was the 16th child in her family and like many of her family members, was always fighting for what little they had to share. When she turned 100 Uriella ran away and set out to find her fortunes...
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23 / F / In the world of m...
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11

Creator: Kali-Yu

Name: Zephyra
Race: Harpy
Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Nothing in particular
Sex: Female
Height: 178cm
Age: 23
Weight: Light
Eyes: Yellow/Orange-Gold
Hair: Red
Skin: as in Pic
Clothing: Harpies clothing (as in pic), but sometimes wears casual clothing
Special Abilities: Flying, Wind Slice: creates such strong wind with her claws that it can cut even stones, talking with birds, Harpies Lullaby: a song that hypnosis the enemy
Weaknesses: Earth Magic, caves, her powers are being drained when her wings are bound together
Weapons: her claws and horns
Likes: flying through the sky, sweets,
Dislikes: slave-drivers, caves, being caged
Good Qualities: smart, self-sacrificing, loyal to the harpies
Bad Qualities: irritable
Job: None
Family: the Harpy-Coven
Goals: defending the Harpy-Coven

Zephyra is a warrior of the harpy clan in Azuriya. As one of the talented ones she has the power to hide her wings, claws and horns, so that she just looks like an average human. She travels through the land to look for kidnapped harpies, captured by humans for their entertainment or selling them to collectors. Zephyra swore to take revenge for her harmed friends, but her oath isn´t well seen by some of the other harpies.

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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Shikari

Race: unknown

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): evil

Sex: male

Height: 6'2

Age: 21

Weight: slim but muscular

Eyes: black

Hair: blond

Skin: tanned

Clothing: different depending on region and climate

Special Abilities: fast, agile, excellent hunter, excellent swordsman, has a move called
Black raid: if he touches a person with his right hand and activates the move a mark appears, it spreads over the body slowly till it covers it , he can then literally reach inside a person and take out their soul.
The move can be dispelled if Shikari himself touches the mark with his other hand or by a VERY strong healer who is adept at removing curses.

Weaknesses: light magic

Weapons: uses a variety of weapons ranging from knives to swords.

Likes: achieving his goals

Dislikes: failing

Good Qualities: steadfast, ambitious

Bad Qualities: can be cruel, no compassion

Job: none

Family: none

Goals: is on a quest to find the Black Blade.


A village in Furen was raided by a cruel warlord. The men all killed, the women and older children sold or used as slaves.
The younger children and babies were left in the jungle for a day without food and water. Those who survived were then put under the warlord's private training group.
These children were raised as ruthless warriors; skilled in swordplay and assassination.
Slaves caught were used in hunting practices to sharpen their skills and shred away any ounce of humanity or compassion towards other humans. These children were then used in missions.
Few children made it to adulthood with the harsh missions and even harsher training but those who did, could hardly be called human.
Shikari was one of them.
He left the warlord's group after he began getting prophetic dreams about a black sword. Remembering the Seer's prophecy, he knew it is his destiny to find this sword.

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F / in my own kingdom
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11
Image details:

Creator: kousagi

Name: Cherish

Race: human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): good

Sex: female

Height: 4"11

Age: 16, looks 13


Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Skin: pale

Clothing: kimono, red with pink flowers

Special Abilities: making a barrier

Weaknesses: strong magic

Weapons: a dagger

Likes: candy, moon,stars

Dislikes: dark places

Good Qualities: caring,helpful, protective, stands up for her self even when she's scaried

Bad Qualities: easily fooled and scaried easily

Job: protecting a key to a sword

Family: a clan who were killed by people who were looking for the sword

Goals: protecting the sword and the key

BIO : Cherish was given the duty to protect a sword,she was last of her clan,her parents gave her the key and told her to run when there village was attack. so she did. she now wonders the world, protecting the key so that no one will get the sword there clan hid deep in a desert
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27 / M / The world inside...
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/10/11
Image details:

Creator: Imagination-Enigma

Name: Alistair Veron (Only known as "Alice")

Race:Half Human, Half Etheral

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Neutral

Sex: Male

Height: 5'9"

Age: 457 (Looks to be 23)

Weight: 124lbs

Eyes: A Glowing Green (Due to being Half Ethereal)

Hair: A Fiery Red

Skin: White (In the Dark it almost seems to glow due to being Half Ethereal)
NOTE: The Glow is not that noticeable

Clothing: Picture

Special Ability's:
A User of Dark Magic (Curses, shadow, darkness, ect.)
A User of Voodoo Magic (an unorthodox type of magic dealing from everything including a wide range of Healing spells all the way to dark arts and enhancement spells. Its power usually depends on potions or other concoctions)
A User of the Element of Fire, Along with Shadow and Darkness.
Carries around small dolls on his waist, he can throw them and make them fight for him, each doll has its own unique ability.
He is also EXTREMELY Agile (Good at dodging, running, jumping, ect)
Is also well trained in the ways of thievery (Lock Picking, Sleight of hand, ect.)
And is trained in alchemy (Making potions,poison, ect.)
Decent at Hand-to-Hand Combat

Water and Light Magic
Cant use any weapons well (Except for his "trusty pocket knife"/Butterfly Knife/Balisong)

Small Doll Heads he carries on his waist along with the dolls, these heads, when thrown, explode in multiple forms (Fire Explosion, Smoke Bomb, Sleeping Gas, ect.)
A small Concealed Butterfly Knife (Aka A Balisong)

Likes: winning, information (So he can sell/trade it), and when things go his way

Dislikes: When he cant get his hands on certain pieces of information

Good Qualities: Playful, funny, easy to talk with, creative, intelligent, elusive, meticulous, calm and cool minded, and Mysterious

Bad Qualities: Cunning, Manipulative, Prideful, and a Skilled Lier

Job(As they see it): An information seller of sorts

Family: none

Goals: to find Roy

BIO: Alastair and Roy grew up together as friends int he same village and went to the same school and everything. but when they turned the age of 21 something changed between them, as much of there race they began to slowly age, this is when they began to study the darker arts of magic and soon when they reached the age of 100 they came across a spell that stopped there ageing all together, soon after they found this spell something happened between the two that neither shall ever forget.

Since that day Alastair has traveled the world over collecting all the information he possibly can in hopes of finding his once good friend, Roy, and putting an end to what happened that day.
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