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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 6/15/11
Image details:

Creator: Imagination-Enigma

Name: Roy Null

Race: Half Human, Half Ethereal

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Good (Only in his eyes)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'9

Age: 457 (looks to be 23)

Weight: 127lbs

Eyes: A Glowing Red (Due to being Half Ethereal)

Hair: Navy Blue (Almost black)

Skin: White (In the Dark it almost seems to glow due to being Half Ethereal)
NOTE: The Glow is not that noticeable

Clothing: Picture

Special Ability's:
Portal Magic, Ancient Portal Magic (using and creating portals in different ways and forums)
A User of Dark Magic (Curses, shadow, darkness, ect.)
Ancient Magic
Skilled weapon user
Skilled Hand-to-Hand combatant

Weaknesses: Addiction to Power

Weapons: A single Katana (Unbreakable)

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Good Qualities: Thinks things through calmly, cool minded, And an EXTREMELY mysterious character

Bad Qualities: Vengeful

Job(As they see it): Unknown

Family: None

Goals: Unknown

BIO: Alastair and Roy grew up together as friends int he same village and went to the same school and everything. but when they turned the age of 21 something changed between them, as much of there race they began to slowly age, this is when they began to study the darker arts of magic and soon when they reached the age of 100 they came across a spell that stopped there ageing all together, soon after they found this spell something happened between the two that neither shall ever forget

Since that day Roy's where about's have been unknown.
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24 / M / In the complex wo...
Posted 5/8/11
Image details:

Creator: Kashigan

Name: Sean Evergreen

Race: Human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): good

Sex: Male

Height: 4'10"

Age: 9

Weight: 87 lbs

Eyes: red eyes

Hair: red hair

Skin: light

Clothing: Orange collared unbutton shirt with a green T-shirt underneath while wearing brown pants and shoes

Special Abilities: Has the ability to control fire, but has not awakened this ability yet

Weaknesses: Water, and really combat in general

Weapons: None

Likes: Having fun, relaxing, family, sleeping

Dislikes: cheaters, liars, bad things, fighting

Good Qualities: Friendly, helpful, cheerful, childish

Bad Qualities: clumsy, has a hard time understanding anything, cries easily, gets angry easily

Job: None

Family: Deceased Father, has a mother and sister.

Goals: to find his family that is missing to his knowledge

BIO: Sean was raised by his family a place called Minaga, which resides in Umoba. He has me memories of his father since he was already dead when he was able to make sense of the things around him. Why he died? His mother had not told him for some reason, but Sean never payed any attention to it. Unfortunately one day, he came home from getting firewood to keep his family warm and found the place had been trashed and there was no whereabouts of his mother or his sister. Other people said that they tried to stop the guys, but saw them taking his family away and out of the village. The villagers told him that they were going in the direction of Furen and ever since that day, Sean has been travelling, trying to find any sort of info or clue that might get his family back. The only problem is that Sean is only a kid and has no knowledge as of how to find his family. The boy keeps his hopes up as he continues to travel.
Story Writer
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22 / F / In the world of m...
Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/9/11

Creator: Kali-Yu
Name: Rowan
Race: Vampire
Point of View (good, neutral, evil): Evil
Sex: Male
Height: 185cm
Age: 109
Eyes: Dark Green /Red
Hair: Dark Blue
Skin: Normal
Clothing: As in Pic
Special Abilities: strength, speed, hypnosis, can wrap himself in shadow, 
Weakness: Silver, isn't as strong at day as in the night
Weapons: Sword/Katana
Likes: Hunting, beautiful woman, jewels
Dislikes: vampire hunters
Good Qualities: loyal, intelligent, calm
Bad Qualities: cruel, selfish, sometimes bloodthirsty
Job: Assassine/Thief
Family: Loki
Goals: None

Rowan is a born vampire with great power. He found Loki when he was just a helpless baby and raised him out of an impulse but now thinks of him as a younger brother. Rowan sometimes has to hold Loki back when he goes on a rampage
Story Writer
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22 / F / In the world of m...
Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/9/11

Creator: Kali-Yu

Name: Loki
Race: Demon
Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Evil
Sex: Male
Height: 175cm
Age: 78
Eyes: Amber/ ice blue
Hair: White
Skin: Fair
Clothing: As in pic
Special Abilities: can transform into his demon-form, demon strength, ice magic, he can summon minor demons
Weaknesses: Light Magic, kindess from children
Weapons: claws
Likes: To assassinate humans, betting with Rowan
Dislikes: childrens kindness (can't handle this), mages
Good Qualities: none except that he'd do anything for Rowan
Bad Qualities: likes to kill humans, arrogant, cruel
Job: Assassine
Family: Rowan (something like a brother to him)
Goals: Survive

BIO : 
Loki  has been together with Rowan since ages. They've wandered around the world, fought strong enemies and survived sever tortures. Wherever they go they kill people (Loki more than Rowan and Rowan always tries to hold him back). The vampire is like a big brother to Loki and he'd go through hell if Rowan needed his help.
Story Writer
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/13/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Rafael Ashton

Race: looks human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): good but not kind

Sex: male

Height: 6'2

Age: 27

Weight: slim but muscular

Eyes: golden, can become catlike when mad or concentrating

Hair: as pic

Skin: light

Clothing: as pic

Special Abilities: teleportation (think night crawler), can travel in shadows, superhuman reflexes and agility

Weaknesses: fire

Weapons: none

Likes: catching criminals, good food, sleeping in his own bed

Dislikes: criminals escaping, bad food, inns

Good Qualities: perceptive, intelligent, good at his job, getting out of sticky situations

Bad Qualities: has an OCD about certain things

Job: detective

Family: none

Goals: catch the bad guys

Rafael grew up in a tough neighborhood. Being raised on the dark streets, he saw and did things that would make an average person's skin crawl. He was once arrested for theft and taken to jail. The detective who arrested him gave him the beating of his life, the sat him down and told him to "stop wasting your life or Ill beat you every day till you get it in your thick skull," Bruised black and blue from the beating, Rafael decided to listen and that changed his life.
Now he works for the same detective agency and is one of the best detectives there.

Character's Theme Song (Optional): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G5HPtyjupw

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101 / M / The world inside...
Posted 5/15/11 , edited 5/15/11
Image details:

Creator: Imagination-Enigma

Name: Vallerie Winston

Race: Mostly Human, Part Vampire (Doesn't suck blood, Ages at nearly the same rate as a Human)

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil):

Sex: Female

Height: 5'6"

Age: 24

Weight: Slim, curvy

Eyes: Red

Hair: Silky Golden

Skin: Light

Clothing: Picture

Special Abilities:
Arousing Allure- Vallerie gives off a very arousing air about her, and can easily seduce men and women of all races (The effects of this ability only work on who Vallerie wills it too)
Slightly more Agile and Quicker than Average
Slightly more Stronger than Average
Eyes of Truth, Eyes of Lies- Vallarie has the ability to see through any disguise, illusion, or lie

Weaknesses: Doesn't have much if any fighting experience

Small concealed poisoned dagger
Sleeping Drugs and other assorted Drugs
Has a lot of strong connections in both government and military

Likes: Wine, Clothes

Dislikes: Shabby living conditions

Good Qualities: Smart, Intelligent, Dislike's lying, Charming, Beautiful, Sexy, Has a lot of strong connections

Bad Qualities: Can be Blunt, Arrogant, sharp tongued

Job: Freelancer

Family: None

Goals: To create a Harem

BIO : Vallerie grew up in a small shabby village that until she was old enough to leave it, she loved the simple life.
Once reaching the large city's she came to hate the shabby poor life style and strived for a more richer fuller type of life style, that an many regards she has achieved.
Vallarie still sticks to the job that helped her reach this type of life style, a freelancer of sorts that usually picks up many detective jobs, due to her ability to see lies that has kept her in the light side of society for most, if not all her life.
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27 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/16/11


Creator: dmitrivalentine

Name: Genesis

Race: Unknown

Psychological Point of View: evil

Sex: Unknown; masculine voice suggests male

Height: 5'11"

Age: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: White

Skin: Pale

Special Abilities:
-Harvest (implant Skeith into hosts and once the Skeith has matured, Genesis absorbs the Skeith, empowering himself and gaining half of the Skeith's power)
-Testaments (clay humanoid puppets that are controlled by a Skeith Seed acting as a core)

-Light; divinity
-Physical damage
-Sunlight (can survive in it, but prefers to stick in the shade)

-Clockmaker's Cross

Job: N/A

Family: Unknown

Goals: Unknown

BIO: Genesis' origins are unknown. Rumors are that Genesis came into being during the battle with Skeith 400 years ago. His goals are unknown, but he seems to be powering himself up and infecting anyone he sees with Skeith Seeds.
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F / I'd rather not say!
Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/19/11
Image details:

Creator: syphl

Name: Zalem Kriegsherr

Race: hyrbrid between demon and human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): evil

Sex: male

Height: 6'2

Age: looks young

Weight: muscular

Eyes: unknown

Hair: short

Skin: tanned

Clothing: as pic

Special Abilities: very fast, very agile, excellent melee fighter, very smart, uses summons

Weaknesses: Bloodlust

Pet : none

Pet abilities: none

Weapons: An array of weapons

Likes: Stealing, killing, causing havoc, people fearing him

Dislikes: order, good people, mages, asssins, all creatures...he is a hater

Good Qualities: very smart, loved by his clan, excellent at his job, which is terrorizing and stealing, looting and plunder

Bad Qualities: ruthless, cruel, no conscious

Job: Bandit

Financial Status: rich!!!! And it was all his own hard work ^-^

Family: none

Goals: lives for the day

BIO : He rose to prominence power just before Kyle Teef's government fell. For the next 400 years, he looted and plundered to his heart's content; raiding villages; killing people; selling women and children as slaves and became a much feared entity and people still quake at the mention of Zalem the cruel warlord.

According to legend , if you're traveling through the desert and you come upon the Dark raider of the desert; then you are either dead or worse off than dead. Peeople wear protection amulets and pray to the Gods to protect them from him.

Character theme song: ( Optional )
Story Writer
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26 / M / Camping, you'll n...
Posted 5/21/11 , edited 6/4/11

Creator: CodemanAlpha
Name: 咒龙; Zhou Long (means Cursed Dragon but it was not his original name)
Race: Corrupted reincarnated superhuman
Psychological Point of View: Evil (originally Neutral)

Sex: Male
Height: 5' 9"
Age: 521

Weight: 138 lbs
Eyes: Unknown, he's blind
Hair: White
Skin: white with a yellowish tint
Clothing: a black carapace made of hard leather, martial arts training pants, rags from his old exorcist uniform that are stained with blood, and a red blindfold.

Special Abilities:

Weaknesses: Will sometimes overuse his special senses making him temporarily sluggish and mentally fatigued
Weapons: A giant cross forged by the Fists of St. Thomas called "Venenum" (which is Latin for Bane) only it is black and has fewer functions than most other crosses; it's a holder for all his swords. The bottom leg is the storage place while the top leg is a firing port for them like a crossbow, he can fire one or his entire set of blades at once.

Likes: Solitude, the blood of whoever gets in his way
Dislikes: The Fists of St. Thomas
Good Qualities: Intelligent and subtle
Bad Qualities: Cold, betraying, ruthless, corrupted philosophy

Job: Ex-exorcist of the Fist of St. Thomas, now a collaborator of unknown darkness
Financial Status: Neutral
Family: Unknown
Goals: Unkown


Character them song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZz74yFLkvg
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23 / M / In my den plottin...
Posted 5/24/11 , edited 5/24/11
Image details:

Creator: FuzzyKitty69

Name: Kit

Race: Unkn. (But has physical characteristics seperating it from any races in this world)

Psychological Point of View: Evil

Sex: Male

Height: 5'3"

Age: ???

Weight: 336 lbs. (His body is very dence)

Eyes: Bright Florescant Green

Hair: Red (as in red red... not frotch red)

Skin: Pale

Clothing: Clown (refer to pic)

Special Abilities: Kit is extremely strong and fast due to his rediculously dense muscle structure. He also has mastered magic. (If you wish to see a general spellbook that I use for him go to http://www.geeknative.com/1965/latin-spell-names-for-dd-3rd/ But I do tend to stray off and create my own more complex multi-level spells)

Weaknesses: His short attention span. He will walk away if the fight is too boreing. Also people who have very diverse powers. Also, every now and then he will be easy on women without realizing it. He has no intention of it

Weapons: He uses latin based spells

Likes: Fun things

Dislikes: Boring things

Good Qualities: If you have a sick sence of humor and do not wish to fight him then he is great to be friends with. And i mean SICK sence of humor.

Bad Qualities: He is a Clynical Psychopath and gets enjoyment out of others' pain that he causes.

Job: He takes hits... so hitman. Just general bounty hunter. But he only does ones that he thinks are going to be fun

Family: unkn

Goals: None

BIO : Not much is known about him, but what is known is that he is a master magician and illusionist as well as combat spells. He is of an unknown race and has no known background or family. He is very manipulative and gets what he wants, which is usually a fight.

Character's Theme Song (Optional): El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama by- White Zombie
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23 / M / In my den plottin...
Posted 5/24/11 , edited 5/24/11
Image details:

Creator: FuzzyKitty69

Name: General Venustas Lux

Race: Human

Psychological Point of View: Good

Sex: Female

Height: 5'4"

Age: N/A

Weight: 123 lbs

Eyes: All White, All Black at night

Hair: Silver during the day and Jet Black during the night

Skin: Pale

Clothing: Refer to pic

Special Abilities: Can manipulate and control light as well as shadows.

Weaknesses: Time of Dusk and Time of Dawn.

Weapons: She uses light and shadows as her weapons as well as a saber she keeps at her side

Likes: Anything pleasant

Dislikes: People who are obnoxious

Good Qualities: Avoids fights, strategic Genius

Bad Qualities: When you try to pick a fight with someone, whether it her or someone else, she loses her temper.

Job: Military General (4 Stars) and strategist

Family: N/A (All Dead)

Goals: To eventually become leader of her country

BIO: She was born into a revered noble bloodline that has long since died away leaving her as the last member of her family. Not much is REALLY known about her other than she has been enlisted in the military for over 150 years. She has been offered honorable discharge every year since her 6th year enlisted. Also, her age is completely unknown because all the dates from all her records were erased or the record was completely lost. This leads to believe that she is part of a large government conspericy

Character's Theme Song (Optional):
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26 / M / Camping, you'll n...
Posted 5/24/11 , edited 6/19/11

Creator: CodemanAlpha
Name: Sayaka Hoshizoku
Race: Superhuman
Psychological Point of View: Good

Sex: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Age: 19

Weight: 129 lbs
Eyes: Obsidian black
Hair: Short black
Skin: Asian white
Clothing: Customized black nun's outfit with white wrist cuffs and gloves, has a bearing of a cross around her neck. Also wears a pair of hidden wristbands under her sleeves with two mini reels of grappling wire attached to it with two double-edged daggers.

Special Abilities: Utilizes a really powerful Holy aura to combat dark creatures of highest magnitude, her augmentations and training make her a far more superior fighter than any average human. Using her cross she is able to cast overwhelmingly strong barriers which can be used for offensive purposes but only when used correctly.
Weaknesses: Lack of combat experience
Weapons: A giant silver cross called the "Silencer II" a modified version of Takeshi's "Silencer" cross. The longest leg is instead a 50 caliber machine gun loaded with special ammo. The left leg is a large emergency revolver, and the top leg contains a holy relic used for mostly defensive functions (Creating barriers, stealth fields etc.)

Likes: Friends, family, training
Dislikes: Cynics, misanthropes & megalomaniacs, people with god-complexes,

Good Qualities: Devoted, caring, zealous, extremely strong-willed
Bad Qualities: Defensive about some things, sets high expectations (even for herself)

Job: Exorcist of the Fists Of St. Thomas
Family: The Hoshizoku Imperial Family
Goals: To carry on Takeshi's legacy

BIO: Born in the main branch, Sayaka was among the latest generation of the Imperial Family along with her sister and two brothers. Although she was expected to carry on their trademark swordstyle, she was more interested in the history of one of her ancestors Takeshi Hoshizoku; one of the only family members to leave the family tradition and become part of the holy order of the Fists of St. Thomas. Her passion to keep his story afloat convinced her to leave herself and be recruited in by the Order, but she's still kind of new and doesn't carry as much knowledge as other exorcists. This is made up for by her infallible tenacity, any of the twisted insanities monster have in stall she is more than mentally prepared. When receiving word that Takeshi's old rival has been revived, Sayaka took the responsibility of dealing with this ceaseless threat and others. For the sake of her ancestor.
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Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/26/11
Image details:

Creator: crush_dance

Name: Royce Rainwall

Race: Human

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Lawful Neutral

Sex: Male

Height: 175 cm

Age: 23

80 kg

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Red

Skin: Light

Clothing: For Traveling:
Simple green Tunic over a white long-sleeved shirt and Light brown travel pants. (light armour when the need calls for protection)

Battle Atire: White tunic over Black turtle shirt. Black flexible pants and protective gauntlets. (Heavy armour if need arises.)

Special Abilities:
- Advanced Battle Calculations (The ability to scan and predict and counter enemy movement automatically. Forged through years of battle experience and also grants clairvoyance )

- Quick Reflex (Nimble body grants quick movement and reactions. Fast enough to deflect bullets at the tip of his blade)

- Magic affinity (has no problems with leaning magic)

- Fast learner (Due to ABC and quick reflexes, he can learn any physical technique hust by watching them)

Weaknesses: He's only an ordinary human

Weapons: Sword and shield / Longsword / Bare fists

Likes: Traveling,Seeing the sights,Exploring

Dislikes: Staying in one place too long. Unjustified violence

Good Qualities: Nice guy and dependable. Has no material attachments

Bad Qualities: Can be very blunt without him knowing it. Is a very horrible at lies. A battle pragmatist due to how he was brought up,he has know qualms on using anything to his advantage in the battlefield,which often disgusts some people on the opposing side and his,despite everything is fair in war.
(this can also be a good quality for some)

Job: Adventurer

Family: A simple farming family of 4 off the mountain side

Goals: Explore the whole world in his lifetime

Royce is the son of simple farming family. At an early age he couldn't keep himself from NOT doing work.
So as a child,he helped his father in fields. When not working on the field,he was often on the on the forest,climbing trees and exploring the deeper regions,much to his mother's dismay.
Because of this,his body naturally developed into an agile but strong frame.
At the age of ten,he met a wandering monk and quickly became good friends with the old man.
The old man settled down in the village's abandoned temple since it had no caretakers.
There everyday,when there was no farm work or chores to be done,Royce helped in the temple grounds. From the onld man,he learned about temperance and patience. He educated himself by borrowing the old monk's books.
By the age of 13,he learned every book the old monk gave him as well as the monk's own teachings.
Had no more to teach the boy,he decided to call upon a favor of an old friend.
3 months later a wandering swordsman entered the village and revealed himself to be the monk's little brother.
This was the beginning of Royce's training with a blade.
The master however was a harsh one but due to Roy's inability to give up,he took it all on full force.
At 17 years of age,there was nothing more to teach. His master taught him everything he knew and even developed hos own style of combat to compliment his acrobatic nature.
From there on with nothing better to do,he decided it was time to see the world.
Since meeting the old monk,he discovered there was more to the world than just this simple life.
And now that he was old enough,his father granted him permission,much to his mother's worry.
After saying his goodbyes,he set off into the unknown world.
Little did he expect that the world was alot more cruel than he had imagined.
6 years later,he had experienced in many battles and some he didn't even wanted to join.
Despite all the horrors of war he had seen,his spirit never wavered.
Much of his goal is still not finished and world is still waiting to be seen.

Character's Theme Song (Optional): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cccse5Rwb60&feature=related

Placed the pic and edited some typos and things i forgot to place.
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/26/11 , edited 5/26/11
Image details:

Creator: FrenchVanilla

Name: Elgar

Race: Angel

Psychological Point of View (good, neutral or evil): Good

Sex: Male

Height: 5'7

Age: Immortal

Weight: 67 kg

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Light brown

Skin: Pale

Clothing: see pic

Special Abilities: Violinist

Weaknesses: War, Lillien

Weapons: Keeps a two-edged sword named Ares but doesn't use it

Likes: Music, Nature, Lillien, Humans

Dislikes: Power and money, Gods and Angels

Good Qualities: Compassionate, Generous, Romantic

Bad Qualities: Low self-esteem, Emotionally weak

Job: None

Family: In the heavens (gods)

Goals: Find a way to become human

BIO : Elgar was exiled by his fellow angels because he was not bestowed with any power that would benefit mankind. He was alone until he met a violinist named Lillien who also taught him to play her violin. They fell in love until Lillien wanted to break-up because she was growing old while Elgar remained youthful.The painful break-up caused her to commit suicide while he decided to travel on a quest to find a way to become human. Whenever he remembers Lillien, he plays her violin that she gave him.
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23 / M / In my den plottin...
Posted 5/26/11
Image details:

Creator: FuzzyKitty69

Name: Silex

Race: N/A

Psychological Point of View: Neutral

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Age: N/A

Weight: 600+ lbs

Eyes: Grey

Hair: White

Skin: Grey

Clothing: Refer To Pic

Special Abilities: Incredibly strong... as in it's not ok how strong he is. And his rock hard skin makes him all but impervious to almost all attacks.

Weaknesses: N/A

Weapons: His body

Likes: Nothing

Dislikes: Nothing

Good Qualities: He is quiet and dosen't get in your way and never starts fights. And he does not need to eat or breath air.

Bad Qualities: He will not jump in and help unless you get in his way and it is necessary to fight you

Job: N/A

Family: N/A

Goals: N/A

BIO: Again, like most of my characters, he has no known background. Nobody knows where he comes from, but he appears from a distance to be human. He does not care about anything. His skin is hard as stone, and he can lift things that would normally be unthinkable to even try to lift. More or less, most people stay out of his way.
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