Animaniacs Anonymous
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Posted 4/20/11
{{{{Hello every welcome to Animaniacs Anonymous, we all all here because we admit that we are addtics to anime, sry to those all who came thinking this would be a chat over Steven Spielberg cartoon Animaniacs.

Lets start of by telling each what types of anime you are addticed to then how many hours lat week week you watched anime and your thoughts on that?

Why dont you start 1st Edward}}}}}

Hello every name is Edward Havoc

right now addicted to yuri, adventure and mecha anime

i think i spent more then 39 hours last week spent on anime

i think that i have a problem, becuase once i get into a anime i have this urge not to stop till the last episode and this can casue me to go nites with out sleep.

{{{{{{{ Lets see who wants to go next }}}}}}}}}}}}
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24 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 4/21/11

I am not really picky when it comes to watching anime. I spend 2-5 hours a day watching anime, plus 1 hour when a new Gintama episode is released
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28 / Nagoya-shi, Aichi...
Posted 4/21/11
This seems to be a group thread
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