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Posted 4/22/11


You may only roleplay if you've claimed a character or you've created a character.
You may enter characters from other anime here as well as long as you claimed the character.
This one is like the main roleplay where we don't focus the roleplay on any anime.

Begin RolePlaying!! xDD
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16 / F / Narnia
Posted 6/30/11
Akira:eh? I guess no one's is here
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24 / F
Posted 8/22/11 , edited 8/22/11
The soft whisper of grass under her feet.
Clouds racing after each other in a pure blue sky, streaming sunlight on the colored flowers.

Adalia loved it.
She walked down the narrow paved path just thinking, until something in the distance caught her eye.
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22 / F / In an Igloo
Posted 8/28/11
Kyoko walked into the graden. She noticed the roses and thought some fairytales.
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