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Roleplay !
Posted 4/22/11
Rima: *Blush becomes heavier*
KusuKusu: XD
Rima: *crosses her arms, Looking embarrassed*
Posted 4/22/11
(how do you become a moderator?)

Utau: *smirks* *turns to kukai* u hav nagi's phone # right?

Kukai: yeah

Utau: why don't we call him right now. rima has something important to say to him

Kukau: r u sure?

Utau: unless she does what we say, then we wont
Posted 4/22/11
( I'll make ya one. ^.^ )
Rima: What???
KusuKusu: What do you guys mean?
Posted 4/22/11

Utau: *smirks* well, mostly ur too stubborn to tell nagi that u love him,soo we're going to interfere

Iru: oooh! this is going to be interesting

Eru: Yeah for Love!

Kukai and Daichhi: *munching on popcorn* this is interesting
Posted 4/22/11
Rima: I dont love him! *Blushing again* Besides! he's stealing amu from me! Why would i love him?
Posted 4/22/11
Utau: well, he can make you laugh, make you smile, teach you how to cook, why would you not love him? just because he's stealing Amu doesn't mean he's bad. maybe he's stealing Amu just to get you attention

Kukai: yeah, yesterday he asked me what's Rima's favorite things, i told him that you really care about Amu.
Posted 4/22/11
Rima crossed her arms and turned away.
Rima: I doubt it. *Super blushing*
Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11
Lulu: *outside royal garden failing to spy on people*
Nana: Wearing a leaf on your head while carrying a camera won't conceal yourself, now.
Posted 4/22/11
Eru: I can feel you blushing! YOU DO LOVE NAGIHIKO! I'll go search for him! *runs out of the royal garden in search for nagi*

Utau: *sighs* always about love

Iru: just leave her, maybe she'll find him and tell him ALL about Rima's crush on him *snicker*

Kukai and Daichi: wonder what's going to happen next
Posted 4/22/11
Rima: I'll just go look for amu..
Rima: *walks outside of the royal garden* *looks around*
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Posted 4/22/11
Ikuto: *behind Lulu* What are you up to
Posted 4/22/11
Utau: she's gone *turns to Kukai* lets go and have the ramen competition now

Kukai: Yahoo! *competitive eyes* I'll win for sure

Utau: *competitive auroa* You Will NOT WIN!! I shall be the winner!
Posted 4/22/11
Lulu: *jumps* AH! I uh...

Posted 4/22/11
Rima: *spots lulu and ikuto* Trespassers *pulls out phone*
Kusukusu: XD.
Posted 4/22/11
Utau and Kukai: *walks out of the Royal Garden, running and bump into Ikuto and Lulu* Watch where your-! Hey lulu, ikuto.

Utau: Rima what are you doing?
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