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Post Reply The Role Play
Posted 4/22/11
Once You Have Your Character....... BEGIN ROLE PLAYING HERE!
Posted 4/27/11
( i'm here ! )
Posted 4/27/11
(YAY, i am too~ness)
Posted 4/27/11
( So, Do all the mews know eachother already, Or do they have to find each other? XD)
Melanie: *Walking to school or whatever XD*
Posted 4/27/11
(some of them know eachother and others dont, Mew Berry already works at the cafe right now, does Mew Woof?)
Posted 4/27/11
( Yep! XD I luv her maid outfit, it was just a normal black one, but i colored it purple XD)
Melanie: *stillll walkingg. XD*
Posted 4/27/11
(Okai so they know eachother, and yep, i like it! )

Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11
( Thanks! and Yup yup ! Is hikari walking to school, too? Or do they not have school today? XD)
Melanie: *continues walking* (XD)
Posted 4/27/11
(ummm no school i guess XD)

Hikari: Melanie!
(can she call her Mel? XD)
Posted 4/27/11
( Yeah! )
Melanie: *turns to hikari* Hikari!
Melanie: *walks up to her* whats up????
Posted 4/27/11
Hikari: *smiles* Nothing much, just finished working at the cafe! How are you?
Posted 4/27/11
Melanie: Good~ A little bored though.
(XD here's another dog like quality of melanie: Shes very loyal to her friends. XD)
Posted 4/27/11
(XD yep, i had a dog once, for 2 weeks, she was a puppy, her name was Shiba and she was a shiba inu XD)

Hikari: Well, let's go have some fun!
Posted 4/27/11
(Aww!! so cute! XD)
Melanie: okay, Where should we go?? ^.^
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F / Hazama
Posted 4/27/11
(Hullo. ^w^ Im'a start.)
Mizuki:*Working at the cafe*
Amaya:*Walking to the mall*I'm going to buy something for tomorrow's party!~
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