FuniMation has Fary Tail
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Posted 4/22/11
FuniMation has gotten the DVD rights to Fairy Tail's first 48 episodes (they might get more provided sales and licensing agreements warrant it). Natsu will be done by Todd Haberkorn. I was looking on and's Anime forums. People were already complaining about Todd being Natsu. Before people start complaining how FuniMation would change the OP/ED with an English version or how some actor/actress will ruin a character, wait until you have a chance to see a few episodes to make that conclusion

I often see people complain how Funi or other companies use the same talent over and over.First of all: When you have talent, you use them over and over. Because English dubbed voice acting is smaller in talent compared to Japan, you re-use the talent. My question is this: If people are going to complain about the same English dub talent being re-used, then shouldn't they complain how the Japanese tend to re-use many seiyuu? The situation is exactly the same in any form of entertainment in any language: While new talent can be hard to get, the same talent tends to get re-used because they can do the job and because they can develop a fan base.

Also, some series that get released here in the standard dub/sub format will only have regular DVD releases. I respect people want Blu Ray releases of shows that were or will be released here. However, the bigger issue is be thankful that any show would get an official physical media release here at all.

Finally, this goes for any anime: While the show may be written for a Japanese audience, that's not always the intent. I would suspect there is a feint chance sometimes the Japanese might say akin to "While it was indeed written for a Japanese audience, what we had envisioned was it get a release for the English-speaking audience first". That's right, I would imagine sometimes the Japanese wanted an English dub first but that is so difficult to have a finished product without the Japanese language version to have as source material.
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Posted 4/23/11
I've seen the 720p versions of Fairy Tail and it appears A-1 Pictures did not plan to have the animation designed specifically for 720p HD like some anime series are nowadays (for example, Puella Magi Madoka Magica looks really detailed at 720p resolution, so that show was probably aimed for eventual Blu-ray home video release). Expect the US release to be 1.78 to 1 aspect ratio anamorphic widescreen DVD, though.
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Posted 4/23/11

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