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"Your family"
Posted 4/24/11
Who's the funniest? Who's the black sheep? Who's the stupidest? Who's the smartest? Who's the drama queen? Who's the alpha? Who's the scariest? Who's the kindest? Who's the laziest? Who's the most inspirational?

Posted 4/24/11

since i've no siblings just me. :D

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Florida, US
Posted 4/24/11
i'm the funniest, laziest, & scariest.

the rest can be distributed amongst my parents & little bro.
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19 / F / Where Daniel Padi...
Posted 4/24/11
I am the tallest(I'm even taller than my parents).I am the laziest.
Posted 4/24/11
Funniest: My older Bro, he's so fast with comebacks and stuff its quite legendary. Once at a houseparty he caused his friend to literally piss in his pants laughing. He had to borrow a pair of his boxers and jeans.

Stupidest: No competition! My little Bro. He's also the clumsiest by far.

Drama queen: Probably me because I have tantrums and as the only girl in the group of siblings....yeah its tough kicking the crap out of two guys -__-

Scariest: My Dad whenever he does DIY tasks around the house. He bought wallpaper that was too thin and kept ripping while being pasted once, and he went absolutely berserk! I could hear him screaming from down the road. "WANKING WALLPAPER!!!!" he then proceeded to throw the paper out the door and stuff it in the trash cans outside the house kicking it and punching a dent in the trash cans

Kindest: My Mum wins! Me aswell, coz even though I hate my lil Bro I still offer to drive him somewhere for icecream if I notice him looking sad or bored. Mainly because he takes his boredom out on me and I must prevent this at all costs.

Inspiring: My Nanny (Grandma) she's 71 and has the energy of a 40 year old.

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21 / F / a place where eve...
Posted 4/24/11
drama queen,(my mom says so)
smartest,(yah smarter than my sisters)
laziest(0.o where did that come from???)

My sisters-
black sheep(they have the most annoying sound u ever heard,ugghhh n their mouth goes up n down all day (either from talking or eating)
even at NIGHT WHILE THEY"RE SLEEPING(snoring or sleep talking)
Try ask them wat is 1+1?? They'll answer GET A CALCULATOR!!

(of course! Without her kindess i wouldn't be a sarcastic,funny girl that i'm now)
(my mom is a strong n tough women n that's i lk to be)
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26 / F / Somewhere you don...
Posted 4/24/11
my big sister is the alpha.(she always acts like it) I'm the kindest, scariest, and smartest. My second youngest sister is the funniest, and mostly drama queen. Then my youngest sister the most hot headed, and independent
My younger brother is the stupidest and most hyper. (but he is six so that explainable)
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Posted 4/24/11
Funniest - My uncle and my cousin who is the same age as me
Black sheep - me
Stupidest - Prolly me
Smartest - Ivan (also my cousin)
Drama queen - me
Kindest - mom
laziest - me
most inspirational - Uncle, dad and Ivan... wait, no. Everyone except me.
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25 / Male
Posted 4/24/11
funniest - me
black sheep- me
stupidest- me
smartest- sister
scariest- me
kindest- mother?
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25 / M / Rokkenjima island
Posted 4/24/11

The_Faint_Smile wrote:


since i've no siblings just me. :D

yh same here...
Posted 4/24/11
Who's the funniest? Probably my brother, though we've all got a decent sense of humor, I think
Who's the black sheep? My sister and I, I guess.
Who's the stupidest? My dad
Who's the smartest? My sister and brother are geniuses in their own way.
Who's the drama queen? Everyone has varying degrees of drama, but no one is really a drama queen.
Who's the alpha? No one. If I had to pick, my brother.
Who's the scariest? No one is scary in my family, in my opinion. My brother might think he is?
Who's the kindest? Not sure. Possibly me.
Who's the laziest? My sister and I are the laziest.
Who's the most inspirational? My mom. She caters, took cooking lessons, and now is a chef. She's also a paralegal. And she takes bellydancing and acting classes in her free time. When she's not doing that, she's doing races, running, cycling, and swimming.
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20 / F / New York
Posted 4/24/11
me: weird, lazy, funny

my older brother: weird, lazy, he's basically the same as me except in male's scary.

my dad: embarrassing, bossy, arrogant

my mom: clumsy, gullible, neat+organized, likes to sleep..
Posted 4/24/11
Who's the funniest? Me

Who's the black sheep? Me

Who's the stupidest? As far as implied intelligence and knowledge goes, my mom. However she has life wisdom as expected.

Who's the smartest? My father, he has over 35 years working as a journeyman 3d programmer, machinist and model worker for a wind tunnel.

Who's the drama queen? My mom

Who's the alpha? Me and my bro

Who's the scariest? Probably me

Who's the kindest? My mom. Who's the laziest? Me

Who's the most inspirational? I don't draw any inspiration from my family any more. In fact my approach to understanding life is a solid 180 reverse from my parents.

Posted 4/24/11
Who's the funniest? Mother/sister

Who's the black sheep? Me.

Who's the stupidest? Father

Who's the smartest? Me/sister

Who's the drama queen? Varying degrees for everyone.

Who's the alpha? Father. <_<

Who's the scariest? Me

Who's the kindest? Mother

Who's the laziest? Sister

Who's the most inspirational? Not much inspiration. My father can't live a day without being an ass, has to get drunk or high, and my mother is a doormat for everyone. (including the people she works with) and my sister is.... naive. I don't think my family can exactly be considered inspirational beyond me wanting to live differently from all of them.
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18 / M / boys locker room
Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/24/11
Well...Imagine a bunch of Mexicans on my dad's side, and a bunch of rich white people on my mom's side. That's it.
I'm Polish, French, and German on my mom's side, and to this day I have no idea how they managed to get together.
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