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Post Reply Roleplaying.
Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/25/11
Alright, Just rp here once you got ur character.
I'll post rules later.

Just ask questions and things like that till later.

1. No controlling other characters!! Unless you have permission from me, And the other person is offline, ONLY IF YOU HAVE PERMISSION!!!!!!
2. Please, Try not to cuss. things like "lmao" "lmfao" "WTF" Things like that, Are allowed.
3. Couples are allowed.
4. Try not to fight.
5. If you are consistently rude, You will be kicked out.

6. Be active! Dont just pick a character so its taken, and not use it.
7. HAVE FUN~~ ;D
Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/24/11
Rima: *Calls amu while walking out of her house*
KusuKusu: Today is gonna be fun!!!
Posted 4/24/11
Amu: *answers* Hello?
Posted 4/24/11
Rima: Amu. Wanna do something today?
Rima: My parents said i can stay out late tonight.
Posted 4/24/11
Amu: But I thought they were really protective of you.
Posted 4/24/11
Rima: They are. I still dont know why their letting me out late, But i'm not complaining.
KusuKusu: *giggles*
Posted 4/24/11
Amu: Okai.
Posted 4/24/11
Rima: So what do you wanna do today??
KusuKusu: *shouts through the phone* Hi ran miki su and diaaaa!!!
Rima: *slight giggle*
Posted 4/24/11
Amu's Charas: HI KUSUKUSU!

Posted 4/24/11
Rima: I'll come over to your house, okay?
KusuKusu: *Floating ahead a bit*
Posted 4/24/11
Amu: O- Ok!
Posted 4/24/11
( I g2g, sorry, bye. )
Posted 4/24/11
Rima: *knocks on amu's door XD*
KusuKusu: We're here!!
Posted 4/24/11
Ami: *answers the door* Shissy!! Your fwend is here!!
Posted 4/24/11
KusuKusu: *giggles* Its ami!
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