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Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
The greatest person/name ever...also the sexiest person. I love him!
Steven is SO sexy, I just can't take it when he's near me...RAWR!

wtf lol

A very sarcastic individual.

Often sophisticated, poetic, intelligent and very funny.

He's a HUGE family guy.

Few people hate him and when someone hates him, he makes it is own personal mission to change their mind.
Tiffany: Is my butt fat?

Steven: No, but Dom's is!

Dom: I know!

Steven: It's ok, I like it.

Steven, Dom and Tiffany: LOLMALSH!

ok this more looks like it

1. (noun) a steven a person who is always looking out for best peoples interests and would never set out to hurt someone for their benefit.
2. (verb) to steven an act of kindness, that is far from common courtesy thats purpose is to intensionally make the receiver feel good about themselves.
3. (adverb) stevenly an action that it is done out of the blue, unexpectedly with total sincerity.
antonyms: artem, artemely, artemed
1. "He asked me to the dance when I had got my headgear. He was so steven-like!"
2. "He stevened and she blushed, feeling a lot better about the situation."
3. "he proposed to her stevenly and she was so happy."
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21 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

The cutest guy ever, and has the greatest respect for girls, is funny, and very very LOVING!

Ryan wants to go to Virginia Beach to vistit one girl he met there on vacation."

^ Retarded. It sounds like it was typed by some moronic slut.
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24 / M
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

1. The Absolute King of Rock and Roll . all you other punkasses can sit down and breath thru your nose.
He truly was Americas Penis. Huge and sleek and envied by the hole world. You are a free american today, because of Elvis' greatness. If for nothing else America was known as the birthpace of Elvis.
Elvis AAron Presley- Lisa Maries dad.
He gave it all, a simple man devoured by the darkness.

The news reporter yelled ''Elvis , you are the King!'', and Elvis, the coolest guy in the world, said ''Naw man, Jesus is the King, im just a singer." Amen.

2. King of Rock and Roll Heaven. Greatest singer and entertainer past, present, and future. A bright shining star like a comet going through the sound waves. Still number one of all celebraties, living or dead.

Elvis flying rock in space
Elvis Royalty

3. Adj. One who is cooler than cool.

{Syn. Money}

"Shannon, You have so much elvis and you don't even know it!"
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
1. Peter is a name for a lovely, lovely boy.
'I love Peter.'
'Same, he's a great guy.'

2. machine, sexy, hot and makes girls go crazy
peter sure knows how to drive me insane

3. the penis (see also cock,pecker)
He won't keep his peter in his pants when he's alone.

4. sweetest man, "absobloodylutely amazing", other words that describe you better

peter has been exactly what i needed this year.

5. A name for a courageous boy.
"Peter was a courageous boy. At dawn he could feel fear stick to his skin like dew on leaves..."

6. sexy white man
Peter is so sexy and his body is hot!

7. -Probably the most amazing guy you'll ever meet.
-The guy I'm in love with. :]
-He makes up funny words such as "Georofia," which means the line between Georgia and Florida.
-My life.
-Peter's so amazing, I love him so much.
-Peter's such a geek, he's the best person in the world. :]
-I love you, Peter.
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20 / F / Chocolate Cookie...
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
Lilys are like my BFFs.
All Lilys are beautiful and different, just like the flower. Lily can be a shortened version of Lilliana, which is a flower. Any guy should be lucky to know a Lily. They're pretty, unique, special, and sweet. All Lilies are beautiful and wear their hair in bows and little hairties. Lilies who play sports are even better. They rock at soccer, hockey, and skateboarding. They don't really hang out with the guys, just the girls will do for them. Never shy, sometimes timid at trying new things. All girls want to be Lilies. Fave colors are pink, blue and purple.
That girl is so beautiful. She must be a Lily.
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F / In the clouds
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
Jade: Jade is this awesome amazing girl, whos a awesome friend, as she is always there for her friends, she sticks up for what she believes is right, all the time, shes loyal to who is loyal to her, but will not be walked all over, she trusts until she has a reason not too and beliebes in second chances. Shes a big dreamer and determind to make her dreams reality, shes not afraid to say how she feels, shes very caring, very mad, and just an all-round nice person and friend.

The best guitarist in the world
The new word for God

Jade is a very beautiful girl, you just want her so bad.. Shes Unreal.

I wish Urban dictionary definitions would come true once you read them....
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27 / F / Puerto Rico
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
Tamara : A perfect goddess of unmatchable beauty
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
Herp Derp

When someone has done something extremely stupid and dopey..hmm I've done plenty stupid but dopey not so sure.. .
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26 / F / A White Paded Cell~
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

1. A Dusk is an intelligent breed of wolf/human. She reads wayyyy too much and laughs a lot too. A Dusk will kick butt if you mess with her, but can also be nice and caring. She will always take good care of her balloon childs.

2. adjective, meaning ugly or horrible
pronounced doosk. ( T.T )
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33 / M / Muskegon, MI
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11

dustin 2335 up, 739 down

a hunky sex of a man

"man look at that Dustin over there."
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28 / all around the wo...
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/8/11
mines not there~
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26 / M / Texas, USA
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/9/11
1. Derek
Someone you CANNOT get off your mind because he is always so funny and cute. A Derek is a hotty with a killer body.

Suzie: ahh man! look at him,.. hes such a Derek!!
Izzle: O my gosh! I can never stop thinking about him, hes such a Derek!
Marisa: I LOVE HIM!

Some of my results were so inappropriate that posting them would probably be against the rules.
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33 / M / 3rd Echelon, 東京
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/9/11



2585 up, 613 down

Jon Short For Jonathan Meaning Gift From God....also known as a sex GOD ... Jonathan is a nice, well respected person and gets what he wants. Cares for his Girl friend and his close friends (they're basicly family). Jonathan Also Cares For His Family Sooo Much.
you can Spell It

Johnathan (gay Verison)
John (gay version)

Jonathan Cares for His family Alot.
Jonathan is Engaged to his girl friend.
Jonathan's close friends are also in D-Squadso is he.

A1: "Did You hear Jonathan and his Girl friend last night"
A2: "yeah!, all i heard was OH GOD!!!! like 100 times in a row"
A1: "Yeah!, Me too Me Must Be A Sex God Then"
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Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/9/11
Kiana : Is a quirky, powerful person. Thrives off of energy and humor, but usually needs this to be balanced with intellect and structure. A very intense individual; she expresses their emotion at the highest velocity. She will also strive to reach their full potential with everything they do.

She is so ambitious... she must be a Kiana

A Kiana is a beautiful kindhearted girl, she puts
her friends and families needs before herself. A unique name and a unique personality, her eyes are a colour of beauty and she makes friends wherever she goes and knows how to make people laugh and smile.

Guy: Hey guess what?
Guy 2: What man?
Guy: I met a Kiana and im pretty sure im in love!
Guy 2: You lucky guy! dont lose that girl
Posted 8/8/11 , edited 8/9/11
1. Charla 131 up, 27 down
incredibly sexy girl with a latin ass and a talent in artistic expression and manipulation.
Check out that Charla girl.
Dude, your babe's a Charla!

by Donk-E-Donk Oct 7, 2008

2. Charla 18 up, 144 down
A girl who thinks she's good looking but isn't.
Is used by many (buys her friendships)
Very manipulative, con-artist.
That girl is such a Charla; I'd watch out for her.

by pumpkin5000 Mar 19, 2009

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