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25 / M / With Lucina
Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/8/12

William is a really sweet boy, who is beyond amazing. He can always make you smile and laugh, no matter what. He has awesome hair and is incredibly cute. You always want a William in your life, always. No matter even if his girlfriend is a bitch. :

Wow! Did you see how awesome William is?? I WANT ONE!

heard the definition before a lot lol
Posted 5/8/12

The coolest and most awsome person you will ever meet! hes cute and funny. Hes the best friend/boy friend a girl could ever have!

Yup, that pretty much sums me up.

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M / Europe
Posted 5/8/12

Simply perfect in all aspects, smart: book, intra/interpersonal smarts very smart, social well cultured, pureheart-considerate, understanding, loving; outgoing; ambitious, open-minded, strong physically/minded/willed just simply strong, humble, full of life and spark, appreciative, unbelievably cute, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, well rounded, perfect body cuddly, huggable just simply perfect and loved by all; enough words for now those were just a few to name.

Not enough words to define-speechless-gift from heaven

A person with an abnormally large penis and natural hormones that girls can't help swooning over
I had sex with a Dary last night, he was awesome

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29 / F / tennessee
Posted 5/9/12

Most Allie's are very gorgeous but don't know it. They think they are ugly and criticize themselves alot.
They get annoyed with there closest friends but are always there for them.
Usually curvy or skinny. Not fat.
Usually brunette sometimes blonde.
Sexy and romantic. Very creative.
They make amazing girlfriends and fall for certain people. Not a player. Very unlikely to cheat.
An Allie is a very funny and entertaining person. Very fun person.

Posted 5/10/12 , edited 5/10/12
Scarlet ; brilliant beauty. elegance.


scarlet is usually flirting with the boys, and knows what and who she wants.
she is very well liked and polite.

The boys say she hot while the girls say shes funny.
scarlet always has sweeties.
know for outrageous skimpy clothes and blonde bombshell hair her personality is almost as big as her bum.
but thats just the part she lets you know,

elegant and beautiful to the people who know her well.
marilyn monroe features and the biggest smile you have ever seen.
leggy and slim with curves and painted pink nails.
the innocence is just a cover for the freak in the bed.

orlyy? XD
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31 / M / Gotham City
Posted 5/10/12
The first Man.

Should never listen to women or talking snakes.

Enjoys apples.
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106 / M
Posted 5/10/12
Samuel: A dashingly handsome guy, with a sweet and caring heart. He can be very introspective, and is a bit predisposed to pessimism, but he cares about his friends and family and would never do anything to hurt them. He is brave. Not afraid to take risks, and does on a regular basis. He would take a bullet for his family or friends in a heartbeat. He has a great sense of humor and is loved by all.

how wrong can they be
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28 / M
Posted 5/10/12

Jonah is the most amazing guy you could ever talk to or meet. He will make you laugh for hours on end. He's wonderful but doesn't believe it when you tell him so. He has awesome eyes and hair. He is very good looking but it probably a little too modest about it. He's so smart and loves to share random facts with others. He's a major bookworm. He is very sweet and nice but notice how sweet he actually is. The thought of never talking to him again crushes your heart.

Lmfao, it's actually pretty accurate about me. Well, the smart, likes to share facts, and bookworm part. Not too popular with girls though as far as I know lol.
Posted 5/10/12
1. Jose

Jose one of the people I could not live without with. Has the most amazing personality ever, beautiful on the outside and inside. Extraordinary in every single way, no one word can sum him up as he is out of this universe. Not even near an angel. Can touch one’s heart so easily, has so much more to him than what meets the eye. His looks are amazing; once you look at his eyes you won’t be able to take your eye off him. One glance could never fulfil your needs. Every little thing he does is so cute even if it’s annoying you can’t be angry at him. I always want to hold his hands; his heart is so warm even though you can’t see it. I love everything about him; from head down to toe is beauty. If I didn’t meet him my life would not be complete, all I need to do is win your heart then I can die happy. Your smile is contagious and your laugh is music to my ears. One of the most important people in my life, think about you all the time. When I’m not talking to you I’m thinking of you, when I am talking to you I want to be with you. Made the biggest impact on my life so far, amazing guy. Could never ask for a better friend, I’ll love you forever even if you don’t feel the same way as me. If you meet someone called Jose -be warned you will want to hold on to him forever. When you lose him it's like you lost everything you ever gained, if you hurt him it hurts yourself much worse.
I think I just lost the best thing in my life,
Posted 5/10/12
Ola: A European name, people that are named this is usually a true bro, funny, party experts and a lot of girls think they are handsome. Ola's are usually at least medium good in everything, get along with everyone and can handle every situation like a boss.
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Posted 5/10/12

There are countless definitions out there that attempt to explain this rather unusual and amazing specimen of a woman. She is the most beautiful, intelligent, talented, intriguing, funny person you will ever get the pleasure of meeting, trust me. If it needs to get done she will get it done. In other words, a Victoria is a fascinating wonder woman.
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23 / F / anime world
Posted 5/10/12

Usually an unusual girl who enjoys playing around. She's unique, skinny, smart, and strong. She had always known she's got all the strength to make it through difficult situations. She loves painting and laughing. She is poetic and a writter by nature, words flow through her easily. At most looks flawless and loves honest open-minded people. Loves indie rock and pop music and face expressions. She's confident and likes dressing up for nothing and eating a lot. One of the most interesting gorgeous people you'll ever meet. She's a cheerful leader who always enjoys being herself.
"Itzel just did what she wanted, and got away with it."
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21 / M / Cloud Nine
Posted 5/11/12

Too have a sexy body. to have strong biceps, and ripped abs, and a nice ass

look at that caleb lifting 500 lbs!!

thats guy is a total caleb!

Man, that caleb is a total hottie!

Posted 5/11/12

the most amazing girl in the whole world you will never find any one else like her so never give her up and always let her know you love her. she is smart, funny, hot, sexy, weird, nice, everything some one would ever want. and a futer immortal

eliza is to never die
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25 / M / Michigan (soon Ja...
Posted 5/11/12
A Jacob is perfect in every single way. He's a gentleman, he's smart, funny, incredibly gorgeous, silly, and mature. He knows just what to say and just when to say it and is the kind of guy you want to spend the rest of your life with. Every time you look at him your heart stops beating and you cant breath and then he looks at you and suddenly your heart is going a mile a minute and you're breathing so hard you're afraid that your chest may explode. He's an angel.

Sally: Hi Jacob!!

Jacob: Hi Sally :]

*Sally melts into a little puddle of unbelievable happiness*
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