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Posted 6/11/12
Annu :
A wonderful person, who is always there for you when you need her. Sometimes will act crazy and break things but is sweet and always makes you feel happy.

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26 / M / Colorado
Posted 6/11/12
Derek: thunder pounder. Someone who leaves your innards feeling abused. A guy who is often portrayed as a douchebag but rarely is one. A hot guy who is great in bed.
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29 / M / Behind You
Posted 6/11/12
Someone sexually stunning, fly, and incredibly well dressed with many talents, in and out of the bedroom. Everyone wants him.

Someone who is hella fine and has an extremely large penis.

A man who takes huge dumps
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27 / F / IL
Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
Sharon: she's a loyal friend and will always be there to make you feel better when you're upset. she always puts your feelings before her own and cares a lot about other people.
Person1; she's so nice!
Person2; she's obviously a Sharon. awesome girl to talk and hangout with.
Wow, that looks like fun, her name must be Sharon.

Somebody that is amazingly beautiful, funny, kind, and outstanding.
Ohh man. Her name has GOT to be Sharon! She's gorgeous.

1. a person's name;
people with the name Sharon are usually sharing and intelligent
That girl, Sharon, is so smart and nice!

cool! i didn't know so many people thought that way about the name Sharon. and they're right on the button too.

Posted 6/11/12
1. jacob
romantic and very loving person
vary kind hearted
a fighter and a lover
has anger issues often
falls for girls easy but gets over them well
never scared of anybody
and loves loves loves sports
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21 / F
Posted 6/12/12
Azrielle : a really pretty, freaking awesome, most adorable, super sexy, extra funny, lovable, cute & cuddly, skaterish, Rocker, huggable, cute Lil chibi girl in 4th period pew :3
"Who is that awesome cute amazing girl that i'm to nervous to approach?"

"oh that's Azrielle She is too awesome for you"

Posted 6/12/12
In Soviet Russia, definition adds you!
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/12/12
Word used to describe a sexy vixen who is usually bitingly witty and hard to catch. (can also be used as a noun)

Man, you need to be careful, she's hella ada;

She's out of your league, she's too much of an ada.
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24 / F / at bed :3
Posted 6/12/12
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24 / F / philippines
Posted 6/12/12
A funny and bubbly girl. You wouldn't think she's like that. She's very nice too people. But very funny! When she talks, everybody pays attention because they can't understand what she's saying. Sometimes she babbles a paragraph or so without understanding a singe word.
Stop talking too fast! You're being Criselle.

Yeah, that's true only in our house lol xD But outside, I'm a very...I mean very shy girl :S
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25 / M / Melbourne, Australia
Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/12/12
Not even going to lie, I am pretty happy with my results!


A unit of measure equal to 1 dick-pound of thrust. Most often used to measure the amount of sexual prowess needed for a woman to achieve orgasm.

To convert to metric units 1000 Trevors is equal to 1 metric Dick-Ton of force
Man, Angelina Jolie is easy it only took me 3 Trevors to make her squeal.

Damn! Britney is fucking tight! It took me 50 Trevors just to get up in that!


Trevor is an English name usually given to boys. It is an ancient celtic word meaning "large penis". Through scientific investigations and surveys, scientists have found that suprisingly almost every man named Trevor has an above average penis length and width.
Example: Trevor has an extraordinarily large penis.


A guy that is like a brother and a person with a giant penis. Also with a good and bad past but any girl would be happy if he was their boyfriend.Nice charming,sexy and anamzing person. There would be no happiness without him.Usually known as the popular Qtr Back football star and pretty tall with blonde hair.
Omg did you hear that every girl hear loves Trevor
Yea but i hear he cares about his sister
Trevor is an English name usually given to boys. It is an ancient celtic word meaning "large penis". Through scientific investigations and surveys, scientists have found that suprisingly almost every man named Trevor has an above average penis length and width.


The impregnator and corrupter of worlds.
"Trevor don't touch me I'll get pregnant"

So accurate, fuck my life :(

Posted 9/22/12
The Perfect GF. Samantha is the whole package, nice, funny, maybe a little sarcastic, cute, hot, sexy, everything you could ever wish for in your GF. Shes, loyal, trustworthy, and will always be there for you when your not feeling so hot. If you aren't this girls BF yet then you're seriously missing out. and if you are, you are.. Damn you, you are one lucky guy.

Steve: Is that an angel?
Will: Nope, that's Samantha, my girlfriend.
Steve: Lucky..
Will: Yeah, I am.
Posted 9/22/12

Meaning: 'from the laurel flower'.

Only the most amazing person you will ever meet. She's awesome and funny and nice and smart and soooo freaking attractive. She can always make you smile and looks hot in whatever she's wearing, or not wearing. If you ever meet a Laura, marry her, or you will regret it.

Laura is the pimpshit in every way. When someone meets a Laura they will never be able to forget her. She is truly unique in every way. She has an amazing personality and the looks to match it. Laura's are extremely intelligent. Straight up wiz kids. She is one of the hottest chicks ever to be seen. When she walks in the room, the wall clocks stop, everyone's jaw drops, and time literally stands still.

Lol, interesting.

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19 / Indiana
Posted 9/22/12

1. The name of a girl who is beautiful, strong, and intelligent. One who is easy to fall in love with but impossible to let go. She is funny, exciting, and enthusiastic. Courtney has an amazing personality that appeals to every person fortunate enough to meet her. Her eyes are captivating, her smile, intoxicating, and her heart lights the darkest, coldest souls and fills them with happiness. She is the reason why I believe in love.

2. Another word for perfection.
Posted 9/22/12

-A very unique word that generally describes a very unique man. A man like no other, one that can bring a smile to your face even if he is a million miles away.

-Can Describe a very handsome man with a smile and eyes that will steal your heart the moment you meet him

-A Ross has a sense of humor that can make even the sternest of men crack with laughter

-A brave man with more courage than anyone I know, if you see the cowardly lion should give him a Ross card.
-Some ladies will most likely refer to him as a unicorn

-Has the best way with words, a most genuine personality that you cant help but awesome.

-When speaking of a Ross you are speaking of someone with most likely more charisma than anyone you have ever encountered

-A Ross is respectful
-The heart of a Ross is very large

-You will only come in contact with a Ross most likely once in your life, pretty lucky

Most importantly though:
Verb; the act of *blanking* in one's eye during "pocket pool".
"Mate, what's up with your eye?"
"Well...I ross'd"
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