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25 / M / Newyork
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
1.An amazing "complex structure of atoms" who takes any girl's breath away. He's the sweetest and funniest guy anyone could ever meet! He is unique in so many ways he will never stop surprising you, he is always so spontaneous and every-time you see him, you have the same exact amazing feeling you had the first time you saw him. He is truly unforgettable and is a quite an amazing catch, and makes life worth living.

2.Federico is a Spanish and Italian male first name. Of german origin, Friedrich, meaning Peace-keeper, Peaceful Ruler
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23 / M / Californa
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 3/29/15
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12

strong woman, who fears nothing or noone.

Can get anything or anybody she wants. With a name like this, she has to stay on her P&Q's.

She is the baddest thing walking, and dressing in the latest fashion is a must.

She is sassy, sexy, classy, and has a bit of an attitude, but she is a humble woman also.

No other can top her, she is the real deal. She has a banging body, with a good head on her shoulders.

This woman is going places. If you're looking for a real chick down to ride, you found her. Ms. Diamond is her name!!!!!!

okay no....
I am definitly more of the cute type?

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26 / M / 風の山
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
just so that i don't expose my name.

after going through 20 or so definitions. apparently im boyfriend material. upbeat, cunning, a jokester, serious in a mysterious way, best person you will meet in your life.

really lifted my spirits reading this.

nothing bad posted in the 20+ i read. most likely alot of people with the same name posting it and rating only the good ones up.

nvm once i hit 50's. i got the first negative one. nerd.... fits the bill.

than once you get past 100 for any name you get jack asses for every name i searched.
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
a chill female. laid back, yet on guard. goes with the flow, but states her opinion. innocent, but a behind the scences bad ass. usually with green or blue eyes. level headed but a complete dits. people friendly, but likes to be alone.

Mostly true though my eyes are oh so brown c;
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26 / M
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12

1)Amazingly Hot Guy
2)Great Boyfriend
3)Senisitive, cute, and GORGEOUS
4) A good Kisser, of course.
5) Name meaning "sexy"

i showed this to a friend of mine and she busted out laughing saying its so ridiculously true so i guess it is o.o
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F / Lurking
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
My name is Kiyoura and.... My Name is a Ninja ( "That name isn't defined yet.")

So i did my nickname, Kiyo.

n. anyone who is nice and deserves a cake.

Mid-Western slang term refering to a fat asian pussy.

O_o oh gawd

n. a person who is easily frightened and makes everybody around them aware that they are scared. Sometimes referred to as a snoot-blanker for their ability to wet the bed even while not in it.


I agree with the first meaning.
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22 / F / Finland
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
1. The definition of a goddess of lust, and the symbol of pure beauty.
2. A light pink-ish colour.
3. The Queen of Flowers.

Oh god....... xD
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28 / F / California
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12

She's usually quite beautiful, in a unique and stellar kind of way. You'll want to stare at her and try to figure her out, but she will laugh and look away. She loves books and art, and enjoys vintage music. She is the type of girl who is usually in a long term relationship and she loves her boyfriend with her whole heart. She is something special, and if you find a girl named Beverly you should do everything you can to keep her.
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
Dan: A man of good humor, high potential, and deep intelect. Usually one who may "blend in" but would be foolish to underestimate.
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12
David Duchovny

The hot, sexy, flaring, bulging male star of X-Files. He is not only sexy, but also smart, having graduated from Princeton and Yale.

Synonyms: hotness, desire, perfection, Fox Mulder.

Duchovny means 'spirit' in Russian.

"I saw David Duchovny up against a car, and wished I were that car."

"We saw David Duchovny in a red speedo. He has a very nice bulge."
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35 / M / SOCAL
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/23/12

A some-what shy, sweet boy with a great personality. He spends most of his time thinking about stuff even though you may not notice. He doesnt think he's smart. Picks the wrong crowd and sometimes makes the wrong choices. Often looks down on himself, which causes himself to slack off. Usually under a bunch of pressure by his peers/family. Always contemplating something. Sometimes does/says things without thinking it through beforehand. He doesn't think hes attractive.

But in reality: hes one of the gorgeous things you'll ever meet. Hes Really sweet and loving. Doesn't hurt anybody intentionally. Does his best to please his family. Robert will not be afraid to tell you what hes thinking or feeling once you get to know him. He will put somebody he loves before his own happiness. He is super funny and will never fail to make you laugh. He likes music and and occasionally, math. And hes great at keeping secrets. If you ever meet a Robert dont ever let him go. It'll be the best choice you ever made in your life.
Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/23/12

A person who turns your negativity and stigma into the oppositve. Very attractive, sexy, considerate, adorable, hopeless romantic (but you should be too so its ok) humble and a perfectionist. Rae's have good insight and will always tell you the truth about anything whether you like it or not you were realize it was good or you and that they're right. This person will always make you a better person and you cannot help but to love everything about them, even the imperfection, they are just that great. A homie, lover, friend 100%.

* That's the first definition. The following ones say that i'm either a girl or a tomboy. woop woop.
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27 / F / Sexual Chocolate
Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/23/12
A Theodora is everything good rolled into one.
Oh this should be good.

She's a natural leader, but a fair one, too. She's a complete genius, but not at all stuck-up. She's so beautiful (especially her legs), so much so that she could even be a model.
My leadership skills consist of pointing out that you're screwing up and telling you to sort it out. I'm pretty smart, but a complete genius? Also i'm an egomaniac. Well I am pretty damn smexy I must say.

She might not always show her love, but it's there and she'll suprise you every now-and-then, showing that she really listens and cares.
I wear my heart on my sleave, if I like you I show it. I do really listen, it's just that I don't usually care.

And she's the best sister, friend, daughter, mother, or any relation that you'll ever have.
Okay I can agree with this one, i'd go to hell and back for my friends.
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27 / M / England
Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/23/12

noun: a very handsome man; a very cute man; a fun loving guy; a genuine ladies man; a funny guy; a guy with many talents; a guy with an average but satisfying penis; a guy who can, even when your angry, cheer you up; A sweet guy; a straight guy; a deep guy; a guy who is amazing in bed; a guy who can be an arse sometimes; a guy who normally does stupid things; A phenomenal kisser;

Lol what
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