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Posted 9/30/12
A dashingly handsome guy, with a sweet and caring heart. He can be very introspective, and is a bit predisposed to pessimism, but he cares about his friends and family and would never do anything to hurt them. He is brave. Not afraid to take risks, and does on a regular basis. He would take a bullet for his family or friends in a heartbeat. He has a great sense of humor and is loved by all.

"He's so rotten but lovable. His name must be Samuel."
Posted 9/30/12
An extremely loving girl. She will usually be one of the best friends in your life. She's caring, honest, beautiful and awesome. She'll bring you up and make you smile when you are in need of help. Definitely someone you can trust on and someone you can hold on to.
Also, in case of a relationship. She is the perfect girl for you. You are the luckiest motherfucker ever if you are dating her.
Posted 9/30/12
Scott: Possibly, and most likely the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is passionate, caring, funny, thoughtful, extremely handsome, and overly energetic! Most Scotts are always horny, but do not think with their overly huge wangs. If you find a Scott, Keep him, forever, and ever.

lol Cool beans!
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26 / M / Orrville, Ohio
Posted 9/30/12

Tall, and skinny. Has the most pretty eyes. Long, soft brown hair. And a great personality. Can often be found playing video games, or hanging with friends. He's very touchy feely; loves hugs. He knows how to make someone smile. He can be REALLY stubborn. Isn't quite sure what he wants. He always seems to be confused. He's loving, confused, caring, amazing. Awesome. He's Tyler.
He's such a Tyler.
(Everything but the stubborn part is true. I usually go along with what people say unless i know its not right.)

I guy that is sweet and loveable. He is a natural born leader and is always happy and energetic. He is cute and loves to make others happy. Tylers' are tall, thin and strong. Tylers' have a lot of people that enjoy being around them. They are funny and smart. Tylers' are understanding and caring. They are the sweetest guys you will ever meet. Tylers' know what they want and usually get it, not because they are spoiled or stuck-up, but because they have a great work ethic, personality and a desire to become the best. When Tylers' love someone, they always think about them, and will do anything for that person. Tylers' usually fall in love with people with the first inital; 'K', 'P' and 'S'. They will make excellent husbands and fathers.Wow, that guy is amazing, he must be a Tyler.
(I'm not a great leader but i'm working at improving it.)

A tyler is a person whos is always popular. There are usually to kinds of tyler. A popular, athletic and hot one. Then a loner, stoner, goth one. All the girls love him and they teachers love him too. He always gets the class laughing. If your name is Tyler there is a really good chance that you have a big dick!
Man i wish i was popular, then the girls would like me, and the school would know me as a Tyler.


Why do you hang out with that faggot pot smoker, hes a tyler.
(This last one does not describe me at all. I'm not popular and athletic and im not a stoner and goth.)

(The first two describe me best.)
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29 / F / australia
Posted 9/30/12
i dont want to say my name, but i typed it and it was freakishly accurate in most cases!!!
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15 / M / Edinburgh, UK
Posted 10/1/12
Erik The heterosexual way of spelling the name Eric.
The name implies many meanings:
-awesome beyond comparison (adj.)
-stunningly handsome and suave (adj.)
-able to attract large numbers of women without using any effort (verb)
-able to do all things exceedingly well (verb)

Wow! That pass was freaking erik!

Woman 1: Did you see that really erik guy?
Woman 2: Yeah, I'd totally hook up with him!

Fred: Man, why does Todd always get so many women?
Jeff: Because he can erik better than anyone!

Boss: You must have worked incredibly hard on this report. I think you erik better than anyone I've ever seen!


I' confused.
Posted 10/4/12
Epiphany: An amazing girl. She's really nice, sweet, caring, smart, funny, and lovable. Everyone likes her, girls and guys included. She has a great personality. There's not a moment when you think about her and you don't smile. She's one of those go to people. You go to her when you need help, when you need someone to talk to, or could use a good laugh. She's a great friend. she's always looking good, has nice hair, a great sense of style, and a beautiful smile to top it off. She's an all-round perfect person. She's like a princess.

A term used when describing what you smelled from watching a overweight man dance to techno, or just watching an overweight man dance to techno. (This one made me laugh! )
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28 / M / Manila
Posted 10/4/12
an Aaron is the type of person who can always make you laugh but yet make you wonder why your even laughing. An aaron are males who are amazingly smart and attractive but not cocky about it. Aaron is a guy you can just stand near and be insanely happy because your close to him. Aarons are also great friends and lovers Aarons know no limits and live life to the fullest, which can sometimes mean drinking alot! An Aaron is the upmost amazing guy put on earth. So sweet, kind, funny, smart, hot, trustworthy, honest, and genuine person. Anyone who has an aaron in their life are so lucky and better never let them go. Oh they are also great kissers and have a freaking hot body!
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23 / M / Wake Forest Unive...
Posted 10/4/12
Vincent: An intelligent man who can be a bit vain, but is generally very attractive. A ladies' man, but with fairly conservative values when it comes to relationships. Very hardworking, and equally stubborn, he won't back down for anything. He's got a great sense of humor, and enjoys making others laugh. Likes dirty jokes. An all-around good guy.

Guy 1: "Dude, did you see all those girls all over him last night? What's he doing with just one?!"
Guy 2: "Well... he's a Vincent."
Guy 1: "Oh."
Guy 2: "Yeah, man."

Girl 1: "Wow... he's so... Vincent."
Girl 2: "I know, right?"
Girl 1: *Faints*

Well not to toot my own horn here..... XD
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M / The Great White N...
Posted 10/4/12
Adam A man who sits at home on a computer and reads definitions about his own name. Wondering if some of these may be written by people who actually know him. He is in-fact Truthful somewhat good looking but still wonders why he is single. Secretly a big nerd but the most caring man when it comes to ones he loves or Girlfriends he once loved.
Adam: Stop reading this Adam and know you're a good guy most of these can be funny but they do get you thinking. You're a great person and that girl you still love will be just fine without you worrying about her 24/7.

I'm not the absolute most caring, as I'm told. The rest is scarily true.

Posted 10/4/12

Who took the time to write this...
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Posted 10/5/12

Marie's tend to be wonderful girls! If you've got one hold on tight! Not only is she amazing in bed .... but Marie's are also extremely fun, caring, intelligent, VERY funny, beautiful, and make the best friends and girlfriends ever! Advice: never compare your body to Marie's.....because she will ALWAYS win! They are the epitome of classiness and leaves every woman jealous of her looks...YET they can never figure out why she dates men who don't meet anywhere near her crudentials....Don't worry about that Marie. Marie's are always 2 steps ahead of their man and due to her cofidence and beauty, Marie is ALWAYS wearing the pants in the relationship.

How I wish
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25 / F / Animal Crossing.
Posted 10/5/12 , edited 10/5/12
JULIET The perfect girl. She will light up your life from the moment you meet her.

She's smart but not nerdy, hot but not slutty. Beautiful body and a gorgeous smile, and always up for a good time. A Juliet will be the best girlfriend/friend you will ever have, she's the girl you will want to make your wife.

Sexy, athletic, intelligent, loving, and knows how to party. She may seem intimidating, but that is only because she knows what she wants, and knows she needs a real man.

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33 / F / Australia
Posted 10/5/12
Erika: One of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Erikas are pretty both inside and out, and always know how to have fun. She probably has the most friends of anyone you know, is extremely smart, and has a big heart.
Do you know Erika? Well you need to go meet her!

Holy crap this couldn't be further from the truth. That website is a joke.
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25 / M / Australia
Posted 10/5/12
DylanA Dylan is the most amazing guy on the planet. He is typically a nerd. A really hot nerd who should take his shirt off more often. Dylans usually have wavy brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and glasses. They enjoy playing video games and watching geeky movies and TV shows like Star Wars or Chuck. They tend to listen to classic and alternative rock, and they hate country and Justin Bieber. A Dylan has the best sense of humor you will ever come across. He is extremely silly, but he is also a very sweet, caring boyfriend. He would never pressure a girl to do anything she wasn't ready for. Dylans appreciate and love their families. They will make their girlfriends bacon. A girl who holds the heart of a Dylan is a very lucky girl indeed!
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