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28 / Shrieking Shack
Posted 10/8/12
They are good friends and will always make you laugh...if they are in their comfort zone.

They tend to follow their dreams in spite of other's opinion ...and they generally succeed.
*shug* never did give a flaming flying firetruck what others thought of me.

Keep in mind that Tigranes hate injustice and that they will not be afraid to tell you things to your face.
Completly tactless in other words.

Tigranes are sensitive, more than you would imagine.
... hush!

Tigranes tend to be loyal
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22 / F / Arizona, US
Posted 10/8/12
Mary: A very beautiful girl both inside and out. She is very sweet and funny. She likes to tell stories with no point, and laughs for long periods of time at her own jokes. She has a contagious smile that can't help but spread to others. Her heart is filled with joy, and she very much enjoys doing things for other people. She can be clever and sarcastic and somewhat witty. She may not be the prettiest girl out there, but her joy and her compassionate heart makes her more beautiful than one can imagine. Her style is all her own. The love she has for her family is irreplacable. She is artistic and creative. She isn't like everyone else...and that's just the way Mary should be.
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Posted 10/8/12
typically related to a boy, but is in fact a generally female name, rowans are crazy, weird, but very fun to be around, rowans are hugaholics need lots of love, or they might do something that everyone will regret.

rowans are creative, artistic, and just generally, intelligent...


rowans moods can swing from distant genius, to hyper spaz, and sometimes, a spazzy genius.

rowans hate being labeled, and will let you know that by viciously tearing you apart either verbally, or physically.

rowans are generally, cat-like, obsessing over strange/shiny/pretty things and love attention, but do not like to brag/ show off to get it.

love them or hate them, rowans don't force you to think anything about them, and no matter what you tell them, they will continue to do what they want, be who they want, and mess with your mind and heart along the the way

don't get cocky with a rowan, they have some of the most evil comebacks, it makes you feel sorry for them and hate them at the same time
person: hey rowan!
rowan: hey person :3
person: what with the face?
rowan:you mean yours? its messed up.
person:(shouting) WHY DID YOU SAY THAT???
rowan: (shouting equally loud) BECAUSE YOU WERE MAKING FUN OF MY FACE!!!!!! ITS NOT MY FAULT I AM UGLY!!
person: WTF??YOUR NOT UGLY!!
rowan: YES I AM!!
rowan: really?
person: really.
rowan: i love you too <3
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27 / F / Florida
Posted 10/10/12
1. Means reborn. It comes from the italian verb Nascere (to be born). In past tense, it becomes nata (feminine) or nato (masculine). Adding the prefix "re" is basically the same as english. put it together? Renata=reborn.

Since Nata is feminine, it is a name given to, you guessed it, girls. It's an older Italian name, but slowly on the comeback.

I always thought it comes from latin "renatus". then again, they're related.

2. A bubbly and over talkative girl who knows she's way too loud and peppy. A heartbreaker, who denies the fact that boys fall for her within an instant.

3. A female who is bad, and she knows it. A Renata displays unparalleled levels of audacious behavior and always gets what she wants. A true Renata has better style, hair, and taste then you. She is smart and most of the time works alone. She has more depth than people expect. She will sleep with your brother, and then sleep with you, keep both of your testicles pickled in a jar on her desk and laugh evily every time she looks at them.
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28 / M / Sunny SoCal!!!
Posted 10/10/12

A good Andrew is a rare type. He's very popular yet very secluded and has few close friends that he is very open to. He likes everyone and is disliked by almost none and rarely turns down a favor. An Andrew is not always hot but is always attractive, mainly for his quiet coolness and his looks. All girls want him. Andrew's are athletic, cautiosly dangerous, and funny. Those lucky enough to date Andrew will be the happiest girl ever. He's always faithful, kind, amazing in bed (or wherever you want him) because he's a sex god, and is intensely caring. He still owns a part of every girl he's been with. If Andrew is you're friend, he will always be. Andrew is always up for anything and loves to be constantly active. He has his moments of being a dick but apologises and forgives. He gets into crazy situations but gets out without a scratch and stays calm. He's almost always got a plan and is great at on-the-spot thinking. He's very smart but not in a nerd way and is very good at everything he does yet doesn't often admit his talents. He's got great taste in music and dresses differently but its still cool. He's always full throttle until he feels like crashing, then he will sleep where he falls. Andrew doesn't care what people think of him because he and everyone that knows him knows he is immortal and godlike but rarely looks down on others. That's because Andrew is a god and is the most awesome person you can ever have the honour of meeting and is unforgettable.
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22 / F / Louisiana
Posted 10/11/12
Kayla Whoa this one is long
"A girl who isn't the tallest girl around, but doesn't care. She's proud of who she is, no matter what people say about her. Always extremely random and loud, also somewhat clingy, yet still lovable. Loves to smile and laugh and is always energetic. Clumsy, and has a lot of dumb moments. Will always try to find a bright side in the worst of situations. Tries to make friends whenever she gets the chance. Doesn't like to be alone, unless she needs space. Doesn't always like to be in control. Shy, afraid to stand up for self. Lazy, but will do things when necessary. Has an amazing personality. Thought to be a flirt, but actually just likes to be herself. Doesn't care if she's popular or not, or if she's got haters. When she says she loves you, she means it, with everything she's got, even if she can't think of any way to show it. Confusing and hard to understand. But once you prove to her that you should be able to get to know her more, she'll tell you everything without holding back."

The shy and afraid to stand up for herself part is wrong and the doesn't care about not being tall is wrong(i wish i was tall) and I'm not clingy and I'm not a flirt but everything else is true :O

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19 / F / Behind you
Posted 10/28/12
Sabrina: An adorable black haired girl with big brown eyes. She's smart, even if she doesn't believe it. Is a great friend to have, she'll support you in your hardest times. Is really athletic and can pull off anything. Can make you laugh when you weren't planning on it, and is randomly funny. She's so pretty, and has a stylish sense to her. A great student, and gets her s*** done. She has a sweet personality. Is a hard worker, and it shows. All around, she's beautiful, funny, smart, doesn't give up easily, athletic, and trustworthy. A great role model that i want to be like! <3 you!!
The only thing wrong is that I'm not athletic
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21 / M
Posted 10/28/12


317 up, 70 down

An amazingly sweet guy. A Jordan will worm his way into your heart and claim a piece of it for his own. But trust me, you won't mind. Belonging to a Jordan is the best thing that can ever happen to someone. A Jordan completes you, in every way possible. He will make you smile like an idiot, and forget how to breathe. A Jordan is irreplaceable. So if you are lucky enough to find one, hold on tight and never let go. Jordans are very special. Some of them even have the ability to make one's heart melt.

Girl one: "Where the hell have you been lately?!"
Girl two: "I got a Jordan. I've been spending all my free time with him."
Girl one: "No wayy! SHARE!!"

Girl two: "Hell no. This Jordan is alllllll mine. Get your own."
Girl one: "But they are so hard to find!!!!!"
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21 / M
Posted 10/28/12
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27 / Canada
Posted 10/28/12
marc< marc

1124 up, 399 down
1.) Physically attractive man.
2.) Intellectually attractive man.
3.) Emotionally attractive man.

Has a voice so sweet he could make a wolverine purr. Most and probably best of all, he's more than you and yo momma combined.
Person a: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
Person b: i wanna be marc!

sweet kind funny charming rare

2. marc 540 up, 190 down
Marc is the definition of a real man. He is everything that a woman would ever desire. He is the kind of man that should never be let go. If you ever get him, you indeed know that you have won a prize!
Damn, im so blessed to have Marc, he treats me like a Nubian goddess.

handsome sexy man love perfect

3. Marc 263 up, 86 down
Marc defines a real man ;)
.marccccc :)

amazing marc cool funny soccer

4. marc 748 up, 298 down
Often described as a sex god, a man able to pleasre women for hours on every orfice of their bodies
i had great sex last night,he was a marc in the sack.

sex horse cock porn star ron jeremey blowjob

5. Marc 488 up, 212 down
The capitalized word Marc is a male first name, the Catalan, French, Romanian and Welsh forms of the name Mark.
Hi, my name is Marc.
Hi, my name is Mark.

marc mark name marck marcc

6. Marc 554 up, 264 down
A person with a very large penis who can fuck wildly. These Marc's can be found in England
Bre: OMG I fucked a marc last night
Tash: Realy?
Bre: It was amazing

asshole sexy sex god fuck anal

7. Marc 156 up, 67 down
is the French form of Mark. In Latin the name is associated with Mars, the god of war.

Most Marcs have blue eyes and light hair and are absolutely beautiful.

Most Marcs like to have a lot of people around them so as not to feel lonely.

Most Marcs know how to get the ladies.

Marc is very different from Mark.
When is Marc not dating someone?

Boy is he pretty.

Enough said ladies and gentlemen
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28 / M / BC Canada
Posted 10/28/12 , edited 10/28/12

1. maximilian
Gods source of all power, genius, sexy mother fucker, likes to kill people name ken, loves women, great in bed, greatest known man in all of the free world

2. Maximilian
The Biggest most bad ass mother fucker of all time. All hot ladies ache for him in bed. After a Maximilian finishes doing a girl, they change forever.

All Ladies love him, and All men want to be him. Gays run in terror for Maximilian beats the shit out of them.

Maximilian can also describe anyone who parties hard and gets what they want
"That dude is so maximilian"
"Last night, i made love with a maximlian!"
max maximlian maximilin sexy beast beast

3. Maximilian
the ultimate
You are a kew mother fucker but I am Maximilian. or I am the maxmilian of sex machines.

4. Maximilian
Passionate and romantic. Not only is he a man that is honest and trustworthy but he has the power to make any girl fall in love with him just by using his words. He is physically beautiful and loves to play sports. Amazing in bed and great at holding conversations.He will never play with your feelings but he will sure let you know if he thinks you are playing with his. He speaks his mind and is very independent. Loves to eat and is a great person to ventilate your deep thoughts too. Model attributes and can make even the hard to get girls chase him. Amazing kisser and even a better lover. Once you meet a Maximilian you will be scarred forever by how perfect he can be,so take risks and don't be afraid of falling for his amazing charm.
"Wow! he is perfect,reminds me of Maximilian."
"You kiss just like a maximilian, leave me breathless everytime."
"Do you work at Calvin Klein,cause you look like Maximilian".

Who comes up with these things? Lmfao.

And for those who are wondering the REAL meaning of my name is:

Maximilian \max(i)-mi-lian\ as a boy's name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Maximilian is "greatest". The name of three Roman emperors and various saints. The name is popular in Germany. Actor Maximilian Schell
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25 / M / Loli town
Posted 10/28/12
An extremely attractive individual who sets the standard for others by being completely and undeniably amazing in every way possible. Worshiped for having the finest ass in America, and getting the most wanted action from girls.
Basically Ricky is a complete beast.

Pretty much sums it up.
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23 / M
Posted 10/28/12
1. Zachary
1)The most incredible guy in the world
2)Someone who will always be the arms to hold me
3)Someone who keeps his word
4)Someone who is very confident in himself but not arrogant
5)A man of integrity and respect
6)The one person who will always make me feel beautiful
7)The one who I will never get bored of talking to
8)Someone who puts his all into everything he does
9)My Best Friend in the whole world
The Most Wonderful Zachary there will ever be


2. Zachary

This typical boy is not like many. In fact he is far from others. Usually brown
hair, brown eyes, athletic, tall and very very handsome. He is known to have and
incredibly large penis and is very sexual but only in his mind. He is a very good
listener and can easily joke around. He can play alot of sports naturally and mostly
likes very athletic and/or pretty girls. He is not very picky and can easily be
persuaded. His favorite colors are mostly like orange, green, red, or yellow. The
sports he plays are mostly soccer, basketball or volley-ball. He can grow
mostly up to 6 feet and when he finds something special, he holds on to it or else
he gets his heart broken. Very attractive and sweet, kind, generous and caring man
but watch out, around different people he will be different.
WOW hes perfect he must be a Zachary!

This one was actually the most accurate one!

3. Zachary
Zachary is a Hebrew name that means The Lord Remembers.

I live up to this so well, it is NOT even funny.

4. Zachary

1. The best person ever.

2. Usually hot, and loves attention.

3. Tall and has pretty eyes.

4. Most of the time he is clueless and doesn't know you are crushing on him.

5. When in a relationship he will look/flirt with other girls.

6. Athletic, (plays soccer, football, or baseball)
7. Not exactly smart, but isn't stupid.

8. Usually dates/likes athletic, pretty, and brunette girls.

9. Easily persuaded by his friends.
10. Has a large range of music.

11. Lovable, cute, and sometimes shy.

12. Steals a lot of girls hearts, and breaks them, plus his own heart.
That kid is so cute. Oh thats Zachary.
Zachary is so perfect.

Damn, I feel like a High School Jock. Although some of this is VERY true.
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22 / M / United States
Posted 10/28/12
I am so so so so so freaking happy about mine. Also it sounds just like me lol.

The sweetest guy on earth. He'll be kind and nice. He may be hardheaded and stubborn but he'll get everything eventually. He also is super funny and smart. He might goof off and not show he's smart unless he has too.
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26 / F / Earth
Posted 10/28/12
mine kinda sounds like it came out of a fortune cookie XXXD

Someone who is of a strong mind.
She is the one who gets things done.
She's always there for you if you get into a jam.
Mind her temper though, she's a spitfire in the making.

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