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25 / F / Hawaii "OAHU"/ HNL
Posted 5/3/13
Kaylyn: a hot chick with brains and beauty, she can do sooo much that i wish i could, she will accomplish a lot in her life!!!!
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24 / F / Florida
Posted 5/4/13
Stephanie is, to say the least, an incredible girl. She is an immediate soul mate, before you even have the time to realize it. She is gorgeous, but still stands out from the other pretty girls. She has a sense of humor that never dissapoints or keeps you from laughing. She has this aura about her that no one else could ever have. She carries herself with grace worthy of Grace Kelly herself. Stephanie is loving, unique, and maybe even a bit quirky; but its in a cool addictive way. Once you meet a real Stephanie, don't ever let go.

ex. Stephanie I promise I will never let go.
<3 Dan

ex 2. Stephanie is damn fine/chill

... Aww c':

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Posted 5/4/13
An - The best girl ever. She's beautiful, funny, outgoing, caring and when I'm with her, I'm the happiest and luckiest girl on Earth. Her smile is the most adorable thing in the world, and when she takes my hand I get all warm and fuzzy inside. The days when I don't hang out with her I feel so empty but when I do, the time we spend together makes up for the 14 years I've spent without her. I would do anything for this girl.

...I'm a guy... LOL
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26 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/4/13
Someone with and incredibly enormous penis. This person is usually good at most things and is smart. He is totally rad when it comes to chicks.

seriously what an unneccessary first sentence .=_=
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23 / F / Wanderer in Texas
Posted 5/4/13 , edited 5/4/13
Ashlee: - Ashlee. Spelled with two "E's" for a reason. An Ashlee, not to be confused with an Ashley, is no goodie two shoes or poser. She goes against the grain, and may not fit in with any certain clique but she sets the trends. A possible social outkast, very dependant, very desireable. A real vixen, and a dynamo in the sack.

Poser 1 - "Have you seen Ashlee's new tattoo"?

Poser 2 - "Yeah man, its flippin' sweet"!

I looked these up last week with my boyfriend, we both thought it was hilarious.
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22 / F / indonesia
Posted 5/4/13
A Vivi is very different
all the girls you'll meet.
meet one always try to
her before someone stea
from you. She's usually
smart and will often try help you with you
homework. She'll hug y
often and has a good se humor . She's cute and h out with friends that mi
like her. So you'll need t
know how to get her h
before someone else does
she's into you, you are t
luckiest ass in the world can fall in love with her
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30 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 5/4/13

Fucking awesome individual

"That kid Dundre is sexy as fuck"

Shit Yeah! I love that definition.
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40 / M / Oregon Coast
Posted 5/4/13
Michael From the bible, the Archangel, meaning "He who is closest to God"
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24 / M / USA
Posted 5/4/13

1st definition - person who has an EXTREMELY LARGE GIGANTIC PENIS
and can have sex with multiple girls at the same time

2nd definition -
An intelligent man who can be a bit vain, but is generally very attractive. A ladies' man, but with fairly conservative values when it comes to relationships. Very hardworking, and equally stubborn, he won't back down for anything. He's got a great sense of humor, and enjoys making others laugh. Likes dirty jokes. An all-around good guy.
Guy 1: "Dude, did you see all those girls all over him last night? What's he doing with just one?!"
Guy 2: "Well... he's a Vincent."
Guy 1: "Oh."
Guy 2: "Yeah, man."

Girl 1: "Wow... he's so... Vincent."
Girl 2: "I know, right?"
Girl 1: *Faints*

Damn, I'm feelin lucky
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55 / M / Tacoma, WA. wind...
Posted 5/4/13 , edited 5/4/13
Battery Operated Boyfriend as in a vibrator

I had a talk with Bob last night.

My parents hate me don't they?
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21 / F
Posted 5/6/13
1. A girl who is amazing gorgeous, usually pale skinned with dark hair and eyes, she looks like a model.
2. A girl who is fun to be around
3. The girl who everyone loves to hate & hates to love, that's why she's a legend.
4. A girl with an awesome rack.
5. The girl all the boys secretly love.
Whoa... Look at her, she's a vision... No, she's Madeleine.

As she looks in the mirror in the morning she notices her eyes sparkle green more then usual, her hair is silky and dark as the night sky.
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22 / F / USA
Posted 5/6/13
Victoria is a girl who LOVES music, animals, and having fun. She rapes youtube, and loves hugs. She's a huge flirt. She flirts with anything and eveyone. If you meet a Victoria prepare to fall in love because she is really pretty an a very loving person. She's the type of girl no one notices because she's really shy, but once you do an you talk to her, she'll open up like a book. She's the best friend one could have. She only has a couple of problems, mainly a lot of drama; she starts up a conversation whenever and wherever. She's so random it'll make you smile. She's insecure and doesn't know she's beautiful so let her know. She's the type of girl that makes you trip over everything in your path 'cause you aren't paying attention. If you're lucky you can become friends with her and then something more (possibly), if you become more than friends and break-up, stay friends, because if you don't you'll regret it forever. She's an amazing kisser. She has a great butt and nice legs. She doesn't know when a guy likes her so if you do let her know. She's super funny and sweet, her smile & laugh will brighten up your day. She's the type of girl to make you smile!

"That's Victoria! Isn't she amazing?"

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F / NY
Posted 5/6/13
Joon means Dear in the Iranian/persian farsi language. It is most fequently used in terms of affection and attatched to ones name.
Joon can also mean hottie.
In a sense it's used like the word babe or baby.

Jeanne-joon how are you today sweatheart?
Damn that joon has a beautiful ass!
Ohh.. are so good.

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28 / F / In my own world :3
Posted 6/6/13
Amber is a beautiful female name, also a pretty kind of gem and a kind of tree sap. Amber's are fabulous people, usually a brunette. They are kind, thoughtul, clever and witty but also sly, evil and cunning. You don't wanna get on her bad side!
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28 / F / Humping the Border
Posted 6/6/13 , edited 6/6/13
Marisa: 1) A very happy, bubbly person who laughs a lot. Usually a brunette with curly hair. A Marisa is confident and has many friends.
2) MAN-MAGNET!!!!!! thats all there is to say
3) A large booty. Very shakeable (Lol I'm an ass)
4) A hyper and annoyingly entertaining...a girl who doesn't really care one way or another and can be very violent in random moments...a unique girl (Violent tendencies haha)
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