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Post Reply look up your name on urbandictionary.com
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53 / M / Vancouver, WA. wi...
Posted 6/8/13
Bob . . .
1;Battery Operated Boyfriend
2;The first name that comes to mind when people are trying to think of names.
3-1;A name used to personify an imaginary person, usually made up on the spur of the moment.
3-2;A builder who can fix it.

I think that is enough...
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Posted 6/8/13

-smexy/ beautiful
-vegetarian (NOT ME)
-very nice
-coolest person you will ever meet

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M / San Francisco, USA
Posted 6/8/13
Justin has some inappropriate definitions, so I will not post it.
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21 / M / Canada
Posted 6/8/13
Jonathan can also be defined as god, or god like. In simple terms... you shall bow down to him willingly.

Nathan: Nothing ; another way to say nothing
Posted 6/8/13
One who never feels the need to pay for food. A person who must keep the back of their car in "their" order, knowing it is actually a mess, making it difficult for others to occupy the back seat. A man who feels the need to be involved in everything and won't let other people have quality time by themselves. A person who feels the need to sit next to a boyfriend and girlfriend in the movie theatre, and then talk through the movie and tries to sound intellectual about it, even though he sounds like a dumbass.
Often a "Severs" opinion and views are drastically skewed and often shoved down a persons throat.
Me: Can't he ever just give us time.
Him: No, that's why his name is Sever.

douchebag stinge cheap control freak ocd"

I approve this post, genius ;).
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29 / M
Posted 6/8/13
cutest, most incredible, great kisser; all the girls want him

O_O my god, they have such a high opinion of me lol
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19 / F / Canada
Posted 6/8/13

a name for a person who is accurately considered to be completely awesome by everyone that knows him/her.
someone who commonly misspells onomatopoeia because they incorrectly believe that logical spelling does not apply to words describing a sound.

Ally is awesome
Ally, it's spelled "Tisk Tisk", not "Tsk Tsk"
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21 / F
Posted 6/12/13

Lavinia is the hottest Visi grl to walk this plantet all guyz want her but to bad i have her she dominates at beer pong and we get drunk everyday together but never in school of course i wont leave ya unless sum1 hotter (which is hard 2 find) comes along ya ma grl 4 life!

Guy1: Dam tht fine piece of ass came from Visi i gatta tap tht shes soo seductive ill take her candy shopp and let her lick ma lolipop anyday

ermmmm WHATT
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18 / M / Coventry, UK
Posted 6/12/13

a man that causes uncontrollable sexual desire in attractive girls

Posted 6/12/13 , edited 6/12/13
A beautiful girl with a great personality. One of the best people you'll ever meet. She is sexy, smart, funny, and caring. Everyone wants to be around her all the time due to her great features.
John- "Are you going to see Tiffany tonight?"
Connor- "No man, I'm going to see Jancy. She's perfect.
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EXO Planet
Posted 6/12/13
(I'm so flattered )

1. One of the only people on this earth that truly cares about life. Does not lie to anyone and especially not to herself. She stays true to herself.
2. The most amazing kind of girl in the universe. Sandys are the smartest, prettiest, bravest, no-nonsense women you can find on planet Earth. A Sandy is the girl you'll want to marry. Sandy's are amazing kissers and make amazing food. They are the most artistic beings and are well knowing in all things sexual.
3. A girl that wonderful. A person that you would die for. Someone thats perfect in everyway possible. A special someone taht comes once in a life time. Sandy is Exotic, pretty, hot, sexy, wonderful, and special.
4. Charismatic spitfire, usually to swift or cunning for most, independent, smart, loyal, loves whole heartedly. Very assertive, likes order, Can see through the lies.
Has a Colourful personality,..likes to make others laugh, is one of a kind, compassionate, trusting....sometimes too much.
Has a heart of Gold...not to be screwed over...never ends well for the other person!
5. Being beyond beautiful,amazing,funny,and perfect that there had to be a new word made for it called Sandy
6. a replacement for swag meaning cool,hip,fresh all around good time ect could be related to the way you dress always a compliment
7. The most amazing kind of girl in the universe. Sandys are the smartest, prettiest, bravest, no-nonsense women you can find on planet Earth. A Sandy is a girl that every other girl wishes they could be. Sandy's are amazing movie watching company, but they are much to classy for popcorn.
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22 / F / Orlando, FL
Posted 6/12/13
Adela: a girl who has a great heart and a wonderful mind and is amazingly hott.

This seems insightful...
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29 / F / Florida, USA
Posted 6/12/13
Sabrina: Beautiful; Funny; Crazy; will always be there for you

I won't argue
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M / California
Posted 6/12/13
1. Someone who is tired of searching their name on the internet and recieving only religion-related results, overall an awesome person, extremely intelligent and attractive

2.A boy whose nice, kind, funny, cute, and himself. Who could ask for more? He'll always be there for you no matter what happens. He can be annoying like anyone, or that you don't need him sometimes. But the absence of him drives you insane. He's been through more then you could imagine, but when your in his arms, it just feels safe because you know you have him to guide you.
But even as friends he's perfect. He will ditch even a girlfriend that tries to mess with you. You could be in love with him and see him with another girl, but as long as he's happy you're happy. Yet if he's mad at you, you feel so ashamed and as if your a burden. Over all, hes the person that you haven't lived till you see him.

3.Best best boyfriend a girl could ever wish for. He's considerate, caring, AMAZINGLY sweet, loving, handsome, sexy beyond belief (to sum things up). He'll come into your life when you least expect, but you'll never want him to leave once he does. He has gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile. When he holds you in his arms the world melts away. He'll turn your worst days around and make them into your best and he'll be there for you no matter what. Best thing that will ever happen to you point blank!
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Posted 6/13/13

Latina , Sexy Girl , Great Role Model . Ambicious and Great in bed.
A bad ass motherfucker who who won't take no shit off of nobody.
A Fly, Crazy, Fresh, Princess, Beautiful, Gangster, Diva, Fun, Irritating, Badass, Playertastic, Indescribable; Young lady who always looks her best.

I'm Asian T.T
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