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Posted 4/29/11
This name means admirable in Latin. Miranda's are very eclectic. She can be extremely intelligent, out-going, sweet, talented, out-doorsy, stylish, and gorgeous all at the same time. A Miranda cares deeply for others. She is a thoughtful friend, and supportive in nature. She does have a temper, and is impatient. Also, Miranda's are determined and often called "stubborn". She can fit into many roles in life, but is happiest when helping others. She is a strong leader.

This is actually very true for me. But there were many before this that were wrong on MANY levels.

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Posted 4/29/11
Angie - It is a person that you want to be with every day of your life, a person that makes you feel special when she doesn't mean to. Someone who accepts you for who you are but also loves you for you. She loves to be around you and not scared to be sexual. Has no problem with hangin' with you and will do things to make you happy as long as there not to extreme. Will always let you know whats is on her mind ( even if it has nothing to do with the conversation ).

Posted 4/30/11

1. To throw up.

2."Ralph, he is a gentleman, dashing, Loyal, masculine, charming, rugged strong, very protective over his love's of his life. Compassionate, romantic, cheeky silly, comical, attentive, focused head strong.Very sentimental only to thoes he trusts, does not let his guard down to outsiders. Intolerant of thoes that try and hurt his life or family, faithful dedicated to one woman! Prefers to step back and Analyse things first, very pratical, Little badass." (hey now )

3. To puke.

4."A thug for life"

5-7. Barf/Vomit.

Screw all numbers except number 2
Posted 4/30/11
1. An art school,named Maryland Institute College of Art, located in Baltimore on Mt Royal. One of the top art schools in the nation, though no one knows what you are talking about when you say, "I go to mica." The school contains a bunch of colorful, amazing, overworked, and under slept artists who live off of coffee. Micans have some of the most amazing parties and do some serious work. The college is near Johns Hopkins, Peabody, and a load of other colleges.

2. A girl who is very friendly and hott!!! Does great in school and loves hangin out with friends, and not to mention like fish bait to the guys

3. Mexican slang - a hit of windowpane acid (LSD)

4. Slang for a blond masquerading as a Ginger. General appearance is red hair dyed blond, light skin and freckles

5. A green card giving a non-citizen permission to work and live legally in the U.S.

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Posted 4/30/11 , edited 4/30/11
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a really beautiful girl with amazing boobs that is really hard to get. if you get her you are a lucky man. often gets mistaken for a bitch but shes the nicest person you will ever meet. chillest girl on earth and if you get to know her you will love her
person 1: dude i spent like a month trying to get with gabriela
person 2: yeah man she really is something

^ not true , expect for the fact that im an optimist, and so i do try to be nice

2. 516 up, 96 down
God is my strength
"The name Gabriela means 'God is my strength'"

^ now this one i like

3.214 up, 15 down
She is a perfection you see once in a lifetime. A woman that makes you want to stay alive as long as possible just to gaze at her. She is a goddess walking amongst us in a way that we can't describe in words but only in a trance. Someone yo u can fall in love with and feel all the comfort in the world just by sitting across, or even better, next to her. Whether as a lover or as a friend, you are truly a lucky individual to know Gabriela. I have never seen a walking beauty, so beautiful, more beautiful than the beauty of . . . Gabriela.

^ lol im not beautiful ~ im weird, im different, im me and quite happy to be
i can however cook

4. 29 up, 165 down
A dumb bitch who is very conceited. She thinks shes the shit but shes not. Shes flat chested and rich. She has two sisters and lives in a small town. She has a VERY hairy gary. Love you.
Gabriela made horrible love to me

^ im just happy i don't have 2 sisters so its impossible someone could have ever wrote this about me
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lost on the road...
Posted 4/30/11

-As a verb, it means "to fuck up",As a noun, it means "a person who fucks up".

-the best person you will ever know, he is a great wingman, friend, and fucker (>OwO)^highfiveformyself^(OwO<)

-Very smart, very intelligent. superior to all others
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27 / F / Washington DC
Posted 4/30/11
Apparently, my name isn't defined yet. =( lmao
Posted 4/30/11
Joan is a stylish, fun, beautiful, sexy woman with a gorgeous, killer smile. Witty and sharp-tongued when necessary, Joan has a strong character and is extremely charming. She possesses many talents and is culturally aware. Men love Joan. Sure, she's broken a few hearts, but she does so with grace. Joan is widely adored and has many loyal and awesome female friends, however, dumb, bitchy girls tend to seethe with jealousy in her presence or at the very mention of her name, even if they've never met Joan. Men denied by her have also been known to become catty and a little psycho

so not true. D:<
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21 / M / England
Posted 4/30/11
Of Hebrew origin, meaning "gift of God".
Posted 4/30/11
1.A Mariel is a girl who is very sweet caring and loving. She is a person who can always make you smile and feel like your world revolves around her. Anyone can agree that she makes an absolute perfect girlfriend and a best friend. A Mariel will always be there when your feeling sad and lonely because she always assures you of how great you are. She is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen on this Earth, and you will never want to miss out on her. She makes your world everyday a new one to live and when you see how empty you are without her, you always seem to see her in the sky, in the sun, in your dreams, in your thoughts, in your life everyday. All because a Mariel will always be your one true person you can depend on like no other.
2.A down-to-earth girl who seeks comfort and yet is bored of the mundane. A person that loves life and takes each challenge as an opportunity to be better. At times, a thrill-seeker and a rebel for independence. A passionate lover and a mean fighter.
3.A girl that is very spontaneous that always has some amazing advise to give. She'll always be there even if she has something better to do. Basically the best person you can meet in life. =] also, very talented.
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28 / M / Bristol, England
Posted 4/30/11
1. Richie 952 up, 54 down
buy richie mugs, tshirts and magnets
An allstar athlete with a 5 star dick that only fucks with dime pieces. When he enters a room people note his swagger and instantly has respect from strangers. With a loyal heart of a lion he'll protect his companions. No one should fuck with him because you’ll get knocked out that’s why many stay on his side and out of his way. This man is courageous, dynamic and at the same time patient and kind hearted. You will never see him acting a fool or loosing his cool because he has great self-control. He has the wisdom of a blind man and is a great storyteller. While others are rude he is modest, laid back and generous with good taste. This romantic tall man is an independent hustler and peaceful conversationalist that is dedicated to his goals. Richie has great confidence but is also shy and that makes him sexy. With an easygoing playful personality he can bring out the best in anyone. You can find him being ruthless to weird people or partying. A passionate writer that is king of his men, never underestimate him, he has push and is bound to make it to the top.

Friend: Richie has my back, now that’s a mans man.
Lady: That guy swept me off my feet, what a Richie.
Boss: We need more handworkers like Richie.
Whore: OMG Becky look at Richie’s dick it is so big!
Loser: I gave up on life and then I met Richie.
Coach: Good job Richie you made the other team cry.

wow.. i rock.
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22 / M / Singapore
Posted 4/30/11
Someone you CANNOT get off your mind because he is always so funny and cute. A Derek is a hotty with a killer body.


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36 / M / Netherlands
Posted 4/30/11

1. A term used to refer to the coolest person in a group.

2. 1. Beloved
2. Better than David
3. The Model of Perfect. No man can come close to the glory of that which is Dave. Dave's are artistic and funny always knowing how to lay down a good massage. Skills that come with Dave include major dexterity in all matters and extentions of limbs and the what not. Daves have the largest units, brains, and balls. Don't mess with a Dave.

3. Everyone knows a Dave. Daves are, as a rule, people to ask about something, whether it be plumbing, horseracing, astronomy or computers. Daves, like Steves, are "solid blokes".

4. Cute, intelligent, never judging, the type of person that will always end up forgiving you no matter what. Thoughtful, charming, lovable, romantic - hes everything a girl could ever want. He never lets anything get him down and always finds positives in the most un-positive situations. Has the sweetest smile and most gorgeous eyes, just thinking about him puts a smile on your face. The one person that means so much to you that you can't imagine life without him.

And still got dumped yesterday

Even my nick suits me :)

1. a person who can be optimistic, and trys to gather people together for special events. Draven is often known to many but has a mysterious side of some what.Has a great love for something higher than this world has to offer.Can be a bitch too.

2. "Child of beautiful shadows" Draven's can be mysterious and dark but also playful and optimistic. Draven; the avenging angel character from "the crow". Draven's have a great imagintion and are often artistic.

Also vengeful and angsty; nice to ones they know and love, can hold a huge grudge against people who have had a negative influence in their life.
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M / UK
Posted 4/30/11

The most amazing person in the entire universe. Everything about him is perfect! He's charming, handsome, intelligent, strong, romantic, funny...everything you want in a guy. It's impossible not to fall in love with him! Once you lay eyes on him, you will know from that very moment that you will never stop loving him.

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25 / M / sweden
Posted 4/30/11 , edited 4/30/11
Markus: The Most Sexiest male alive; attracts any girl with either humor or flirtatious desires.
Known to be the best husbands out there.

Lol. And thats just the start. Look it up and envy me xD
(Here is another one on Markus)
This word refers to a man who is totally capable of bringing happiness and wholeness to any woman whos name is Joyce. Because together they become a perfect pair. Markus is the very definition of MAN. Any individual who knows of this Markus, consider yourself lucky.

I like the last 2 sentences the best ^^
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