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Posted 3/10/14
1. An amazing, beautiful, caring, creative girl. She is the epitome of a goddess, and anyone would kill to have her. She can do anything she sets her mind to, and she's wonderful.

2. A girl who acts like a true sister. She may not be blood line relatives, but she will care for you no matter what, even when hated she will love you. She tends to fall for the wrong type, but in the end she will never give up on someone she loves. She's socially active but naughty at times. She gets very intimate with people and she will play around. She will trust you very easily and she will do anything to bring you happiness. She loves everyone and can have her depressed moments, but she will always overcome them for the right of others. She sacrifices her own to let someone else be happy, and she will always be there for you. She is a dork and a nerd, but everyone will love that quality about her. She is fairly beautiful but will never believe it. She is out going and active and enjoys the oddest things as well as being crazy. She is lovable and adorable and will always be your true friend.


7. a dumb whore. someone who thinks they know everything & they always want what they cant have.

someone who uses people & pretends they are friends with them. usually they are tall & lanky

LMAO! It started out nice...
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21 / M / New York
Posted 3/10/14 , edited 3/10/14
a sexy guy that liked the women and has a nice tooth brush
i love you matthew you so hot, i love your toothbrush

^ well apparently i have a nice toothbrush who would have guessed :P

or then there is this one

ancient greek translation for "eternal sex-god". It is beleived that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time. Men posessing this name are also well endowed.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was a matt
Girl 2: Oh you poor thing
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25 / M / Grand Falls, NB
Posted 3/10/14

Niko is a French adjective to qualify someone close to perfection. It is used to talk about semi-god or very beautiful men AND very modest people as well.
"Have you seen the new intern at AL ? He's such a Niko..."
"I would love to tap that Niko"
Posted 3/10/14 , edited 3/10/14

Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.
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22 / Hawaii-In Transit...
Posted 3/11/14
Jayme :
the coolest rare name like...ever.
very hot and sexy
gourgeous, and a lot cooler then u.
someone that rox ur sox off
u r so...jayme; thats a compliment!
by yes i am... January 21, 2008

why thank you
Posted 3/11/14
Female: sexy, adorable, cute as a button and honest. She can be your confidant, your best friend, your comedian or your partner in crime. She is outgoing, creative, and bold.

Partner in crime? I like it
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24 / M
Posted 3/11/14
The best fiance in the world. Someone that is always there for you in a time of need. He's sweet and romantic but is also a realist. He can make you laugh and when you cry he's there to hold you close and tell you that everything will be okay. He is adorable in the way that he proposed to you, and tells you on a daily basis how much he loves you and cares about you and that you are beautiful. The best type of man in the world!
Friend: Was that Nathanael?
Fiancee: yeah isn't he great?
friend: certainly is!
Wow that nate is such a stud!

Awww thanks! Lol, apparently im engaged!

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18 / M / behind you
Posted 3/11/14
A very nice name for a very nice boy.

Is the german version of "Theodore", a masculine given name. It comes from the Greek Theodōros meaning "God's gift".

Famous person named Theodor: Theodor W. Adorno, German philosopher

Theodor is often creative and hardworking in a way that inspires people around him to strive to be their best. Theodor, or Theo, for short, is the most lovable man in the universe (although tests so far have only used the planet earth as test-sample).
Hey Theo, dude, your my man!

Theo, oh my Theodor, please come over to night, I love you!

God's gift, I like it!
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21 / M / Finland
Posted 3/11/14
Christofer - "Smart ass handsome man that every woman wants and every man hates Wow! You go Christofer!"

Ok... don't know is that good or bad.
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Posted 3/11/14

Someone who is a beast at everything he/she does. Such as running barefoot on a muddy cross country course-or being beyond hot.

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