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Best PS3 JRPGs?
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Posted 11/16/13 , edited 11/16/13
Ni No Kuni
Persona 3+4
Final Fantasy's (all of them)
Breath of Fire
Tales Symphonia, Graces, Vesperia and Xillia
Eternal Sonnata
Resonance of Fate
Star Ocean - 3 (I thought 4 was kind of weak)

There are so many more

But my favourites this Generation would be

1) Ni No Kuni
2) Persona 4 Golden
3) Final Fantasy XIII

Edit, Shit sorry, I thought it was top 3 JRPG's not PS3

they would be

Ni No Kuni
Tales Graces+Xillia
Eternal Sonnata
Resonance of Fate
Valkyria Chronicles
Posted 11/16/13
I know I'm late to the party, but as far as JRPGs go, the PS3 is the system to have. There are great PS3 JRPGs like Ni no Kuni, the Tales series, Eternal Sonata, and Valkyria Chronicles. There are also great games that were released on the PS1/2 that you can get on the Playstation Network such as Grandia, the older Final Fantasy games, and the Persona games.
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Posted 1/29/14
Oh, Resonance of Fate looks like a good game, maybe I should try playing it again... :D

For me as of now, Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Graces f, Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2, Star Ocean Last Hope... Maybe Atelier games too...

It's kinda hard to actually say, since I haven't played as much JRPG on the PS3... it practically true that there was an outage of JRPGs....
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Posted 12/25/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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