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Post Reply Abandoned stage
Posted 4/30/11
Sing here. I think it used to be a place for meetings and talent shows, but who knows what lady Eleanor is talking about!
Posted 5/8/11
*runs around with Em and ends up here*
*searches for a light switch then flips it on*
"Wow, it looks like this place hasn't been used for quite a while." she said while looking around.
Posted 5/8/11
(it's so old the walls are gone)
*runs to the center*
*looks backstage*
"Oh my gosh! come check this out! they have costumes and microphones backstage!"
Posted 5/8/11
*runs over to Em and looks at them with her*
"Wow! These are all so awesome!"
*holds up a costume*

"This one is really pretty, isn't it? Which costume is your favorite?"
(she only reads minds if she needs to collect information, she doesn't really read them if she's just asking opinions and stuff like that.)
Posted 5/8/11
(it'll take me awhile to get a costume)
Posted 5/8/11
(its cool I just used bing and looked for the first cute one I saw. take your time)
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
"this one!" (I finally chose!)
*holds up*
Posted 5/8/11
(lol Seraphic Charm...)
"How cute! Hey, I got an idea!"
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(hee hee hee shugo chara stealing! or this one.
vocaloid stealing!)
Posted 5/8/11
"Since you want to be an idol, you should practice your singing here! Would you please sing a song? You could even wear one of these cute costumes!" (lol i had a feeling this is why you picked the stage.)
Posted 5/8/11
(what ARE you talking about? I have no idea what you mean! *whistles innocently*)
"um.... I guess....."
(brb back in about an hour or less)
Posted 5/8/11
(lol ok)
"Yay!" *sits in on of the chairs in front of the stage and waits patiently*
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(back. I drew a costume, but I still need to photoshop it so give me a moment.)
*rummages backstage*
"found a costume!"
*goes into dressing room*
*comes out*

"what song should I sing? your choice."
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11

*thinks about it for a minute*
"Sing "Put Your Records On"?" =D
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
(I'll check youtube!)
*runs to cd player*
*hits a few buttons*
*song comes on*
*takes deep breath*
"Three little birds, sat on my window
And they told me I don't need to worry"

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