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Favorite Pokemon game?
Posted 6/5/12
Pokemon Emerald
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Posted 6/5/12
I like the one where you serve in WII and punch out Hitler who is riding a red Gyarados
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19 / M / in mah room
Posted 6/7/12
mine is Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition, ive always wanted pikachu to follow me and Pokemon Heart Gold, Fire red and gold, all of them have pikachu's in it
Posted 6/30/12
i'd have to say the Red Version (since it's the first one i ever played) along with the Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition and the Silver and Gold Versions. After that, i haven't played Pokemon for a long time until recently getting into the emulators and playing the versions i mentioned and re-living memories of when i was 8 and 9, staying up late playing those on my Gameboy... good times
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22 / M / With Lucina
Posted 8/1/12 , edited 8/1/12
Ruby version is my favorite, I just really liked the great changes from the GBC era to GBA (though it should have kept the night/day mechanic)
then HeartGold version (original Gold was good but I have to say HeartGold blew it out of the water as a great remake)
then Black version

my fave non-mainline game would be Pokemon Conquest (which I'm still playing right now)
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23 / M / In a small town i...
Posted 9/23/12
Pokemon SoulSilver with PokeWalker, also the experience with Celebi through time, the battle with Red and Hoenn legendary pokemon encounters make it more interesting!!
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Posted 10/1/12 , edited 10/1/12
I'm excited for this game that's coming out soon on mobile! It looks like it's going to be just like pokemon!

Mo' Monsters - super cool! I think they have a Twitter too - @MoMonstersGame
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