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Post Reply ~Roleplay~
Posted 5/8/11
(Its okie!! ^__^)

Hina: *runs towards Jun with watering can* > o < HELP!

Jun: Just give it back Hina! *grabs watering can*

Hina: NOO!! > o < IM NOT DONE!!

Jun: *holds the watering can up, looks up at it, laughs* Hey! This is pretty good! >:D

Hina: I know! Now give it back!! Please!! TT ^ TT
Posted 5/8/11
(Yes! You may play untaken characters!! ^ o ^)
Posted 5/8/11
( Back! )
Posted 5/8/11
(YAY!! :3)
Posted 5/8/11
Suiseiseki: Give it back you runts!!!
Suiseiseki:Its mine!!
Souseiseki: Suiseiseki..
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
Jun: *hands Sui her watering can* Here

Hina: J-Jun!

Jun: *looks at Hina* WHAT?!

Hina: You gave it to her!!

Jun: So?! It's hers!

Hina: But I wasnt done!

Jun: *sighs* Still. = . =
Posted 5/8/11
Suiseiseki: HAH! (XD)
Souseiseki: H-How did all of this start?
Suiseiseki: That Puny Ichigo was drawing on the watering can!
Souseiseki: *Looks at hina* Why did you draw on the watering can?
Posted 5/8/11
Hina: I wanted to design it... And make it prettier!

Jun: *laughs* XD

Posted 5/8/11
Suiseiseki: >:O EITHER WAY YOU'LL PAY FOR DEFACING MY WATERING CAN!! (XD We're kinda going off the plot of the first Träumend episode XD )
Suiseiseki: *Sprays her watering can everywhere XD*
Souseiseki: Ah! Suiseiseki!
Posted 5/8/11
(HAHAHA!! XDD Really? XDD)

Hina: *runs* No! > o <

Jun: Hey! Stop that! >:O
Posted 5/8/11
( XD Yep! It was such a good episode though! )
Suiseiseki: *Stops spraying* Its All Puny Ichigo's fault!!!!
Souseiseki: Let it go already.
Suiseiseki: *Crosses her arms XD*
( o . o i think i also mite be shinku...XD)
Posted 5/8/11
Hina: *hiding in Jun's room, under bed* > . <

Jun: - _ - Wipe this all up. *starts walking, slips* AHH! > _ < *stands up, loud sigh, continues walking to his room*
Posted 5/8/11
(You want to be Shinku?? ^__^)
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
Suiseiseki: *Sits on the couch, Turns on the TV* *And Detective kun kun or whatever is on XDDD*
Souseiseki: *Sits down and watches with her XD*
(i LUVVV how they all 'bond' by watching detective kun kun XD)
(and ya, kinda! ^O^)
Posted 5/8/11 , edited 5/8/11
Hina: *hears the Kun Kun show XDD, crawls out from under the bed* KUN KUN!!! *reaches for the door knob*

Jun: *looks at Hina* . . . *opens the door for her*

Hina: Thank you!! ^ o ^ *runs downstairs* KUN KUN!! *crawls up on the couch, sits down, watches*

Jun: *closes door, goes back to computer*
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