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Post Reply ~Roleplay~
Posted 5/8/11
*something big happens in the show XD*
Suiseiseki: :O!
Souseiseki: *Watching* (XD)
Posted 5/8/11
Hina: *gasp* O o O
Posted 5/8/11
(brb!! DX)
Posted 5/8/11
( Aw, Okies! )
Posted 5/8/11
(Back-ish!! :3)
Posted 5/8/11
( Cool!! R u going anywhere for mothers day? I'm not. XD I dont think at least. )
Suiseiseki: *Watching* . .
Souseiseki: . . Where's shinku?
Suiseiseki: I so totally don't know.. *keeps watching XD*
Posted 5/8/11
(I dont think so! :3)

Hina: *watching, eyes sparkle* Kun Kun!! > w <

(I marked you as Shinku! :D)

Jun: *comes out of his room and walks to living room, sits down on couch, watches*
Posted 5/8/11
(Yayz~~~ )
Shinku: *Walks in the room, Sits on the couch too XD*
Souseiseki: What should we do now?

Suiseiseki: I know a game..Its called..Chase the puny ichigo! >:D (XD)
Souseiseki: Why dont you just leave her alone?
Posted 5/8/11
Hina: HEH?! > o <;; NOO!!

Jun: *looks at Shinku* Where have you been?

Hina: *hugs Sou* Protect me please!! TT ^ TT
Posted 5/8/11
Souseiseki: Just leave her alone suiseiseki.
Suiseiseki: No! That runt ruined my gardening can!
Souseiseki: You can just clean it off.
Suiseiseki: Thats not the point!
Shinku: *Talking to jun* Thats none of your business. (XD)
Posted 5/8/11
Jun: Hhmp. *crosses arms, continues watching t.v.*

Hina: T-Thank you Sou!! TT ^ TT *lets go of Sou*
Posted 5/8/11
Souseiseki: *nods*
Suiseiseki: How dare you souseiseki!
Souseiseki: ???
Suiseiseki: Taking sides with that puny ichigo!
Posted 5/8/11
Hina: *looks at Sui*

Jun: *watching t.v.*
Posted 5/8/11
( Hey, Is it alright if suiseiseki cusses? XD )
Suiseiseki: (XD)
Suiseiseki: *looks at jun* And you! Puny human! (XDDD)
Souseiseki: What did he do?
Suiseiseki: U-Uh.. He's a puny human ! >.<
Posted 5/8/11
(Its alright!! X3)

Jun: *looks at Sui* WHAT?! Puny?! >:o

Hina: Shinku!! > m < Make Suiseiseki stop!!
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