The price is right?
Posted 5/10/11 , edited 10/27/11
You say how much the person above you is worth.

Disclaimer: Everyone is priceless becuase they're worthless.
Though if you were to have a price you'd be in one of the following.

1. $100 Simply the bomb

2. $50 Half awesome

3. $20 Mediocre

4. $10 Cheaper than 20 but at least not as bad as the next guy

5. $1 Cheap

EDIT: Prices are now in monetary terms.
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Posted 5/10/11
Ill give you 100!
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Posted 10/23/11
Posted 10/23/11
This would have been much more fun in monetary terms. Ah well, let the low-roller bidding begin...

For using Popeye, 100. Money-wise, I'll take him for $10K.
Posted 10/23/11
90 for taking the 10k
Posted 10/27/11
50 dollars because I am more awesome than you.
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