Post Reply Whats your favorite killing method and the result of it?
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M / Inside My Head
Posted 5/10/11
Mine would be throat slitting
I would just go up to the victim and firmly place a knife on its neck and then make a quick movement.
The result would be a lifeless doll lying with blood pouring out of it. I will mostly taste the blood of my victim while I'm at it
Criminal Mind
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Posted 5/10/11 , edited 5/10/11
Mine Would Be ...

" Tying My Prey Up By Chains For Time ... Ask Them To Do Something And Promise If They
Did They Would Be Set Free Moves A Knife On All Their Bodies And Have Fun Listening To
Their Screams While I Heat That Knife And Move On Again Over Them "
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Posted 5/10/11
My would be slow and very painful.

I most likely rip out every tooth in there mouth, drill holes in there legs with a power tool, then slide hooks into there backs and the have them hang up side down with them in him...ect...
The end result would be your going to have a very long last days in my hands.
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23 / F / Leaf village
Posted 5/25/11
uhh favorite has to be slicing up with a knife. ever tried prying skin open with a blunt knife? if you get the crack done, it's a sight to see.
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