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What anime do you rewatch again and again?
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28 / M
Posted 8/28/11
I rewatched Myself;Yourself here so many times. I really love that show.
Posted 9/5/11
Kamichama Karin, Night Head Genesis, The Legend of the Legendry Heroes, Shakugan no Shana, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives) Aria the Scarlet Ammo and more!
Posted 9/6/11 , edited 9/6/11
Sket Dance
Law of Ueki
Peacemaker Kurogane
Tenjo Tenge
Fullmetal Panic
Code Geass
Black Blood Brothers
Kaze no Stigma
Nyan Koi!
Ika Musume
Shinryaki Ika Musume
Pandora Hearts
Chrome Shelled Regios
Book of Bantorra
Guin Saga
Kenichi: History's Strongest Disciple
Rave Master
Hunter X Hunter
Romeo X Juliet
E's Otherwise
Gundam 00
Fushigi Yuugi
Saiunkoku Monogatari
Bamboo Blade
Rekka no Honoo
Tsubasa Chronicles Reservoir
Gakuen Alice
Prince of Tennis
Macross Frontier
Buzzer Beater
Cardfight Vanguard

Yes, it is very sad I still remember all the titles and I still know how to spell them -.,-
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26 / M
Posted 9/7/11
Detective conan, digimon all seasons, cardcaptors, nurarihyon no mago, yu yu hakusho, flame of recca,outlaw star(when i can find it), DN angel, Buso Renkin, yah those are the ones i have watched through at least three times(up to the currant airing mark) most more than that though
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32 / M
Posted 9/7/11
Mobile Suit Gundam 00

it seems like that could really happen in the future
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35 / F
Posted 9/7/11
07 ghost, kaichou wa maid-sama, cardcaptor Sakura, cowboy Bebop, trigun, kyo kara maoh, bleach, fruits basket, skip beat, kamen no maid guy :D, gosick, detective academy Q, hakushaku to yosei, vampire knight both seasons, ghost hunt, princess lover, the list goes on
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Posted 9/7/11
Fruits Basket
Ghost Hunt
Ouran High School Host Club
Vampire Knight
Kuroshitsuji and Kuroshitsuji II
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from the South Bay
Posted 9/7/11 , edited 9/7/11
I basically dont like rewatching anime when I have seen and know the entire plot of the story but the Anime that I can watch over and over are usually comedy...

hmmm So I would say Gintama... their comedy never fails me.
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Posted 9/7/11

Krylose wrote:

I watch Vision of Escaflowne almost once a year and have seen .hack//SIGN several times.
Kaleidostar I will put in whenever I need a pick-me-up.
I've been meaning to rewatch Witch Hunter Robin for some time now. Not sure when I'll get around to it.

I also watch it almost once a year and .hack//SIGN is the only .hack I'll watch over and over.

As for my others:

Sailor Moon
Dragonball Z
Yu Yu Hakusho
Ruroni Kenshin
anything Gundam (anyone guessed what I grew up watching yet?)
Skip Beat!
Case Closed
The Vision of Escaflowne
Usagi Drop
The Prince of Tennis
Hikaru no Go
Eden of the East
Spice and Wolf
07 Ghost

I'm tired of listing the one's I'll watch over and over. I would also put Zoids: New Century, Zoids: Chaotic Century, and Zoids: Guardian Force, but I can't find any place to buy them so it's physically impossible for me to watch them over and over. (If anyone suggests online illegally I'll scream.)
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27 / M / Raccoon City
Posted 9/7/11
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21 / F / Quezon City, Phil...
Posted 9/7/11

Ouran High School Host Club XDD

And for Manga

Special A <3

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25 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 9/7/11
Zero no tsukaima, i dont know how many times ive watched it by now.
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22 / F / Asia
Posted 9/7/11
Prince of tennis

Shugo Chara
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21 / M / Burbank Illinois
Posted 9/7/11
yu yu hakusho, desertpunk, gurren lagann, gintama
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F / ^^ doko.....
Posted 9/8/11 , edited 2/28/12
I have watch slam dunk like 20+ freakin times...
ouran high school host club about 6+ times...
skip beat about 10+ times...
fruits basket about 10+ times...
k-on! s1 about 8 times..
junjou romantica about 4 times...

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