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Your first interview.
Posted 10/16/11

Sammy_Doo wrote:

Luckyass! I want a job at an AMC theater >:c !!

Also hmmm, my 1st interview (and last interview) was during the summer. My friend and I went job searching because our parents forced us too find a summer job. We applied to some down the street from our school, but most of them weren't hiring. Then we came across a Marshall clothing store, they said they always hired so we filled our applications.

A couple days later, I was helping the same friend study for a college entrance exam and I got a call for a interview. We were both happy but I felt bad for my friend who didn't get a call back ^^"

I went to the interview very nervous and I arrived about 20 minutes early. Soon the manager showed me to a small room and we introduced each other. Then she started asking a whole bunch of questions but I tired my best to answer each one.

In the end, I didn't get the job. The manger wanted someone joyful and peppy a cheerleader >.>" and I was too shy and quiet.

I told my friend what happened and she said, "It's because she doesn't know the real you! You're quiet at first but then you get all hyper and loud! That's you're personality!" And my dad said, "If I was the manger, I hire the quiet one who do their work not the loud annoying ones" XD

*Pats you on the head* It's not as good as you think it is....

It's AMAZING! Haha!


Joking, I didn't get hired.

She said. "Get yur black ass outta here'! Retard! Probably raped your sister." And while she was throwing stuff at me. I said. "I'm Moorish!" And she threw more things at me and cased me around downtown.

I ended up in a french resturant and the girl with the too thick of an accent said. "Come back later, we have work for you."

And I was thinking. "French and Hot! ZING!"

AMC Theater's interview's are very biased, I wouldn't have went if I had known.
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Posted 10/16/11
it went smoothly.
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