Buffring Problem
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Posted 5/15/11

Lets be honest, if i'm paying for something i need it to work "whenever" i need it to, not "whenever" the servers aren't busy.

For example right now i'm trying to watch "Beelzebub", its a very funny anime but i'm so pissed that i cant "enjoy" it because every 60 seconds it stops to buffer.

What actually make it worse that your Flash player seems to just load a small part, then wait for me to watch it, then load another small part...etc so pausing the episode and waiting wont do a thing. Your anti-piracy flash player make me go back to piracy.

On the other hand we have the illegal stuff, 100 time faster, 720p and i actually can enjoy my time.

I'm trying to do the right thing here, and pay for the anime i watch but its getting frustrating.

This isn't an internet problem, speed problem, computer problem, dns problem, browser problem...etc its a crunchyroll problem.
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Posted 5/15/11
It happens to me too! And sometimes its each 5seconds!
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Posted 5/16/11
Happening to me too today and its really annoying me right now.
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Posted 5/16/11
I was about to open a thread about the same thing. I watch videos all the time using this laptop... using a T3 connection... can stream videos just fine on other sites... Netflix etc... Yet for some reason I can't seem to stream videos here tonight.

Just spent an hour trying to watch 1 episode of an anime I fell behind on watching. Tried to watch the most recent episode of The World God Only Knows, but the video doesn't even start. It sits there on a black screen for 15+ minutes (not sure how long it would have taken, but got tired of waiting after 15 minutes.

Hope this isn't an issue that persists for too long. Other than this recent issue, I'm fairly happy with the quality and availability of the anime here.

Keep up the good work
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Posted 5/17/11

i changed my dns server and all is well

give it a try
it worked for me.

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