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Favorite Anime Character With _______ Hair
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31 / F / しりません:D
Posted 3/15/08
Favorite Red Hair: Keita Ito (gakuen heaven) oh and Sha Gojo (saiyuki)
Favorite Green Hair: Ryoutarou Tsuchiura and Kazuki Hihara (la corda d'oro)
Favorite Brown Hair: Goku (saiyuki), Conrad Weller (kkm)
Favorite Black Hair: Shibuya Yuri (kkm) and Dr. Ni Jianyi (saiyuki)
Favorite Orange Hair: Ichigo (bleach:D) Lina Inverse (slayers)
Favorite Silver Hair: Günter (kyo kara maoh) and Allen-kun (dgrayman)
Favorite Blonde Hair: Wolfram (kkm) and Keiichi Shimizu (la corda...) and Sanzo :)(saiyuki)
Favorite Pink Hair: Kaoru Saionji (gakuen heaven)
Favorite Naivy Blue Hair:P Azuma Yunoki (la corda...) and Xellos (slayers)
Favorite Naivy Blue Hair: Len Tsukimori (la corda d'oro)

waaah -_-' thats all I remember now
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22 / M / Lost In The Shadows
Posted 3/15/08
well i mostly like any hair but i'd perfer mabye pink or red or black
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23 / F
Posted 3/15/08

xojoexo wrote:

XHikaruXKaoruX wrote:

i have a lot of fave characters with different hair colors~~but, let's see~~
White: Allen Walker from D-Gray Man (currently watching this anime, so yeah..)
Blonde: either Honey-sempai and Tama-chan from Ouran or Suzune-chan from Kamichama Karin~~!!
Red: either Lavi from D-Gray Man or Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin~~~!!
Blue: currently, it's gotta be Kanda Yu from D-Gray Man~~~~he's so cool~!!
Green: Hihara-sempai from La Corda d'Oro~~!! he's sooo cute lol :3
Purple: Yoruichi from Bleach~she's cool~~!! XD
Black/Brown: woah, waaaayy too many to list~~~~~~~~~! XD
and, yeah, that's about it~~~!! (for now~)

not to mention lenalee with slightly green hair and komui with blue hair !
you've got it all listed down, dude.

lol~thanks~!! >-<
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23 / F / Global Warming Earth
Posted 3/15/08
Favorite Red Hair: Lavi from D Gray Man or Riku from DN Angel
Favorite Brown: Haruhi from OHSHC
Favorite Orange Hair: Kyou from Fruits Basket
Favorite Blue Hair: Kanda from DGM or Natsume from Gakuen Alice
Favorite Silver Hair: GOTTA BE ALLEN FROM DGM!!!
Favorite Yellow/Blonde Hair: Karin or Kazune from Kamachama Karin
Favorite Pink Hair: Sakura from Naruto Shippuden
Favorite Black Hair: Lenalee from D Gray Man but it's kind of teal but ya ^^
Posted 3/15/08
Favorite Red Hair:Shana-Shakugan no Shana
Favorite Orange Hair:Ichigo-Bleach
Favorite Blue Hair:Natose-They Are My Noble Masters
Favorite Silver Hair:Shizuma-Strawberry Panic
Favorite Yellow/Blonde Hair:Kareha-Shuffle!
Favorite Pink Hair:Louise-Zero no Tsukaima
Favorite Black Hair:Setsuna Sakurazaki-Mahou Sensei Negima!
Favorite Green Hair:Asa Shigure-Shuffle!
Favorite Purple Hair:Mizore Shirayuki-Rosario+Vampire
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F / Great White North
Posted 3/15/08
Blue: tomoya okazaki and Ikuto
White: seshoumaru and sasame (pretear)
Yellow: Nishino Tsukasa, Krad and Tamaki Suou
Black: Lelouch Lamperouge and L
Brown: Light Yagami and Haruhi Fujioka
Silver: Shi Seiran and Teletha Testarossa
Green: Ran Ryuuren
Purple: Dark Mousy
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24 / M / Katy, Texas
Posted 3/15/08
whiteblue/black for boys
pink/light brown/silver for girls
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31 / M / Japan
Posted 3/17/08
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23 / F / wanna guess? ^_^
Posted 3/18/08
Green Hair : Kazuki Hihara (La Corda d'Oro)
Brown Hair : Syusuke Fuji (Prince of Tennis)
Blonde Hair : Honey (Ouran Highschool) and Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
White Hair : Hatsuharu Sohma (Fruits Basket) and Allen Walker (D. Gray Man)
Red Hair : Hino Kahoko (La Corda d'Oro)

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22 / F / Visual Kei Club L...
Posted 3/18/08
red - shana [shakugan no shana]
orange - orihime [bleach]
blonde - krad [D.N. Angel]
blue - izumi(?) [hana kimi] -- was his hair blue?
black - byakuya [bleach]
white/silver - toushirou [bleach], dante [devil may cry]
green - hinagiku [wedding peach]
pink - momoko/momopi [wedding peach], yachiru [bleach]
purple - hotaru [sailor moon], dark mousy [D.N.angel], natsume [gakuen alice]
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29 / M
Posted 3/18/08
Favorite Red Hair: Kougaiji from saiyuki reload....
Favorite Brown: Kira yamato from gundam seed
Favorite Orange Hair: shirley from code geass/ ichigo from bleach
Favorite Blue Hair: Alto from Macross Frontier/ Grimmjow from bleach
Favorite Silver Hair: Allen Walker from d grayman
Favorite Yellow/Blonde Hair: Genjo Sanzo from sayuki reload
Favorite Pink Hair: euphie from code geass
Favorite Black Hair: yamazaki susumu from peacemaker kurogane
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31 / F / Philippines
Posted 3/18/08

HimUra Kenshin , gaara and sasori of akatsuki..!! They all have cute red hair... Add Abarai Renji of bleach

and Lavi oF d' Grayman...hehe
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25 / M / Hopeless Philippines
Posted 3/18/08
I think I like General Marian Cross From D.Gray Man.
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23 / F / phil.
Posted 3/18/08
Fav Pink hair-Lacus Clyne(gundam seed) and sakura(naruto)
fav purple/dark blue hair-Shin (Gundam Seed Destiny) and Ikki(Air Gear)
Fav Red Violet hair- Ringo (Air Gear)

thats all i can think right now..
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27 / F / at home
Posted 3/18/08

i like this guys hair
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