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M / in my heAD
Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/20/11
Let me sum up this game for anyone that contemplates buying this interactive movie.

Investigate : Investigating is completely comprised of walking around and waiting for your controller to shake indicating you can interact with evidence. Also sometimes you will stare at peoples faces.

Interrogate : Stare at peoples faces.. the new technology for facial animations is nice and all but after you get past it you end up just staring at them blankly. Take into account that playing this game becomes taxing if your used to playing for hours at a time. It no longer is fun but takes concentration so I just half ass it when I get past the 30 minutes.

Mostly you stare at peoples faces. and if your not doing that your watching a cutscene or running slowly and or driving a crappy car.
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Posted 5/20/11 , edited 5/20/11
So in other words it sucks? Thanks for the warning I was tempted to rent it but I think I'll just wait for Alice Madness Returns, and Duke Nukem Forever
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27 / M / California
Posted 5/20/11 , edited 5/21/11
Well what do you expect from a detective game
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30 / M / UK
Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/25/11
Game is awesome, brings something new to the genre, a nice change from the constant amount of fps that are coming out.
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20 / F / Washington
Posted 5/26/11 , edited 5/27/11
I like it...sure it gets boring at some times, the cars suck, and you can't hurt civilians
but it's still fun to solve murder and crime...
don't buy, just rent
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