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Why allow people to bully you around...
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Posted 11/26/13

Let's rumble! Fair warning, I don't fight fair. I'm pragmatic when it comes to combat, after all. -Readies my fisticuffs and my best running from women shoes.-

Eh. When I was a kid I'd speak up. Now that I'm somewhat an adult(Somewhat because older people consider me a kid since I'm still under twenty one,) I don't get bullied. Someone may insult me, but I generally don't care enough to fight back. Seems like a waste of time.
Posted 11/26/13 , edited 11/26/13
Because it's much easier (for me, at least) to not give a shit about people and what they do to me than to have to face the bullshit consequences of having defended myself.

I was severely bullied during my freshman year of high school, but it wasn't the kind of physical bullying that a fight can fix... It's the kind of verbal bullying that's meant to harm people mentally and emotionally and to tarnish their reputation. I'd say it's the kind of bullying that most teens probably contemplate suicide over. And yet I am always very thankful for having experienced that because it taught me a lot about myself and how strong I can be. Perhaps not physically, but mentally and emotionally.
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Posted 11/26/13
I was bullied pretty badly in middle school and high school but mostly by other girls. I would mainly just ignore them when they made fun of me but I would get back at them in passive aggressive ways.
For instance we'd be in gym class and I'd hit the ball across to the other side of the gym and refuse to go get it. I remember in a math class I had there was this really popular girl who sat in front of me, she would always put her books on my desk as if it was empty and I wasn't there. I let that happen for weeks until I finally got fed up with it and pushed her stuff on the ground. Some boy who was always chatting her up flipped out at me and I just sneered at him I think.
Looking back on it I think a lot of them viewed me as antagonistic to them though, so maybe I was bullying the people who were bullying me?
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Posted 11/27/13
Just give em a high five,

in the face,




works for me..
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Posted 11/27/13
I've had a few bullies but I've never stopped them because if I were to defend myself I would probably hurt them so I just ignored them and their puny attacks.
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Posted 11/27/13 , edited 11/27/13
Well it's not always that easy for some people. If someone is a pacifist then they obviously won't fight back, and even if you do fight back, if the bully walks away far more injured than you after you're done beating them to a pulp then how do you explain that you're the victim? Physical violence is a very serious crime and can fall at least under 'battery' in law. Some of the victims are going to have a tough time proving their innocence to the police when the bully is smothered in cuts and bruises with a big black eye.

Luckily I've never been properly bullied, but you have quite a simple mind if all you think is 'why doesn't everyone beat up bullies?'. They'll usually pick on those weaker than them because they know that they probably won't stand a chance in a fight. Let's face it, if a bully pins someone twice as small as them to a wall then your 'advice' probably won't be worth crap to them. Or what if they're just insulting that person and not letting them get away? If you throw the first punch then you probably won't look like the most innocent person of the two because in the end it's your word against their's.
Posted 11/27/13 , edited 11/28/13
I was always too skinny but nobody started on me. Probably because I was always a little sick in the head.

If someone wants to push you around and you're a little kid:
Some tips:
- Start having the mentality that you have nothing to lose
- Listen to music at home that possess you
- Watch all those action films
- Change your walk
- Practice your eyes, the less they give away the better (having that far away look works lol)
- If you fear you'll get jumped prepare to really cause harm to one of them
- fight dirty

For the bullying that's none physical... have some hobbies that make you a loner, drawing, reading books etc...this is good for you because you have no need to please anyone,

Those might work anyway.
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Posted 11/27/13
I get bullied around, but honestly, it's from friends~
Plus, it's all fun and games ^^
No one ever crosses the line, and when they do, I let them know (kindly) and they apologize~
Posted 11/28/13
i dont think i was ever bullied maybe from my siblings but it was more of name calling i dont really mind cus i made some pretty darn good one for them myself but nothing extreme .

Posted 11/28/13 , edited 11/28/13
I don't
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Posted 11/28/13
I think I was bullied when I was younger for like little stuff not the "get beat up for no reason" kind of bs. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. The most important thing you can do if you are bullied is to stand up for yourself.

Yeah its easier said then done, but if your getting pushed around as a kid, its only going to get worse when your an adult. Sticking up for yourself is a learning experience that everyone is going to have to go through at some point in their lives. It ain't going to be easy, but when you do it, you'll be a better stronger person.

I personally don't like how people are now talking about bullying like it just became an issue. Everyone was bullied at some point in their lives.
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28 / F / West Virginia
Posted 11/28/13
I was always afraid some how I would get in trouble if I fought back. I was also afraid the bullying would get worse. I keep all my feeling bottled inside and then eventually I snapped and scared the bullies off.
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