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for girls ONLY: who are your most annoying/hateful FEMALE characters?
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Posted 11/20/11

fraink5 wrote:

Chiibihime wrote:

fraink5 wrote:

Chiibihime wrote:

fraink5 wrote:

okay... this might be long...
1. idiots who find there long lost love after seven years (Luchia Nanami)

Uh....how does finding your first love after a long time make you an idiot?

that's not it. she's an idiot

Not really....?

she's an idiot and finds her true love after 7 years.

I get what you're saying but I disagree with the statement than she's an idiot. lol
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Posted 8/19/12
just a moment ago, i drew the stereotypical crybaby shoujo manga heroine and ripped her to shreds. I seriously hate weak, useless, shy, idiotic, incompetent, shoujo manga leads who dont stand up for themselves. I swear I literally stomped on the shreds like a madwoman.

that's how much I hate them.

i guess for examples.
Clannad main girl (whatever her name is)
there seems to be a whole lot of whinny ones in shounen anime.
and technically 98% of shoujo female leads.
Posted 8/20/12
Not sure if I'd posted in this before
but I can go on with this topic foreverr = =

Ino&Sakura(I like them yet I hate them)-Naruto



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Posted 8/21/12 , edited 8/21/12
Most of the female characters I see are annoying. The non-annoying ones are much easier to remember.

I don't like ones that are totally passive, idiotic, 100% subjective to romantic whims, or whose only/primary purpose is to be ogle-material for guy viewers. Or the the ones who are completely pumped with testosterone AND aren't capable of expressing themselves without yelling (these also tend to be ogle-material; it's ironic that they're only female in the sense of having a sexy physique, and showing it off). But I don't like those kinds of characters regardless of gender. I do like physically strong females, but most do have female instincts to a certain extent.
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Posted 8/21/12
Nami- One Piece. I really hate her spoiled additude. I'm going to go shopping for clothes, and I'm going to give myself a budget 3 times then the captains. I mean really, and how she always hides behind other people Makes me want to punch her in the face.
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Posted 8/21/12
I hate how we all look so damn bitchy! I mean id say 90% of the anime girls ive seen are just so damn annoying to even watch all they do is beat up men and complain! Hate thatttt
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Posted 8/22/12
I dont hate them i just dislike them
Miaka ughh >.< Tamahome this Tamahome that. She killed his name.
Ui from hoshizora e kakaru hashi. The only thig she can do is eat
Shirayuki from Hidan no Aria...i cant stand her

I think there is more...i just have bad memory.
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Posted 9/12/12
I have a lot that I don't even like so I'm just going to mention one and that's Sakura from Naruto. I can go on and on why I hate her character so much but I won't....lol
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Posted 9/12/12 , edited 9/12/12
Posted 9/12/12 , edited 9/12/12
I don't know if I posted this here before but I don't like or hate:

1) Yuka from Elfen Lied.
She keeps getting jealous of Kouta and Nyu together. Seriously she needs to shut the **** up.

2) Rosa from Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
She keeps ***** slapping her daughter Maria even though people say that Maria is annoying which I don't. She's just a kid, a really creepy little kid who love witches. (I hate this lady)

3)Minatsuki Takami from Deadman Wonderland.
This girl is just a ****ing ***hole. I really want to strangle this girl.

4 )Loly from Bleach
She keeps messing with Orihime since she thinks that Aizen like her.

I guess that's it but here is another anime girl list but this time it has to do with some qualities that I don't like. This list is not a hate or don't like thing.

1) Orihime from Bleach
I really don't hate her but when she's says Kurosaki-kun, she's so annoying
I haven't watched Bleach a while but I do remember that she's annoying when she say Kurosaki-kun in Japanese.

2) Satoko from Higurashi
Hate how she says "Nii-nii" in Japanese.

3) Eva from Umineko no Naku Koro ni
This lady is mean. She doesn't let her son marry a girl that he likes since she's a servant. She said mean things to her. She also is jerk to her brother Krauss's wife Natsuhi.

4) Natsuhi from Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Okay I admit I like her but why I put her here you ask? Well, Natsuhi got something that I don't like even though I don't hate her. Here it is: Natsuhi doesn't treat her servants right especially Shannon. Maybe Shannon's brother Kanon? I don't know but I don't like how Natushi treats Shannon.

I could go on but the list might be big so I stop.
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Posted 9/13/12
I really hate Lenalle from D-Gray man >_< She always care about Allen even if someone else save her.
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Posted 9/13/12
Elizabeth, from Black Butler. - Okay, I know she's supposed to be that way, it's like the whole point is that shers annoying, but still. Get her off the screen!!!

The "villainess" from Yumeiro Patissiere -- um. I can't remember her name, except that she is delusionally and completely in love with the blond male lead. Her laugh is very creepy and she goes to the most utterly ridiculous lengths... Plus she's spoiled and rich. She has zero common sense.

I don't agree about Nagisa. Part of the point about her character is that she doesn't whine, but that she needs help and she asks for it when she really needs to. (What I find annoying about her is her voice, and her indecisiveness about preferences.) I think she's a strong character, she's just not an aggressive one.
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Posted 9/13/12
Haruno Sakura (naruto) I never hated a main female character in shonen before only Sakura
MIaka from fushigi wow that anime is so lusty kiss here kiss there I think it should pg 18
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Posted 9/13/12 , edited 9/13/12
Kyoko, from Hitman Reborn.
Sakura from Naruto.
Orihime from Bleach. She is the most annoying girl I've ever come across, if she ends up with Ichigo or anyone I'll throw a fit.
Lelanee from D.Gray Man too.
Don't make me go further. Please.
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Posted 9/13/12 , edited 9/13/12
The first female I hated with a passion had be Anzu AKA Tea' in the original Yugioh
Holy cow I hated her all she did was stand there and look nice the dubb was even worse to her. which led me to hate women who just stand and was eye candy. (she ok on my books now)

Then it moved to May from Pokemon ( to be fair I was still upset at the time that Misty and Ash didn't get together )

And now the one I hate most is Miya Koshiro from Yumeiro Patissiere If this girl was real I would to punch her in the face. I hate , hate hate her GGGRRRR!!!

I'm sorry say this but Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, I don't get me wrong I love Cardcaptors Sakura, but she does NO fighting in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle it pissed me off she did no fighting

Why clamp why would you do that?
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